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68 responses to “BlackBerry 8350i to Refresh Nextel iDEN Offering”

  1. EJ

    Awesome… but what on Earth took so long?

  2. Lauren

    I work for a wireless provider in canada that uses the PTT function on our MiKe handsets.
    We have MANY clients who have the 7100i, which is a very OLD device, and these clients are looking for new units.
    Any idea when this will be available in Canada???

  3. Jeremyyy

    yeah it took em Way too long for this. i had the old 7100i when i had nextel and i was great. This looks promising

  4. - Electronics Blog

    […] BlackBerry 8350i to Refresh Nextel iDEN Offering Rumor site Boy Genius Report has posted an upcoming device roadmap for Sprint Nextel. While some of the dates are inaccurately, notably the close-to-launch Motorola Renegade V950, one product stands out as a major refresh to the Sprint Nextel family. For years, Nextel users have only had one BlackBerry option; the 7100i. When the device launched, […] […]

  5. Greg

    I can’t wait! I’m counting the days and checking the Sprint website daily!

  6. Cladd

    I am a 7100i user. I will be happy, if this new device was on the market today.

  7. Mike

    This phone seems awsome. I have been waiting for Nextel to come out with a smartphone with a full keyboard. Does anyone know when this phone comes out. Please tell me.

  8. BajaJoe

    I want it…… now.

  9. Patty

    Sprint website shows the new 8350i now. Sprint announced today. The are just saying out by years end.

  10. Sprint Announces Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, BlackBerry Curve 8350i |

    […] addition, Sprint today confirmed that the BlackBerry 8350i, Sprint’s first Nextel iDEN BlackBerry in years, is a true Curve model. However, Sprint […]

  11. peter

    Does the 8350i have Microsoft activesync ?

  12. Netranger

    I hope this is a hybrid phone with EvDO. If not, they just wasted a LOT of money for nothing.
    Why would you put this “new” phone out if it doesn’t have hybrid and the EvDO?? Real dumb asses.

  13. Tony

    I think the Blackberry Curve 8350i is going to be a great phone! However, to add icing on the cake, I would give the backing of the phone a rubbery covering as well to make it more durable, the trademark of Nextel phones.

  14. Netranger

    I am returning my Blackberry Curve and exchanging it the other new Sprint-Nextel Phone, the Renegade V950. It is a awesome phone and IS a hybrid phone with High Speed EVDO and the Nextel 2-way and a LOT more.

  15. Netranger17

    Its not a hybrid (8350i), so why did they even bother!

  16. Mike

    What is a Hybrid phone?

  17. michael

    if your looking for a very great phone the v950 is the one to get. You wouldn’t belive what this phone can do. My words to you is see for yourself.

  18. Chris

    A motorola v950 is not exactly a hybrid phone. A hybrid phone would be any model in the “ic” series phones by motorola. The hybrid phones operate both the CDMA (Sprint) and the iDEN (Nextel) networks. One band is always connected to the iDEN network for the walkie-talkie calls and has another band always connected to the CDMA network for voice calls, the ic 502, ic402, ic602, and ic902 are considered hybrids because they use both technologies. The motoroal v950 however, is strictly a CDMA phone and uses the EVDO Rev A data speeds for the walkie-talkie calls and not the iDEN system. It is a 100% CDMA phone so it is not a hybrid but it is equipped with the technology to talk to iDEN Subscribers. These phones strictly on the CDMA networks do have can have some problems staying connected to the data network and many users complain about having to power cycle their phone once a day if not more to get the walkie talkie re-engaged to the network. Other than that, the Renegade v950 is a great phone.

  19. Chris

    If anyone has any questions regarding the new 8350i for Nextel or would like to be updated as the launch of the product approaches, please contact me directly and i will get you information as it is released. I can also assist with the pricing of the product for both individuals and businesses alike. For questions or informaiton, please contact me at

  20. leon

    does the nextel blackberry 8350i work on boost network too?

  21. Michael

    I spoke to a Sprint/Nextel representative today. They said that this phone will be availible to buy online December 15,2008. It wil cost you $150.00 and a $100.00 mail and rebate. This phone will be availible in stores sometime in January and the same price.

  22. Steve

    I sure hope none of you folks buy this phone. Sprint giving Nextel a POS w/o no touch screen. Don’t buy it and they will and can do better if they want to.

  23. Jon

    Firstly, I talked to a Sprint rep today and she said that it would be available in stores Dec 15, 2008, at the same price as mentioned above. $150.00 after a $100 mail in rebate. As for “none of you buy this,” why not? Touch screens are not at all that great. If that’s your sole reason for not buying this, you need to take a look at what they’re offering compared to the 7100i.

  24. katrina

    where can you buy the phone on the 15th of dec

  25. Chris

    You can only get the phone on a direct order and be eligible


    i will tell you how to get it on 12/15. retail will not have it til 2009

    i also have a great pdf file on it for those interested

  26. Steve

    Touch screens are great and a vast improvement over previous phones. I have a Instinct from Sprint which is a great phone, you just can’t get service in most places with it. Sprint should give Nextel a touch screen also. They are very capable of doing it and I don’t understand why they won’t. Above all, the touch screen is very easy to use over a slide out keypad, or a cheesy keypad like blackberry is putting on the 8350i.

  27. eddie

    YEa !!!!! i got mine on ebay yesterday for $490 i will be getting ot soon to my house đŸ™‚ it comes with everything including the book and the sim and the box the real deal .

  28. eddie

    ” iDEN Curve 8350i Blackberry Unreleased Sprint Nextel” i will be getting it in the box and Brand spankin’ new i saw the pics tooo ! i can wait and heres the link so u people can cry

  29. alexfontora

    I spoke to sprint today December 6 2008 and they said that the phone is already out for pre-order, what this means is that you will have to call them to pre-order and they will call you back when is ready to be sold. The final date is december 15 at 7 am , that is when the phone comes out, but the stores will probably not have it by then, pre-order by the 15th of december and it’ll be in your hands by the 20th of december.I personally going to wait till December 15 to call and order it .Enjoy it.

  30. addison

    yea then when it breaks your effed in the A because u bought it off eBay and they cant fix it. Been there and done that

  31. mike

    Yo eddie can you make a video of it and put it on youtube?


    I bought one 3 days ago off ebay from a guy in and around KC somewhere, So I called to activate it and they told me that they couldn’t because the SIM id was in a range of the ones given away to some employees or customers or something, and that they were all marked as fradulent now. They did say they would sell me one at the sale price, But the one I got off ebay is on some black list they have of some sort, She also said that they won’t be able to activate any until the general release. So trust me folks, sit tight and wait to get it the right way, I’m out 399.99

  33. Joe


    If you had a nextel you should just be able to slide your old sim card in and start it up.

  34. troy dot com

    They will let you pre-order as of today. It actually shows up in their system. Just ordered mine.

  35. Joe

    How did you order? Did you call the sprint office or a local rep??? Please do tell.

  36. Ryan

    I’ve been working in the cell phone business for over 10 years. I started using blackberry’s when they first integrated the blackberry service with mobile phones. I’ve tried touch screen models and they are horrible no matter what the brand. I’ve played with the blackberry storm and while I’m impressed with the screen, to type an e-mail was more of daunting task. When you type you have to press firmly on the screen for recoginition unlike the IPhone, but both devices letters are switched with letters next to each other. A full querty is the way to go for reliability reasons and ease of use. Blackberry’s are for business use, not just a trendy item to have in your pocket. This 8350i should be a great device for the Nextel community. From what I’m hearing the price should be $250 with either an elgible renewal or new activation and then you get a $100 mail in rebate. FYI on sim cards do not just slide your old one in a new device, this will limit the new devices capabilities.

  37. Joe


    Swapping card will only limit the use of the phone in 2 cases.

    1. Switching to a Hybrid phone (wont work at all) you have to use the card that came with it.
    2. You switch from a i730 or older that has less memory to a i870 or newer that has the larger memory. It will still work but will limit the features.

    I have had Nextel since they came out and the only time it didn’t work is when I got the new ic902 Hybrid and HAD to take it in.

  38. troy dot com

    Yes!!! Sprint emailed me the tracking number for my new nextel blackberry!! It is 1.5 hours from my house as we speak. What is wierd is that the new phone still doesn’t show up on Sprint’s site to order…but the stores can. Go to the stores.

  39. fonz

    I placed my order for 2 of the new 8350i. They can start taking orders now and having the dropped shipped to the end user. The end user, will then have to take it in for a phone swap.

  40. fonz

    Oh, I’m sorry the delivery date is set for 15 of Dec. so if you go in to your local nextel/sprint store. They can take your account info and place the order on the 15th or you can go in yourself and place the order. I would recomend that everyone opt for the second option.They tend to forget things, at those stores. Once the order is placed it should take about 3 days to receive the unit.

  41. Joe

    I ordered mine fist thing this morning. You can now do it on line.

  42. Michael

    My rep has ordered two for me, I’ll be getting the tracking number later on today…..I cant wait to get the phone in my hands!!!

  43. Erik

    12-16-08 (9 pm) Now my Nextel BlackBerry 8350i radio will not stay on. At first it wouldn’t connect to any part of the network, for voice or data. I couldn’t change PINs on the BIS site because my IMEI and PIN were not recognized as those of a Nextel device. The wait times for customer service are greater than one hour each time I call (before being disconnected after getting very standard and ineffective troubleshooting advice from representatives.) Something stinks here…

    Wait…am I activating a Nextel phone or an iPhone 3G?

  44. Erik

    12-16-08 (9:45 pm) I wiped my handheld and got my radio to stay on. No data connection yet though. I’m currently on a 28 minutes (and counting) hold for a BlackBerry representative again. So far, its been three hours since the device arrived by UPS delivery and I haven’t been able to make one telephone call yet. On the bright side, all of this “down time” has given me a chance to fully charge to new lithium ion battery…

    Oh yes, the Wi-fi works great, just like it does on the Bold. I can hardly wait for the Nextel connectivity to work so I can sync my Google contacts and calendar data. It should be blazing fast over Wi-fi. However, as of now it will not work until I establish a data connection with the BIS via Nextel (why…I don’t know.)

  45. Erik

    Its now Wednesday morning at 9:16 am and a persistent error (estimated wait time of two to four hours to clear) is still preventing me from using my phone. This time, I only waited about forty minutes before talking to a Nextel BlackBerry specialist. Last night the wait times were about 61 minutes before getting through to a BlackBerry specialist.

    Note: The BIS database was not updated with information on a significant number of BlackBerry 8350i telephones (like mine) and is currently rejecting my IMEI and PIN information because it does not recognize them as belonging to Nextel devices. The Nextel BlackBerry manager on duty was not able to resolve this issue. A third party wireless management company has been called in to help troubleshoot the persistent 8350i activation errors. Unfortunately, while this backlog is unresolved, I cannot revert back to using my trusty old BlackBerry 7520 device that has never given me any trouble… quite unlike the delinquent BlackBerry 8350i.

  46. Michael

    Got mine activated and so far no problems, but I do have a question, does anyone know what music files and video files will work on the phone….(mp3, mp4, avi, etc.???)

  47. Erik

    On Wednesday, Decmber 17, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. after getting an RMA to return the device and putting service back onto my Nextel i365 I tried one of the troubleshooting techniques that had previously failed when suggested by a BlackBerry technician. I took the SIM out of the working, activated i365 and placed it into the 8350i that was all but prepared for return to Nextel to see if any voice services would work and if the NXTL would appear in some form beside the antenna graphic. Voila! NXTL appeared and i could use it as a phone. I called BlackBerry technical suppeport and got a Sprint BlackBerry technician that had been reassigned to deal with the multitude of 8350i activation problems and he was able to put a BlackBerry plan onto the 8350i with the i36 SIM card installed. He was also able to allow me to update the BIS with my PIN (that had been previously used by another ISP BlackBerry.)

  48. Shena

    I am trying to set-up a personal email account and I do not have that option. The only one showing on my BB is “I want to use a work email account with a BB Enterprise Server”. I was thinking that I needed to register an but I keep getting an error message that “it is registered with another service provider”!! I need some assistant this is the only feature on the phone that i can not get setup.

  49. John


    I had the same problem which took about 2 hours to fix, at a sprint store, with a rep helping me. This is the only way I could get it to take my email…

  50. matt


    You have to go to main menu, then setup wizard, then email setup