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68 responses to “Editorial: Instinct to Fade Against Second iPhone”

  1. EJ

    This seems on the mark.

  2. Don

    Actually the Samsun Instinct does have EVDO REV-A so please get your facts straight. Or maybe you already knew that but are a APPLE/IPHONE fanboy.

    The instinct also has a REMOVEABLE battery. And SD card slot which is much more usefull than a 8gb harddrive that only allows you to load ITUNES songs for 99cents a pop. with my sd card i can load any songs from anywhere i downloaded from.

    Ohh and its brew and Java.

    comes with 2 batteries, 1 2gb card, better plans than the iphone. Smaller, lighter. Oh and as of yet has not crashed like very IPHONE has. lets see if iphone got the kinks out.

    Either way just so u know im a verizon wireless guy….we have no cool phones

  3. Kris

    “Instinct lacks EV-DO Rev A,”

    Every website I looked at shows Instinct has EVDO-REV-A and GPS. shows both of them.

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    Don, there’s no need for the name calling. We appreciate the fact that you and others caught the mistake but please refrain from such actions in the future.

  5. 1oddmanout

    Regardless of a few errors, Chris, your analysis is spot-on and a great recommendation for Sprint to climb its way out of the hole its in. “The same for Less”; great ad content.

  6. Nick

    Yes everything that I read says that the Instinct is going to have Rev A also from what I am hearing the standard TEP will cover the Instinct. I still want an Instinct.

  7. Tom

    Actually, the Instinct will have EVDO Rev-A which will run complete circles around AT&T’s lacking HSPA network. Also the Instinct is going to be a Sprint exclusive at launch meaning Sprint customers will be the first to be able to purchase.. Oh and lastly the Instinct will be available on ANY of the Simply Everything plans the 450, 900 and Unlimited plans. How about next time you write a “editorial” you at least ATTEMPT to get your fact straight so you don’t come off as a pompous idiot.

  8. Gary

    You guys take this stuff way to personal. As a Sprint retailer I happen to think the iphone is a very sexy device. That in its self will sell a million phones. Case in point, just look at the Motorola Razr. That phone is the biggest pile of cow dung I have ever seen but it is still the number 1 selling phone, why, because it is sexy and cheap. 80% of customers could care less about speed or even functionality. All; they care about is “What is it going to cost me NOW” I have sold allot of phones based only on the darn color. Vanity is just two strong in this world. The Samsung Instinct will sell very well as long as sprint takes the authors suggestion to sell it cheap. My personal phone is a PPC6800. I love it but I only sell two a month because of its price point with leads me back to my previous point. PRICE PRICE PRICE….. Sprint will come back. but enough with the name calling Please. Life is short

  9. Tom


    1) So the point you are trying to make is that AT&T’s HSPA network when available, with an IPhone 2 who’s launch date is not yet know will be in truth comparable to a REV-A network that is already functional on a phone that has a confirmed launch date of June 20. Weak point Chris.

    2)”Instinct also looks bad in the wake of a plan choice. Sprint has decided to require the confusingly-named Sprint Everything plans, which include the Simply Everything plan, but not just the Simply Everything plans, also the other Sprint Everything plans. Have a headache yet?”

    If that is your idea of “quite clearly” you should be working on sentence structure not editorials

    3) The simple fact is my friend if you post an article for the whole world to see it might be worth your while to check your fact so that corrections need not be made. Otherwise people that view your site might be better served to check information with any snot nosed kid who, in this instance seem far more informed than you.

  10. SaltyDawg

    Sprint’s troubles are much, much deeper than the Instinct.
    The article was spot on though. There is no way the Instinct will even be competitive with the new iPhone as far as sales go- let alone actually beat it.

  11. Tony

    I LOVE SPRINT and I hope they can pull it together, GO SPRINT!!

  12. JD

    I dont understand how people can be confused about the price plans. Simpley everything 450, 900 than unlimited. Sounds pretty clear to me. If you can not understand that maybe you should find another job.

  13. Kris

    Sorry chris about mentioning GPS. I just copied it from a website. I agreed that the plans are very confusing. They have to make Instinct available for all customers. I read somewhere that users need to subscribe to unlimited plans.

  14. burton1976

    I have to ask ya Chris, what exactly are Sprint’s “horrid plan limitations”?

    The way I see it, $69.99 gets you 450 minutes, unlimited N&W at 7PM, roaming, unlimited mobile-to-mobile, unlimited text, unlimited picture and video messaging, unlimited walkie-talkie (so that when you switch to a PTT enabled phone, you won’t need to switch plans), unlimited GPS navigation, unlimited Sprint TV, visual voicemail, unlimited email, unlimited web browsing on your phone, 150 radio stations and music channels, unlimited NFL Mobile, unlimited NASCAR Mobile and access to the Sprint Music Store where you can buy downloads for $.99.
    Sounds like there are not many limitations at all. Are you mad cause they’re “making” you get a new plan? Boo hoo…when the vast majority of individuals out here in consumerland got an iPhone, we had to get a new plan…a required plan. And guess what? AT&T really has the “horrid plan limitations”. The plan that they enter people into iPhone is $59.99 for 450 minutes with ONLY 5000 N&W at 9PM with only 200 text messages and includes unlimited web and unlimited email. For you to get unlimited text, add $20 and for you to get 7PM N&W on those 5000 included…add $8.99 for a grand total of $88.98 – on a phone with EDGE?

    Now you tell me who limits who?

  15. Ivan

    I am a long-time Sprint customer and am quite happy with my black Centro, but Instinct doesn’t impress me much. The reason I like Centro is the same one that is starting to come true with iPhone — growing number of applications. I don’t own a single Apple device, but I might pick up the new iPhone 3G if I can get it pre-paid (don’t need a hit on my credit report) and just use it for data & apps.

  16. Josh

    Doesn’t anyone have the need for a qwerty keyboard? Until they can improve the on screen keyboard I won’t be buying either of these. They are both very sleek stylish phones but I care about functionality. I need a keyboard to use my smartphone. I don’t have time to deal with the touch keypads. Bring on the Raphael on Sprint’s network.

    At&t will be able to compete once their network is completed until then they don’t have the network to back any phone. They are committed to increasing the data speeds but that doesn’t mean it will happen overnight. They have a huge following with the Iphone but by the time they have the network to back it, the Google Android phones will be out plus numerous others. Sprint has to make the right choices on what phones to carry going forward after the Instinct and I think they will have plenty of phones to stay competitive. They are launching 4G (for now only in select markets) by the time At&t is launching a 3G Iphone? The instict is a great stepping stone, by the time everyone’s networks are capable of these 4G speeds it’ll be time to re-up that 2 year agreement and get your next device anyway.

  17. Josh

    oh yeah, Simply everything $99. Unlimited everything. Who can compete with that?

  18. scott

    I love sprint, I wouldnt ever leave sprint for anyphone.

    I have discounts and a sero plan.

    Where else can you go and get 500 anytime mins, unlimited n&w astarting at 7pm. unlimited text, and unlimited data for $30 dollars.

    If sprint ever gets its customer service up to par. In theory sprint should be able to blow verizon and att out of the water

  19. james

    good article chris! i am currently a sprint user with the htc touch and sero f&f 500 plan with unlimited data and texting. i was excited when i first heard about the instinct but am very disappointed to find that i am unable to use the phone unless i change my plan. sprint is not in a position to shut out current (or any) customers and force activation of a high priced plan onto people to use what is going to be their most hyped phone. it really comes as no surprise that sprint is in the position that they are in. i will be leaving as soon as my contract is up.

  20. Don Louie

    I think this plan change stuff will get corrected, there is no way unless they want more litigation on top of what’s already on thier plate. I for one know enough about my plan funtionality and of the phone to know there isn’t anything in my current plan that would warrant a plan change and when others realize it too and blow up buzzaboutwireless and thier C.S. lines complaining it will change

  21. Hamid

    “Sprint’s horrid plan limitations.”

    Are you an idiot?

    Have you ever heard of Sero?

    Sprint’s Sero plan wipes the floor with any other plan provided by any carrier, be it here in the states or overseas, wherever the iPhone is sold.

    Here’s what I get on my Sero plan (which is open to the public by the way) for $49 a month:

    1250 anytime minutes
    Unlimited Nights & Weekends starting at 7 PM
    Unlimited messaging
    Unlimited roaming
    Unlimited mobile to mobile
    Unlimited internet for PPC (now apparently capped at 5 GB/month like all other carriers, but unlike other carriers I dont have to pay $30+ for this option alone)

    Once again, all for $49

    Sprint’s Sero plan wipes the floor with anything offered by any of its competitors.

    When writing articles, it helps to be at the very least, informed.

  22. Hamid

    Oh, and I by no means will be purchasing an Instinct, nor am I interested in an iPhone, both would be downgrades for me (currently on a Titan, and will be upgrading to a Raphael come this Fall), but I did find this comparison site amusing nontheless:

    Instinct – 5
    iPhone – 0

    iPhone really is a limited device, both in terms of hardware functionality and software support, at least the first iteration is compared to the Instinct, and the upcoming revision is still lacking compared to most modern PPC’s as well.

    It’s really a purposeless device thats perpetuated by Apple fanboys or those whom simply don’t know any better.

  23. Humberto Saabedra

    Hamid, the Instinct is not going to be offered on SERO or any other plan except 3rd party and corporate employee plans besides the aforementioned Everything Plans.

    You also conveniently glossed over the requirement for an email address from a Sprint employee which now requires verification since the SERO plans are not offered to the public alongside the standard plan selection.

    If they were, there’d be no need for the aforementioned process to sign up for one to begin with.

    This is what Chris meant by the “horrid plan limitations” of the Instinct.

  24. Joe

    Hope you enjoy not using an instinct with the SERO plan. Chris was right when he said you can’t use an instinct with it.

    Try reading the entire article first next time…

  25. Robert Lowell


    I wish you guys would lay off Chris. Man.

    I’m intrigued by the Instinct. But I’m not going to change plan to get it. I think if I ropadope Sprint on this they’ll come around and offer it to me. ‘Might take a while.

    I use my SLVR L7C to tether with EVDO Rev 0. I pay for PAM. ‘Works well. But I’d like Rev A.

    I didn’t think any WCDMA standard (HSPDA) offered faster data than EVDO Rev A. Maybe I need to go back to the books.

    I thought Sprint and the Instinct would still have a “speed advantage” over iPhone 2. Hmmmmm.

    Well, I looked on-line. This HSPA is pretty fast. We’ll see how their (AT&T’s) implementation works out in terms of usable speed.


  26. Don Louie

    What is being said elsewhere is more plan options that cater to fams sharing text and data too campatible to the phone, it won’t make me decide on changing my plan though

  27. Jon

    I am a staunch supporter od sprint, excelllent plans / phones. AT& T is still a European experiment in progress in the US of A. I am a doctor, and even though both phones are easily in my price range, but i believe sprint has the network and the price plans to go with. Ignoramus(es) like by the article above are not sure of the facts and try to hit pretentious stardom by writing such crap.

    Go sprint Go, the docs are with you.

  28. JDizzle

    This article is on the money. The Sprint is screwing themselves by comparing it to the first Gen iPhone when its a good possibility that at launch the 3G iPhone will be released. The build quality if the instinct doesnt look like anything special. The iPhone has a very solid build and doesnt feel cheap. I don’t think this phone is going to save sprint, its going to just pacify users who are afraid to switch to AT&T. I did and dont regret it.

  29. Hamid

    “Hope you enjoy not using an instinct with the SERO plan. Chris was right when he said you can’t use an instinct with it.

    Try reading the entire article first next time…”

    And you would be wise to apply a bit of common sense next time.
    The Sero plans are non-advertised plans. I have signed not only myself up for a Sero plan over the years, but also helped about half a dozen others switch over to one as well within the last few months.

    In short, we were all using devices that were not compatible with the “required” plans for our phones.
    For example, you can use the Direct Connect Sero plan on a Mogul (why would you is a different story that I wont go into now, but nevertheless), and likewise you could use a Power Vision plan on a Nextel phone.

    All it requires is a simple call to customer service to have your phone registered on the Sero network and your Sero plan of choice, despite whatever they “require” or suggest when selling you the phone initially.

    Sero is a totally different ball game.

    “Hamid, the Instinct is not going to be offered on SERO or any other plan except 3rd party and corporate employee plans besides the aforementioned Everything Plans.

    You also conveniently glossed over the requirement for an email address from a Sprint employee which now requires verification since the SERO plans are not offered to the public alongside the standard plan selection.

    If they were, there’d be no need for the aforementioned process to sign up for one to begin with.

    This is what Chris meant by the “horrid plan limitations” of the Instinct.”

    No, you do NOT require a Sprint employee to verify anything when using their emails as a reference for Sero plan activation.

    I have helped 3 different people sign up all within the past couple of weeks, so unless they changed this like overnight, then your post is little more than FUD propagation.

  30. Christopher Price

    Hamid, you continue to bring up the SERO plans which are not related to Instinct. Again, you cannot use an Instinct with a SERO plan, based on what Sprint has said.

    Yes, SERO plans are nice under-the-table options for Sprint to promote… but they have absolutely nothing to do with the issues being discussed here.

  31. damion

    yet another bias post, wow thought these site were worth something

  32. Chewy

    What a juvenile world we live in. There are some good points, and bad ones in the article. Agree or disagree, thats your choice. Anyone who bases their decisions on ONE article, or rating needs to accept responsability for their own ignoance.
    I personally have a 3rd party plan, will buy and try the INstinct, and I will accept whatever limitations or hardships that result from MY decision. I alone am responsible for finding information and comparing information and making the decision on what network to use and what device.
    Please act more mature.

  33. Don Dula

    Wow, someone seems a little biased towards AT&T. let me guess, you have AT&T and when you heard about the Instinct, you got your panties in a bunch and looked for every fault you could. Go back to English 101 and learn how to write a nonbiased fact based article, you TOOL.

  34. Corey

    Just as an FYI, you CAN use an Instinct on a SERO plan. This information is not stated to the public anywhere, but is clearly stated in internal training documents. The only exception to the Everything plan requirements are Corporate Employee plans, 3rd Party Employee Plans, and SERO plans.

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    […] PhoneNews.Com – Instinct to Fade Against Second iPhone Link: Instinct smart phone to require Sprint data plan at $69.99 per […]

  36. Ralph

    Chris why dont you mention any of the positive features that the instinct has, then maybe I will respect your article. Also sprint has the best plans, and AT&T is a ripoff. I currently have AT&T and sprint offers better plans, the simply everything plan for 99.99, were you get sprint T.V, and unlimited everythign! I dont think you can watch live T.V. using AT&T, and this is why the instinct and sprint is better than AT&T becasue of the features and the price these features are for.

  37. Jon

    Agree with Ralph.
    At&t plans too expensive with not so good network. Sprints voice quality and reach of CDMA network far better than at&t s GSM network. GSM works better in Europe where they are 5 years ahead of USA, CDMA work sbetter in USA Korea Japan.
    iPhone is a great phone, but inferior network. I am sure iphone plus sprint would have been a better combo.

  38. M

    Uh, you seem to have completely ignored the fact that Sprint’s national 3G wireless broadband coverage is about 10 times that of AT&T. Sprint has a multi-year head start over AT&T in 3G coverage. AT&T’s 3G coverage map is spottier than a Dalmation. It will be atleast another year before AT&T’s coverage is close to that of Sprint’s. Not to mention Sprint’s WiMax 4G will have a 2 year headstart on all other carriers attempts at 4G.

    Bottom line: little Billy sitting in the back of the minivan trying to download his favorite song on his whyPod will be waiting a long time when Mom is driving between AT&T coverage areas.

  39. Feech

    Wow, I have never seen that much venom on this site. I think that alot of you are forgetting what this article was. An editorial people. The opinion of a single writer. Why is there so much hate. I love Sprint as much as anyone else, but Sprint is like my alcoholic uncle. He has problems with drinking but because someone else talks about it doesn’t make it less of a problem. If anyone disagrees with what was said in this article they are crazy. The iphone is a monster that can’t be stopped right now and to try to battle the monster head to head is crazy. With that being said lets be real. Most of us posting on this site have not “seen, touched, or used” the Instinct or the iPhone 2. All these specs that the iPhone is believed to have should be saved until we have something concrete. At this point I think the only thing that you can bet the farm on is that it will be 3G. Thats it. Sprint should have used some of that marketing money to get a Android device to market sooner. HTC’s Dream I believe will be the iPhone2 killer if what we saw last week is a indication of what that device can do. The Instinct will have the title of putting the original iPhone to rest I believe.

  40. Michael

    Actually….according to internal training documents posted on INC (Indirect Sales Channel website), there are 5 total plans that are going to be available for the Instinct.

    They are:
    1) Everything 450
    2) Everything 900
    3) Simply Everything
    4) 1500 minute talk/message/data SHARE plan
    5) 3000 minute talk/message/data SHARE plan

    It also says that the Instinct CAN be provisioned on the employee plans (EDRP and Sprint Wireless Advantage Club). It can also be provisioned on the SERO plans but the Simply Everything plan for $99.99 will replace the 2500 minute SERO plan for $99.99.

  41. Just Me

    The reason Simply Everything is required (the simply everything is in terms of all the data options, not the voice even though that is what is advertised), is that the device includes all the data apps and the services needed. They don’t want to sell a crippled phone. This is like the Helio model…if the phone can do it then it is included for the price point. I know it is not clear in the messaging but most customer are not picking it apart like the bloggers. On top of that looking at the average data on iPhone monthly bills, $99 would be a god send.

    Sprint needs to do better but the press is focusing on the wrong things to criticize. You don’t see the iPhone put through the ringer for being a bad phone…the Today Show and Wired call it a great “simple” never fails phone…when in reality it is below subpar as a PHONE.

  42. Humberto Saabedra

    Micheal, if what you’re saying is correct, does the addition of the Simply Everything plan to SERO mean that Sprint will allow SERO customers to add additional lines with no issue and include the $5 line discount for each additional line?

  43. Don Louie

    Michael left out the price of the 1500 and 3000 minute plans, also since they share data and text are the data plans leaving along with the fam text or will one data plan cover a whole fam plan. If that’s the case I have no objections. Give me more info

  44. undoing_great_investigative_reporting_injustice

    With due respect, you are biased against Sprint regardless of the history of this site. Whether it is a subconscious action, you seem to go to great lengths to find weak points in Sprint and carefully craft a case against them.

    Case in point, you still have NOT CORRECTED your unfact checked post that Verizon is releasing qChat. While they may use Brewchat, they are legally precluded from using ANY code qualcomm and Sprint have developed. Anyone with a hint of investigative reporting would call their contacts to confirm just how tight the exclusivity restrictions are on qChat and more specifically, what qchat does in the NETWORK (not on the handset).

    But, let’s get back on topic.

    First, Points about the price are excellent. I will concede that. In fact, I believe Sprint should run commercials mocking the cost of the iphone (not directed at the iphone)! Especially in today’s recessionary economy and increased cost of living. Apple’s & ATT’s greatest strength is also their weakness – they have different economic motives. Apple wants to sell phones and get a cut of the recurring – the recurring isn’t enough to offset the cost of the handset and thus make up their hardware margins. ATT just wants the recurring while minimizing subsidy. Sprint needs to hit them hard in the price and promotion of the device and make people think differently about the iphone – make it a snobby device; pretentious. After all, isn’t that what it is. Sure its great, but heck, it’s expensive when compared to your N95, my diamond, the pearl, the centro (did you see the article on the centro today – taking iphone sales due to cost of the iphone?).

    Second, Your commentary about AT&T’s HSPA speeds, again, ARE FLAWED! While HSPA’s air interface is faster, it makes not a damn difference if they are not pulling new, incremental backhaul to each AT&T tower!!!!! Sure, they can make the air interface better, but they still have 3 T1s at the tower (2 voice, 1 data). They have not guided the street with incremental OPEX spend to support these speeds you are using to come to a conclusion that their network is faster. It takes a lot and a lot of money to get the backhaul in place, oh and by the way, if you understand how HSPA works, you need to be in an unloaded cell sector to get these high speeds!

    Third, already mentioned, T’s 3G coverage sucks…Their square miles suck and population covered sucks. Come on dude…You know that, if you don’t, check the website.

    Sorry dude…If I saw more posts like:
    “editorial: VZ’s PTT attempts to use similar technology as Sprint, customer experience is expected to be subpar”
    “editorial: AT&T’s network is really, really fast if your are the only one using it, otherwise, it’s expected to be like the other guys”

    Then, I would believe the non-biased-ness. But, if you are trying to make a difference, which I suspect, then I applaud your article as a means to an end.

  45. Chewy

    I repeat… what a juvenile world. I guess It’s easier to “slam” someone’s opinion than it is to debate opinions based on similar information. I guess this is the only article written that can be used to base a buying decision, or cellular carrier. Maybe It’s just inferiority complexes coming to fruition. Reading this thread can be summarized as…” Dude, I’m much more greater than you” “look at how smart I is” ” please bow to my greatness, no, THEN DIE you biased pig”. people need to learn why debating was a big deal in schools in the past. It helped learn respect for other opinions and expanded your knowledge by giving you more outside views to a situation. Heck, I think the ignorance shown in this thread is the most interesting thing about it. I can’t wait to see who can say the most obnoxious thing. I’m getting bored… lets see some more stupidity. 😉

  46. ChrisL

    I am currently on a Sprint family plan and I’ve emailed Sprint Customer service twice about this and twice I was told specifically that I will not have to change my plan to buy the instinct. This was after I told them that that specifically conflicts with every online report I’m reading. I know it wouldn’t be the first time Sprint Customer service reps said something that wasn’t true, but I figured I’d post it for what it’s worth…

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I assure you that Samsung Instinct can be activated on your current
    plan. However, we recommend the customers to use $99.99 Simply
    Everything plan because Samsung Instinct unlock it’s true value.

    Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

    Alex K.