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101 responses to “Editorial: Sprint is Overcharging for 4G Tethering”

  1. SaltyDawg

    I think the $10 fee is a rip off. Especially for those on family plans.

  2. Sonic Fan

    I still believe it’s somewhat unfair to charge an extra $10 for “premium data” , when most of the country doesn’t even have access to 4G.

    One thing that’s a little confusing is that it has been reported that the $10 add on removes the 5GB 3G cap, but the current “Everything Data” plans already include unlimited 3G data.

  3. cart

    Will you detail this a bit more.
    A Clear spot is only 4G, and costs $139.
    The Samsung Moment or Hero cost $99
    The Sprint non-Evo plan costs $69/month
    Clear 4G only service costs $29/month (per your article)
    PDaNet costs 19.95 (per your article)
    Total cost $355.95

    The HTC EVO costs $199
    Tethering and 3G/4G internet package costs $29/month
    Sprint Evo plan costs $79/month
    Total Cost $307

    I am coming up with the EVO being cheaper. The only difference is the $10/month luxury tax on the EVO. But this $10/month has nothing to do with the tethering.

    Also, I currently use a wireless carrier’s broadband aircard and it has a 5Gb/month cap (see Sprint, Verizon and AT&T).

    The EVO will give both 3G and 4G availability, which is vital for mobility, give unlimited access to 3G and 4G data, cut down on the need to carry an aircard or Clear Spot, come in $30 cheaper than paying for an aircard and a Sprint wireless plan, allow for simultaneous voice and data in 4G areas, in addition to the perks you mentioned (8Mpixel camera, Youtube HD, 4.3 inch screen, etc etc). I may have just failed to read your article closely enough, but outline the savings again…

  4. Carlos

    I’d like to point out that the Clear 30 dollar plan caps speeds at 1.5. The 40 dollar plan has uncapped download speeds. 1.5 download speeds would essentially make it 3g which wouldn’t fit in your comparison. I still don’t understand the big uproar over this $29.99 hotspot addon. Any savvy reader knows to get pdanet or another tethering solution which is essentially free unlimited tethering within reason. I don’t see why it won’t eventually work on the EVO. In my case I simply want a 4g connection to replace my AT&T uverse connection at home and I considered adding a line to my family plan just to get an evo for this purpose as I have an iPhone from work for phone use. It’s basically 20+10 with a 2 year contract to add am evo line to a family plan. It’s 40 for a clear uncapped connection contract free. Considering I am about a mile from a Clear tower near Modesto and it’s on schedule for 4g deployment this summer the choice is clear, no pun intended.

  5. Christopher Price

    Cart, the difference is in the pricing of the service. You save at least $10 per month if you do what is described above. That’s $200+ per contract cycle saved.

    Plus you have the benefit of a Clear Spot separate from the device (no battery drain) plus no contract plus no caps on speed.

    Realistically, though, you can save even more money by getting a cheaper unlimited plan than what Sprint sells. From Boost Mobile to the new Virgin Mobile plans, combining those with a Clear Spot makes the difference even broader.

    It’s not my place to say Sprint should be making convergence cheaper, in order to lock in contracts… I’m just showing the math of how on the margin, Sprint appears to be asking for a hefty premium for 4G tethering.

    P.S. The math on device pricing you cited only makes sense if you ignore all the discount online retailers offering Hero and Moment for even less. Which, we took into account when drafting this article.

  6. SaltyDawg

    The ideal solution would be for sprint to get rid of Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation, Nascar, NFL Mobile, and then kill that extra $10 fee.

  7. Clem Zabalza

    Actually, the Clear service without contract is not available in all areas. Plus the Clear Spot is not a good choice for a 4g router. I’m having trouble with my Clear Spot because Clear will not update the firmware. My suggestion is to buy the Cradlepoint PHS-300 from ($99.00). It is identicle hardware but has better firmware support than the Clear Spot. Clear Spot’s firmware was last updated in Nov. 2009 while the PHS-300 from Cradlepoint as well as Sprint’s and Time Warner’s have firmware lad updated in February 2010. Clear’s 4g is wicked fast but their customer support is horrible.

  8. Christopher Price

    For the most part, Clearwire is requiring a contract in markets that have not yet been upgraded to Clear 4G service.

    This is because every WiMAX modem in pre-Clear markets will have to be upgraded, and that has to come out of Clearwire’s pockets. So, as soon as Clear service was introduced, legacy markets implemented contracts as a precaution to stop losses.

    You might want to contact Cradlepoint about any Clear Spot bugs. They’re more likely to tackle them and issue an update.

  9. Clem Zabalza

    @Christopher – I’m in a market that launched 4g service in November. I had to sign a contract with Clear in February. There was no option to sign up without a contract. I would have done that in a heartbeat. On the Clear Spot, I’ve contacted Craflepoint snf they tell me that they have the firmware available but it’s up to Clear to port over for use with the Clear Spot and Clear says that it’s up to Cradlepoint to release. Neither will do it making me think that it is a Clear issue because there are three other firmware updates available for other versions of the router hardware. Can’t use the other firmware versions in the clear spot because it doesn’t work and crashes during installation saying the firmware is corrupted. Sorry for the long post.

  10. Kate

    One point that has not been noted is that the EVO is a hot spot…For up to eight people (total). So, connect multiple devices to the EVO for $29.99…Perhaps this feature will not be applicable for all…But for many it will and there’s your value.

  11. JJ

    People keep forgetting that you don’t have to have the $29 hotspot feature to connect it to other phones. Sprint love people who don’t know about other options. Its easy money.
    Like Salty said, even if they don’t take it out, they should offer a plan that gives you the option to drop extras like sprint nav, nascar and sprint football live. I myself use the sprint tv to watch espn so I would keep that.

  12. Don Louie

    I think people are making a big deal over nothing, Sprint is generating money with the new hotness and you can either refuse the phone, go along or move along. I’m getting the Evo in a couple months and don’t mind the 4G tax because my plan is so cheap now. Do you all honestly think if AT&T, Verizon or even T Mobile wouldn’t or won’t find some extra fee for their next platform? I don’t want them to drop tv,radio, nav or anything else in the Everything plans for those who feel it’s making plans more expensive because right now they set a precedent for data plans. Most of the subs on these boards are getting reccuring discounts and/or $ off anyway and I’m pretty sure some kinr of credit will be made for those in 3G or 1x areas, the hotspot is optional.

  13. Mark

    You all do realize that even with the $10 add-on (which allows unlimited data, no 5 GB cap), the MRC on Sprint for a complete EVO plan is still cheaper than comparable plans on AT&T and Verizon? Most people getting the EVO will be using a ton of data on it, rather than just talking, and their plans are structured accordingly.

    The $29.99 thing is an added bonus that the majority of consumers will probably not get or want to use. But you can’t fault Sprint for charging for something like that when they are also trying to sell 4g Broadband cards and Overdrives. It’s actually half the price of a data plan for one of those. The majority of consumers probably won’t want to use it anyway, much less get tech savvy enough to figure out to use a free 3G tethering app. There’s nothing wrong with Sprint offering options. It’s called business.

  14. Jason

    Why does Phone news bash Sprint at every chance they get but do nothing about ATT and the Iphone or Verizon service.

    Following Chris’s facts everyone using ATT, and Verizon are overpaying should leave and go some place else…

    WOW we can see whos paying Chris off ATT and Apple

  15. John

    Seriously, go get a Clear Spot and a Hero and thats considered comparable? So the 1 GHZ Snapdragon processer, 8 MP camera, dual front camera, video chat, HD video capturing, Android 2.1 (though hopefully Sprint gets that taken care of for the Hero soon), HDMI output, dont matter? I think these are all features that will attract consumers to the EVO as well, and then they aren’t carrying around 2 devices. I think I’d pay the extra $200 for the additional features and the convenience of one device. And there’s just a bit more of a “cool” factor that people will pay for to have an EVO over a Hero.

    P.S. Sprint is a business, and in business to make a profit. They already have the cheapest plans out there for data users. This article just seems not well thought out and really unecessary in my opinion.

  16. BJ

    I’m looking forward to Chris responding to Carlos’ post, as Clear’s $30 plan is nothing close to 4G speed. Quoting from a competition of this site, the EVO will come with capped 1m upstream and unknown capped downstream speed. Besides, the tethering on EVO will support up to 8 devices if I recall correctly, and unlimited 3G and 4G data, vs 5Gb cap.

    Crying foul for Sprint charging $10 for 4G on the device itself is like crying foul for any carrier charging users for data. Remember the days 3G first launched and the old way of “browsing” on phones was nothing but text? It cost extra to do so back in the old days and most people was ok with that.

    Let’s get real here… all the cost of building 4G has to be recouped somewhere. 4G isn’t a commodity yet like 3G does today, so it’s a “luxury” if you want fast connection while on-the-go. Prices will come down when LTE is available from the competition. It’s such a simple concept called “supply and demand”.

  17. SaltyDawg

    @ Mark

    As I said before, the $10 fee has absolutely nothing to do with removing a 5 GB cap on data. Sprint has never had a 5 GB cap on their smartphone data plans. The 5 GB cap was ONLY on the data card/mobile broadband plans. And even then, it was only on 3G data, never 4G.

    So this $10 fee is absolutely NOT removing some 5 GB data cap. There is no 5 GB cap to remove. Go to sprint’s websiote right now and their current smartphone data plans are listed as unlimited.

  18. BJ

    @SaltyDawg. you’re incorrect. The “cap” is stated in the Terms and Conditions, whether it’s datacard or phone plans:

    “Off-network Roaming on Sprint Phones:Not available with single-band phones, or to customers residing outside an area covered by the Nationwide Sprint Network. Sprint may terminate service if (1) more than 800 minutes, (2) a majority of minutes or (3) a majority of data kilobytes in a given month are used while roaming. International calling, including in Canada and Mexico, is not included in plans with no roaming charges. Roaming usage may be invoiced after 30-60 days. Data services and certain calling features (Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc.) may not be available in all roaming areas.

    Data Usage Limitation (Mobile Broadband Cards, USB Modems, Embedded Modems and Phone-As-Modem):The amount of data transmitted over our network is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred; and to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if usage either exceeds (a.) 5GB/month in total, unless specified otherwise or (b.) 300MB/month while off-network roaming. 1024KB equal 1MB. 1024MB equal 1GB.”

  19. jim

    I’m sorry, but I have no empathy for the apologists justifying preposterous add-on prices for features and functionality that should be included and enabled as part of the basic monthly tarriff for access, in the name of business, profit or private enterprise. European and Asian carriers do not charge extra for hotspot and tethering applications on their devices.

    Case in point: The Euro/Asian version of the HD2 has a nicely integrated wi-fi hotspot app written by HTC which those carriers do not cripple or charge extra for. However, that app is nowhere to be found on T-Mobile USA version of the device. Disgusting.

    It’s a shame and a travesty that Sprint has chosen the pricing model for the EVO that they have. Charging extra for the hotspot feature makes this phone a total deal-breaker for me. Which is fine, as it disincentivises me to switch.

  20. Don Louie

    I guess I’m an apologist, my all insured 3 line bill will still be smaller than some people’s single line because my discount is still kicking. I don’t see the purpose of getting the hotspot for every line with it being optional and all. This is another case of entitlement by legacy and SERO thinking things stay the same.

  21. SaltyDawg

    @ BJ
    Sorry, but you are wrong man. On Sprint’s website right now the smartphone data plans clearly say they are unlimited (as they always have), while the mobile broadband plans clearly say they have a 5 GB cap on 3G data, and unlimited on 4G data. And this is nothing new.

  22. SaltyDawg

    @ BJ
    Accidentally hit enter and it submitted my lasp post before I was done…

    Anyway, the terms and conditions you are citing say: “Data Usage Limitation (Mobile Broadband Cards, USB Modems, Embedded Modems and Phone-As-Modem)”

    They are not for smartphones, they are only for those devices you listed (which phone as modem is the closest thing to a smartphone plan on that list). Embedded modems are laptops that have the Sprint 3G or 4G built in, they are not cell phones.

  23. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie

    I am not a SERO customer and have NEVER had a SERO plan. I am just not happy about Sprint raising my bill $40 per month on my 4 line family plan. Especially after the CEO said he would not charge extra for 4G, and got me excited for the Evo for months.

  24. BJ

    @SaltyDawg, that’s what I meant, cap on PAM.

    Chris argued one could use pdanet and tether free on 3G too. Quoting Chris’ original post: “3G tethering on Android is free, on the Android Market no less, with apps like PdaNet. And, even if Google hadn’t done an about-face and returned those apps to the Android Market, Android is open. That’s why being open matters.”

    But Sprint’s T&C also states explicitly that tethering is not allowed.

    One is free to wait until 4G price drops to current 3G’s level and jump into it. Keep in mind, you more by choosing a transportation that gets you to destination faster and more convenient. (in most cases, anyway). It applies to telecommunications, especially early adopters.

  25. Jesse

    Ha!!! You’re all insane arguing about crap that doesn’t matter, if it works for you then it works for you.

    And Jason, that was flippin hilarious man!!!

  26. Don Louie

    SD, you didn’t think Sprint was going to let 8 devices tether for free, did you? I don’t see this being a big deal because the current MiFi is only 5 and twice as much, the 4G tax nowhere near as bad as made out to be. I do remember Hesse saying no new plans would be needed, slick way to add a fee but not a deal beaker. I was limiting the disenchanted to SERO, legacy plans holders, like my Everything plan, have been saying the same thing since the Instinct. We are not entitled to anything, you want to get all 4 lines an Evo then there’s a cost. That cost would still be less than 4 smartphones anywhere but T Mobile’s no contract or prepay, 4G tax or not.

  27. Christopher Price

    Jason, wise up. We’ve repeatedly given Verizon and AT&T the same critical, hard hitting treatment as Sprint.

    Android lockdowns, material contract changes, forced firmware updates anyone?

  28. Jason

    ATT outages, ATT over priced data plans, ATT ext
    Verizon outages, Verizon over over priced data plans, locked down OS’s ext

    Wise enough

  29. bleh bleh

    @Jason, you must be new here! I remember probably about a year or so, when AT&T changed their TOS and Chris and company told everyone with an iPhone that they should use that loophole and cancel their contract. Not only that but they actually took their own device. I read in one of the other news stories that his iPhone is now just an iPod because of this.

    As far as I’m concerned Chris finds issues with each of the carriers and reports them, our job is to just figure out what irritates us the least and go with that carrier that screws us less.

    I still think he stretching though, with not recommending the EVO, $200 for a new toy with a snapdragon cpu is better then a free Samsung Moment or HTC Hero. I have the Sprint plan that gives me a new phone every year instead of 2. So unless this stays the best phone for more then a whole year, I’ll probably move to whatever is the next best phone after my year is up (possibly losing the $10 a month add on). I just will probably wait a few weeks after release to make sure that this phone can be rooted and that a no charge tethering hack is a viable option, eff the TOS if you it’s not detectable…

  30. bleh bleh

    PS fix this damn blog so that I can edit the horrendous spelling and grammar issues I just noticed in the above post!!!!

  31. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    What are you talking about? Did I imply anywhere that I expected tethering to be free? No, I didn’t.

    But Sprint’s CEO flat out said that it’s cheaper for Sprint to provide a gig of 4G service than it is to provide a gig of 3G service, and he flat out said that there would not be any extra charge for 4G. He lied. period, end of story. And if it’s really cheaper to provide 4G than 3G, then if there is any price change at all it should be going DOWN, not UP.

  32. bleh bleh

    @BJ, I think SD is referring to Sprints unenforced cap. Forget the TOS wording, I know people that download way more then 5 gigs a month for years now and receive no warnings or cancellations (read the forums everywhere). Sprint seems to pick and choose who it applies fees and overages for and scares the unaware with a wordy TOS. Case in Point, I pay about $170 a month for two lines ones with power vision and one with plain data, I don’t even have unlimited text for that price, however I tether my ppc6800 like a champ, no problems at all, I even torrent from it and I’m PAM-less. But I bet if someone on a $30 SERO plan tethers or just uses their phone and hits anywhere near 5 gigs, and they’ll be dropped like a hot potato. It’s all about how Sprint perceives you as a customer. If I change to an everything plan for cheaper, hack, root to tether the EVO for $10 more a phone by modding the OS, I’ll sleep like a baby that night…TOS’s are for unaware chumps!

  33. F1

    “Offense is the best Defense”

    Someone at SPRINT asked the employees,and you know who you are, to have a mandatory stop by at “PhoneNews”, and start waging a little psychological warfare on anyone criticizing them.
    It is so blatant and obvious, hence it appears desperate and artificial with absolute zero finesse, accusing people to be on AT&T’s payroll… so original, well at least it is now confirmed that they are indeed watching.

    Thank You

  34. F1

    …with”absolutely” zero finesse, lol

    Thank You

  35. SaltyDawg

    LOL! I agree F1. The Sprint cronies are out in full force. I’ve been calling them fanboys, but employees would probably be a more accurate description.

  36. JJ

    Sprint is charging the extra $30 for a feature that is unique to the EVO. But what happens when all android based phones can do it with 2.2 comes out? The new unofficial features of 2.2 include wifi tethering, flash 10.1 and application storage on SD cards to name a few. Specially if Sprint is going to intentionally cap the speeds – something I don’t mind if it is due to total network performance and not neutering binge.

    Seems like the only way to get ahead as a cell phone company is to offer something that no one else has. ATT and I-phone are a good example. Sprint is trying to do that with the 4G network and releasing the EVO. But when other companies are offering free tethering, and Sprint expect their customers to pay for it doesn’t make sense. Guess the big question is this: Who uses tethering as their main ISP, 100% of the time? I have my own ISP at home, and only a few times a year when I am traveling will I tether my phone when I have no other Internet options – and that might change with a phone like the EVO, which is now a hybrid phone/computer might not even break out the notebook.

    From reading old articles, seems that 5% users use 95% of the bandwidth. Maybe have a program with nominal tethered data usuage per month included for casual users, and really charge the users that abuse the system. Ok, my 2 cents worth…

  37. Pat

    I continue to be disapointed with news on this site, everything is so anti-sprint it is ridictulous. I have Verizon, I have no problem with them except that they are so full of themselves and charge twice as much then what sprint charges, if my office had Sprint coverage, I’d move all of our lines over in a heartbeat, unfortuanlly we are 2 miles in the wrong direction. You can really notice the difference when you walk into both stores, Sprint treats you like a human and doesnt try to oversell you and told me I wouldnt have service at my office, Verizon, well i stopped going into the store. A good news site is an unbiased one, And Chris repeatly posts “Anti-Sprint” Articles, and frankly, It is annoying. Show me one positive Sprint Article, and i’ll think differently. They aren’t afraid to think for themselves and do things outside the norm, so what they charge $10 to have the EVO, Verizon charges $10 extra just to have a web enabled phone. And so what is they charge $29.99 for hotspot, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. For the people who are paying $59.99 for an aircard it benifits them. So cut them some slack, they impress me and are making the whole wireless industry change.

  38. F1

    @ Pat

    For someone on VZW, you seem to know much more on SPRINT than a typical SPRINT “customer”, is that just my observation or are you saying that you work for SPRINT, and you have no reception at your home, hence you are forced to use VZW?

    ” unfortuanlly we are 2 miles in the wrong direction. You can really notice the difference when you walk into both stores”

    Just curious,most people do not walk in into a another carriers store, only to form a bias “opinion/judgment” so quickly, because as you well know, looks after all, can be a tad deceiving!

    Thank You

  39. dt

    ” I am just not happy about Sprint raising my bill $40 per month on my 4 line family plan” This comment is hilarious. Sprint is not going to raise your bill 40 per month. You may CHOSE to BUY an EVO and then go with the 10 per month but No company no where is forcing you to do anything. It is your option to purchase the phone and service it is not mandated.

    People get worked up over the smallest of things if you dont agree to the price done complain about it.
    I want a Ferrari but I’m not going to bitch about them being overprice and that Ferrari is unfairly pricing a vehicle. It is what It is and if you dont like it or cant afford it then dont try to and find something that fits your needs and income a little better.

  40. F1


    ” No company no where is forcing you to do anything. It is your option to purchase the phone and service it is not mandated.”

    Let us examine that:

    Fact: The EVO for $ 600 sans contract!?

    Question: What is it good for?

    Answer: To serve as a Paperweight!?

    SPRINT, will not allow you to use it off contract, or for that matter any of your old plans, unless you sign up on a variant of the “Everything Plans”,
    in other words, the “Now” Network SPRINT,blatantly discriminates against any other “past” established client/customer Data plans, period!

    Thank You

  41. Don Louie

    Get a new plan or go the the new fourth gen iphone, not a 4G iphone. You can stay out of contract, just can’t come in without one. Ragging on the plans, still the same requirement after 3 years, won’t change much

  42. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    Are you sure you can stay out of contract? I chatted with Sprint, spoke to them, and emailed them, and they have all been consistent in telling me that the device requires a 2 year contract- even if you pay full retail for it. They said to activate the required plan you have to agree to a 2 year contract, regardless of how you got the device.

  43. dt

    “Question: What is it good for?

    Answer: To serve as a Paperweight!? ”

    My comment still stands, If you don’t agree to the extra 10 then don’t purchase the phone and get one that fits your budget better. It’s not the only phone in existance so you can purchase cheaper phones that have less plan requirements.

  44. Dennis

    So thats considered overcharging but when Verizon charges customers $20 to $30 for having a smartphone data package it’s not? Hmm… I don’t think so, Sprint is the best value in wireless. Why don’t you do an editorial on Verizon’s high prices? Little bit biased editor I think.

  45. SaltyDawg

    @ dt
    So you’re saying those of us that already have smartphones should downgrade to dumbphones if we ever want a new phone? If I already have a smartphone, why shouldn’t I be able to replace it with another one without raising my bill? I’m not in a 4G area so why should my bill change at all?

    @ Dennis
    Verizon can charge what they want to. But if they raise the price on their existing customers, then that would be a huge issue. Sprint is making it clear that if I ever want a new phone, either I DOWNGRADE it from what I currently have, or my bill goes up by $40 per month, PLUS extra for the hotspot feature.

    So let me get this straight- the phone itself raises my bill, and then the data centric feature costs extra on top of that? Ripoff.

  46. F1

    @ Don Louie/dt/Dennis

    For the record, I have never had a problem paying any amount on the hardware of my choice, however, since 2007, SPRINT has been “force bundling” with the introduction of the “Instinct”, hence SPRINT does not allow me use the device of my choice, with my established “all inclusive plan”, period.

    Before the introduction of 4G,
    I did have a serious issue with the “repackaging/renaming/re-bundling”, of the same “unlimited data”, SPRINT simply would not “allow” the previously sold plans to work with their “select new flagship devices”.

    I believe the above practice is a poor business model, considering that the overwhelming majority of the SPRINT customers,some 44 million of Sprint’s 47 million plus, are not on an ” Everything Plan”, that only helped in alienating the base consumers from within, while it certainly has also caused the competition to revise their plans, however has evidenced, that was only a short term fix, since the competition never remains idle.

    AT&T and VZW, will also in time, within the next year at the very latest, introduce their own 4G, that in return will level the plain-field for the consumers once again, in the long run, until that transpires,
    SPRINT, for however a short period, has the ball in it’s court with the country’s inaugural 4G, where available of course, hence SPRINT should plan carefully, and make the most out of it in a smart way, not in a short sighted greedy fashion, which would only benefit it in the short run,
    in addition to that,
    SPRINT also has a second prong working against it’s longterm income, that being spearheading the industry with an aggressive push into prepaid, which in return will limit it’s income even further, and lastly don’t forget the third prong, which is the gift that keeps giving and paying “dividend”, namely the previously sold assets in exchange of continuous indefinite “lease” expenses, which if not revised, could potentially expedite Sprint’s financial demise, against the deep pocketed big boys !

    Thank You

  47. Don Louie

    Sawlty, not sure about the out of contract claim but seeing as you can purchase at full price without needing to activate it or have a number and doing ESN swaps online ought to be a work around. I never extended my contract doing swaps online. Verizon and AT&T did raise fees in January with some backlash but the fees remain. F1, being stuck where you are not wanting to give up your plan because it will cost more has been repeated ad nauseum but I did give options to help with “no I’ll keep what I have complain because I don’t believe” as the retort. I don’t agree with the fee but have no problem because I still pay less for my 3 lines than some with 1.

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