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57 responses to “EVO 4G Video Chat via Qik to Incur Additional Monthly Fee (Updated)”

  1. JJ

    That is just crazy. I will stick with the hero and stay on 3g for now. Hopefully the next hero replacement is just 3g but has the 1ghz processor. $10 for 4g is more than enough.


    No problem, isn’t there a new application for android that allows video chat for free

  3. evan

    Fring and Skype with video for Android is supposed to be coming too.

  4. F1

    SPRINT C.E.O. Dan Hesse has lost it completely, so typical, arrogance mixed nickel & diming has began even before the release of the first 4G device, that should help plant the seeds!! lol

    I am so done with SPRINT, just a matter of the right phone & carrier, the timing is perfect!

    Thank You

  5. bottomline

    For all of u complaining about it, u know what to do. Its not that complicated, verizon, at&t & t-mobile await with their costlier plans…

  6. F1

    @ JJ

    Do you really think that SPRINT is going to spend anymore funds on the outgoing system, rather than exploit the 4G, till the cows come home?!
    They are going to “shove” as many accounts as they can, into 4G, by creating attractive “bait phones” and reducing the quality phone choices on the outgoing service, until it becomes like Nextel & BOOST, at least in terms of hardware selection.

    Thank You

  7. F1

    @ bottomline

    Charge me whatever you want, give me a bulletproof system in return!

    Cost can not be a factor when quality lacks, you have quality product, feel free to charge for it, to have text message and delayed voice-mail issues or even dropped calls, in this day and age, is inexcusable and a disgrace!

    Sadly, none of the carriers has a bulletproof system or service,
    that is truly a shame, given with today’s available technology, despite that, no one has any sense of corporate pride anymore, time is ripe for a new company to pick up the ball, and run with it.

    Thank You

  8. bottomline

    As u mentioned in yur last paragraph, “there is no such thing as a perfect bullet proof system” ! In my humble opinion, sprint continues to be the best value out there if u were to take everything into consideration(most bang 4 yur buck). However, as u also stated, if cost isnt an issue, then I believe verizon has the best coverage nationwide, bar none. I just dont think its necessary to complain or gripe about something when theres clearly many other options. Have a nice day…..

  9. Schj98

    Keep up people this turned out to be a rumor Qik said on their blog the $4.99 fee will be for certain other advanced features to be anounced at launch time for the EVO the basic video chat will be free…

  10. Chuck

    I hope everyone understands that Sprint is not charging this fee. Qik is. Sprint has nothing to do with this. The $4.99 charge is thru Paypal, not your Sprint bill.

  11. He who cannot be named

    As usual, this joker, who thinks he is some sort of insider-know it all, gets it wrong. Chris, whatever your day job is, go back to it. The only reason to come to this loser website is to get my daily laugh at how much you DON’T know about wireless. Stop poaching stories from other blogs. At least have have the brains to make corrections once you see you messed up. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I know a place where your skills would be gladly appreciated, FAUX News/Lies.

  12. Don Louie

    As usual F1 is off on a tangent about how wrong Sprint is treating those who want to upgrade to the new phones but not the required plans. Glad the spot was updated to reflect the truth.

  13. F1

    @ bottomline

    The best analogy I can give regarding my position on SPRINT, is that of a longterm relationship (since 1997) gone bad.
    One pretending to try to work it out while the other is just sick and tired of the other’s false promises i.e.:

    1. 4G in Los Angeles
    2. “Everything Plans” that offer less for higher rates
    3. Data plans that somehow are never good enough for long
    4. 6pm that is not transferable to 4G
    5. Unlimited roaming that is no longer an included feature
    6. Outgoing text messages that disappear at random
    7. Incoming text messages that never make it
    8. Incoming Voice-mail that can take as long as 6.5 hours to arrive
    9. Replacing the same faulty device 4 times (refurb) still offering a 5th!
    10. Picture mail that causes the system to loop vibrating error messages
    11. Retention offers, only to be taken of the table, “sorry, they expired”

    The above points, have only been some of my experiences, I have been awaiting 4G in Los Angeles since August 2008 !

    This level of patience, to say the least, is very draining and it certainly takes a toll on ones social life, since neither my friends or business partners have any way of knowing if their messages are making it to me, or am I simply ignoring them on purpose, and yes you guessed it,
    meanwhile, I have no idea that those messages were even generated!!

    To date, there is no certain 4G date for Los Angeles, I was even advised by a “Retention Manager”, to hold off on signing up with the EVO, since that would accrue additional set fixed fees such as the $10 fee, despite the lack of 4G service in the area.

    Contrary to Don Louie’s understanding, I have do not object an increase in fees, if the service i.e “4G”, would in fact deliver the goods,
    however, the “Everything Plans” have been utilized as an prelude for a secondary price increase, and there in lays the problem,
    I believe SPRINT has been in fact double dipping, furthermore there is no guarantee that the above sited issues would in fact be resolved,
    the only guarantee there is, is the fact that there is no going back after dropping my current plan, unless of course, I would sign up for a second line, test the service personally, and come to a conclusion on my own.

    The question is:

    Is the “new grass” at SPRINT, in fact “greener” and worth a new contract over the “other” considerations ?

    Thank You

  14. F1


    I “have” do not object >>> I do not object….

    Thank You

  15. DP

    You’ve been waiting for 4G since August 2008? What a curiously odd statement. Even the original XOHM markets were supposed to be Baltimore, Chicago and D.C. which would then be followed by Philly, Dallas and Boston. If you’ve been waiting for 4G in Los Angeles since August 2008, that’s your fault, not Sprint’s.

  16. Don Louie

    So F1 is saying their 13 years of service should allow whatever device they want. Now that a 4G device is around with an additional fee, is that supposed to make this rant valid? This is the same argument from 2 years ago, if all the messaging and device problems were present then and all you did was complain that your retention plan wouldn’t work with said phone but you stayed, who’s to blame?

  17. F1

    @ DP

    Yes, I have been awaiting “4G” for over two years, I could care less what the “marketing name” was going to be, I knew it was due!

    Do you recall the systematic evolution:

    WAP I/II/
    1.5 G VISION
    3G EVDO/REV A……
    4G XOHM/WIMAX/Clearwire !?

    My complaint is not chiefly about the delay of 4G,
    I said long time ago, in fact as far back as 2007,at the beginning of E.P., that yes I am willing to change my Plan and pay more for 4G, that would be justified, since that would be considered a significant improvement over the current system with forced E.P. with at the time, the SAMSUNG M-800 aka “the Instinct”.

    My above noted poor experiences, have been well documented facts and valid complaints, as you might recall since January, I have been once again, like I was during 2006-2008 out of contract.

    Why, you ask, have I stayed?
    Because SPRINT let me keep my plan, at the cost of practically no worthwhile device choices, I have been riding these waves, so that I could cash my chips when 4G finally makes it to shore.

    Thank You

  18. F1

    @Don Louie

    This is for you, since you might have felt a little neglected of late, maybe you care to explain, the relevance of your terminology, to my above sited points, have fun:

    According to Merriam-Webster:

    diverging from an original purpose or course : irrelevant

    intransitive verb
    1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
    2 : to scold vehemently
    transitive verb
    : to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion

    Thank You
    Thank You

  19. SaltyDawg

    @ bottomline

    Just had to correct you, T-Mobile has several plans that are cheaper than Sprint’s.

  20. Don Louie

    No worthwhile phones, bad service but a ultra cheap plan is plenty to keep me. I don’t see anything to change WiMax coming to L.A. we still know it’s coming but because no date is locked in that makes all the other errors worse. Sawlty, just go to T Mobile and get 4 HD2’s instead of whinning about something that isn’t changing. I remember a poster here swearing up and down AT&T was cheaper but never had proof but T Mobile we know about the no contract plans (different animal but keep it) and $5 add a line so pull the trigger and report back.

  21. F1

    Most likely, as an ANDROID version of HD2 w/keyboard, or even when the Nexus One becomes available at the stores directly, I will give it the consideration of signing up with T-Mobile.

    Chances are, that GSM performs better with messaging services in Los Angeles area anyway, that could carry me over till 2011, by then, LTE will become somewhat universal and Net neutrality will start establishing it’s foothold.

    At the end of the day, everyone will opt for what works best for them, hence my complaints, are sited for two reasons:

    1.Enlighten others of my experiences with SPRINT over the past decade
    2.Give SPRINT, another, perhaps last chance, to act on them, if so willing!

    Thank You

  22. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie

    AT&T was cheaper than sprint until they started putting mandatory higher data plans on all smartphones. I had AT&T and switched to Sprint at that time, for that reason.

    As for T-Mobile, I have no interest in the HD2. However, they are getting some pretty awesoem phones later this year (Samsung Galaxy S, among others) that will be made for their HSPA+ (which os faster than Sprint’s Wimax) so we’ll see what happens at that time.

    If T-Mobile had an Evo that has a keyboard right now, I would absolutely be going to T-Mobile right now.

    As for their “crappy” network, here are some real world comparisons for you:,2817,2359139,00.asp

    And here is another expert’s take on it:

    So the bottom line is, if you have T-Mobile coverage in your area (which you likely do if you live in a metro area) then you’re a fool if you don’t consider them as a viable option.

  23. bottomline

    @ saltydawg
    I stand corrected. U r right, t-mobile does infact offer a cheaper plan. So have u made the switch ? If so, how did it work out for u ?

    @ F1
    U sound really unhappy with yur experiences with sprint. So instead of continuing to suffer with such an awful carrier, y havent u switched ??? I really dont understand the masochism. If im not happy with a certain provider, I switch… Problem solved !

  24. SaltyDawg

    @ bottomline

    If T-Mobile was already selling the Galaxy S, I would without a doubt take that for less money than the Evo. Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before T-Mobile has a phone better than the Evo, on a cheaper plan than the Evo. And when that day comes (which will absolutely be sometime this year) then you will either see people leaving Sprint in droves (nothing new there) or see sprint lowering fees (nothing new there either).

  25. Don Louie

    T Mobile has cheaper prices now and the HD2 almost meets the specs in the Evo, don’t wait for a phone that doesn’t have a release date and/or Sprint to change pricing because you could wind up bitter like F1. I would like to point out T Mobile had a slow down in adds and loses recently with cheaper plans, percieved better phones and speed. It’s funny that Sawlty has switched from AT&T to T Mobile in the quest for a better deal than Sprint and now has proposed phones to look forward too.

  26. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    I was never interested in the HD2. If I was, I would have been with T-Mobile a LONG time ago.

    Just soyou know though, T-Mobile has sold out of HD2 units FOUR times now. They are not having any trouble selling them.

    And yes, T-Mobile IS cheaper than Sprint right now, and AT&T used to be, before they changed their plans. These are facts. It’s not some hopeless quest, but a current reality that T-Mobile is currently cheaper than Sprint (especially when you consider the Evo tax).

    There is a reason T-Mobile continues to add mnillions of customers, while Sprint continues to lose millions of customers.

    And if you are looking for a superphone, and you want to go with T-mobile, then you would be retarded to get an HD2 right now. T-Mobile has already said they will have phones made specifically for their HSPA+ network this year (just like the Evo is made specifically for Sprint’s Wimax) and specs of the Galaxy S are BETTER than the Evo. So if they are going to have a phone that is BETTER than the Evo, on a network that gets faster speeds, and at a cheaper price, then you’d have to be an idiot if you didn’t consider it.

  27. Average_User

    I am not a Sprint Customer but 90% sure I will be when the EVO is released in June.

    I don’t get with all the bitching and moaning. First, Sprint releases an EVO 4G that will run on Sprint’s 4G network and it’s only a $10 charge. Then its HOW DARE SPRINT CHARGE THAT by some or most or all Sprint customers. Did you all expect not to pay for 4G use? Just wait til VZW and AT&T release an LTE smartphone and see what they will charge. It will probably be $10 – $15 extra just like Sprint. I understand the idea of saving money, you don’t have to get the EVO or any 4G phone, so don’t pay the extra fee.

    Now its about video chat, VIDEO CHAT???? This whole list of complaints is about video chat that Sprint isn’t even charging you. With subs like this, Sprint should go under. WOW!

    My take, for $69.99 + $10 = $79.99 smartphone that offers GPS, TV, Radio and unlimited Messaging and IM????? I would be paying over $100 a month for that on AT&T that I am currently on. I live here in the NYC/NJ area and all four are strong competitors.

  28. SaltyDawg

    @ Average_User

    Did we expect to pay for 4G? Watch this video and then you tell me:

    That video is from CTIA, when the Evo was first announced and shown by Sprint.

    After seeing that, would YOU expect to pay for 4G?

  29. Average_User


    Yes I have watched that video already and all those who believed they would not pay for 4G are being delusional and it doesn’t matter what Hesse said. It doesn’t matter how much it costs a company to roll out. Even if its cheaper, they are going to charge more, because its 4G. Its about a perceived value you are receiving. And yes I believed in the extra charge for 4G, whether its WiMax or LTE. I don’t mind paying for it if a Smartphone is out there that I really want. If there is no smartphone I want, I will stick to a 3G phone and don’t pay for the extra charge.

  30. SaltyDawg

    @ Average_User

    If you saw that video, and you still expected to pay more for 4G, then you’re an idiot. Every blog, article, and report on the subject was touting 4G as being no extra cost after that announcement by Hesse. And why would anytone thing it would be different? After all, 4G data card plans do NOT cost anymore than 3G data card plans. So if you knew all of that, and you still expected to pay more for 4G, well then, like my dad used to always say, “A fool and his money will soon part…”

  31. F1

    @ Average_User “….it doesn’t matter what Hesse said”!!!

    Average_User, what is your understanding of ethics?

    As a CEO, you are the leader of a company, if your word does not have any perceived “value”, what matters anymore?
    A CEO is at the end of the day, the ultimate company “Salesperson”, how would you feel if a salesperson would say all the “right” things,
    only to get your money??

    With all due respect, we are not “average users”, we expect more of a company CEO, than of an “average salesperson”, see a CEO gets paid, at times, 1000 of times more, than the average salesperson, he also has a
    fiduciary responsibility towards the company investors and share holders.


    1) n. from the Latin fiducia, meaning “trust,” a person (or a business like a bank or stock brokerage) who has the power and obligation to act for another (often called the beneficiary) under circumstances which require total trust, good faith and honesty.

    Thank You

  32. Don Louie

    Name calling because they had realistic expactions is juvenile. Initially WiMax was $20 extra for aircards and by the time Overdrive came out it was the same price as 3G. AT&T was never cheaper than Sprint and most of the Evo article Sawlty is saying how the HD2 is just as good because T Mobile is faster and in more places while being cheaper, seeing as new subs get preference it was assumed that is the comparable phone but now it’s the Galaxy, whenever it comes out, will blow it out the water. Fact is T Mobile’s add started dwindling the same time as Sprint now they are negative. Sawlty, F1 and anybody complaining about the 4G tax when the price is cheaper than most and consistently faster than all is just a crybaby because instead of leaving they complain, talk about what can and expect to get elsewhere and/or insult.

  33. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie

    You are dead wrong, lol., AT&T WAS cheaper than Sprint. I left Sprint for AT&T and my bill went down. AT&T later raised their rates and I went back to Sprint. Get your info straight before you go spouting off please.

    As for your bogus claims about T-Mobile, you are wrong there too. The Nexus One is the T-Mobile device most comparable to the Evo. The HD2 has almost identical hardware to the Evo, but it is running Windows Mobile. Microsoft abandonded Windows Mobile shortly after the HD2 was announced, so that is why I won’t consider it.

    The Nexus One has similar specs, though slightly different, and it is running Android. So you can put it up against the Evo if you want. It was not made for the HSPA+ network though (but it still gets those HSPA+ speeds up to around 7 megs).

    T-Mobile is relasing a phone made specifically for its HSPA+ network though, and that phone is rumored to be the Galaxy S. We already KNOW the Galaxy S has better specs than the Evo, the only question is does the Galaxy S happen to be made for the HSPA+ network or not.

    So get your facts straight before you go all fanboy on us. The facts are, T-Mobile has faster data than Sprint’s Wimax, has cheaper prices, and very shortly will have better phones (and arguably has phones that are just as good right now).

    Oh yeah, and anyone who saw Sprint’s CEO say 4G would not cost any extra, and knew that the 4G data cards currently don’t cost any extra, yet still expected 4G on the Evo to cost extra, is an idiot. There is just no other way to put it.

  34. Pat

    Shocker, once AGAIN, posts an “internal document” before it is an official statement and gets everybody riled up over nothing.

  35. F1

    @ bottomline

    “I really dont understand the masochism. If im not happy with a certain provider, I switch… Problem solved !”

    It is called “patience & perseverance”,
    I will not allow other’s action, to dictate my decision making process,and rush me, into another “device & plan”, simply because I am unhappy with the status quo!
    I will “switch” in due time,only after I have examined all my options, my patience is just starting to bear fruit, the next ninety days, will provide us with far more and better options, than ever before.

    @ Don Louie

    “Bitter”, disappointed, call it what you want,
    it does not mean, that I have to lose control over my decision making process,as Chris likes to say, “people, vote with your wallet”!

    Thank You

  36. F1

    @ SaltyDawg

    It is coming soon:

    Thank You

  37. Average_User

    @ Salty Dawg,

    You can name call all you want, I was not the only person who thought 4G would cost customers more. You bring the cost of electronics into this discussion, it has nothing to do with cost. The fact it costs the same for a 4G device as a 3G device, means a bigger profit margin for these customers. What part of business don’t you understand? In my line of work, finding a way to increase your profit margin is key, and we have successfully done it. And remember this saying, since you want to throw out cliches, “You get what you pay for” So you want to use 4G, pay for it. Just wait until VZW and AT&T release their LTE data charges and they continue to add customers. Also name calling just shows your maturity level.


    You talk about ethics, what did Hesse say that was unethical? Did he steal month from Sprint? Did he rip off share holders or be involved in insider trading? I don’t know about you, but when a “salesman” promises me something, I make sure its in writing. I don’t agree to anything unless its done that way and with every salesperson I say this to them. So if Sprint promised 4G data, wait til its in writing on their website. Then its official. Until then I would not believe any salesperson aka CEO of these Telcos. And the CEO’s main job is to increase profit margin and make money for the share holders. Most share holders don’t care what a CEO has to say as long as their stock price goes up and they make money. So you can hold your CEO to a certain standards, share holders of a company, like myself of other companies I own, as long I continue to make money, I’m happy with that CEO. So sorry if you expected to not pay for 4G.

  38. bottomline

    @ F1
    Who is trying to dictate yur decision making process ?? Honestly, I could care less who u use as yur wireless provider. It just so happens that this is a forum about videochatting & extra charges being applied by an outside party(Qik) in regards to the Evo when its released. U do not have to purchase it if u dont want to. In a nutshell, thats it….
    By the way, definition of masochism is: pleasure in being abused, dominated or taken advantage of: a taste for suffering… U make the call.

  39. SaltyDawg

    @ Average_User

    Uh, I did not throw cost of electronics anywhere, lol.

    Whjat I did say, since you seem to have missed it and it destroys your entire argument, is that right now if you buy a Sprint 4G mobile broadband data card, and sign up for the Spritn 4G mobile broadband data plan, it costs the exact same as the Sprint 3G mobile broadband data plan.

    So if you already knew that (which clearly you did not), and you also heard Sprint’s CEO say 4G would not cost any extra, yet you still expected it cost extra, then you are an idiot.

  40. Average_User

    @ Salty Dawg,

    Sorry but your ramblings on data cards and penny pinching arguments lost my attention. You expect to not pay for 4G then you are the idiot. If you think Sprint will keep those broadband prices the same as they are now, you are the idiot. Trust me, when 4G hits more cities, Hesse and Co will change the 4G/3G data plan price. So yes, customers will have to pay more. Its common sense, but obviously you do not have any.

    You get what you pay for……

  41. SaltyDawg

    @ Average_User

    Again, Sprint is NOT charging more for 4G on their only currently available 4G plan. Hesse then said 4G would not cost any extra at the Evo launch. If you were aware of all of that, and still expected to pay extra for 4G, then you are an idiot. Period.

  42. Average_User

    So you believe everything you hear then. WOW okay and you call me an idiot. Okay so I guess I am an idiot cause I don’t believe everything I hear from CEO’s who I don’t know.


    Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 looks very similar to the Samsung Beam. It utilizes a large 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen, a 1GHz processor and the Android 2.1 operating system. The camera is 5MP with option for 720p HD video recording at 30 frames per second. Other goodies include 3G, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, HD video playback, as well as playback for many other formats like FLAC, and MKV.

    The above specs are the Samsungs Galaxy specs

    Below are the EVO 4g Specs

    Description:.Similarly to the HD2, the HTC EVO 4G sports a giant 4.3-inch display and a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset. The most interesting thing about it however, is that it’s the first phone in the United States to support Sprint’s WiMAX 4G network. This allows it to take advantage of better video streaming, faster data connectivity and a 1.3MP front-facing camera for video calls. It has HTC’s renowned Sense UI on top of Android 2.1, which means users will have access to thousands of applications. Another premium feature of the smartphone is the 8MP camera with HD video recording capabilities.

    Editor’s rating
    out of 10

    The only thing I see on the Galaxy S is the Supr amoled screen. No fornt facing camera for samsung,so no video chat regardless of free or not. So how is the Samsung Galaxy S better. It has a slightly smaller screen for “gurly men” with puny hands “joking here”, and a super amoled screen other than that they are evenly spec’d, where the EVO has a 1.3 front video chat camera, and a 8mp camera for taking leisure pics . So far no one is really saying that the Samsung is better anywhere but in this this group, and save maybe a few that thinks the Super amoled screen makes the phone “better”.. What did i miss and where is the supporting evidence that shows the Samsung Galaxy S to be better. Please enlighten me.

  44. Cell Dude

    The Samsung Galaxy S is nice but I agree not better than the EVO. If I had to choose between the EVO or Galaxy S, give me the EVO.


    It seems there are lots of opinions that have no facts here. I even see soemone crticcizing Chris for reporting that QIK was going to charge. Well I read this everywhere, and I am sure they were going to probably charge until they saw the out rage, and the free skype coming down the road. Not to mention Fring, and skype for free would push them out of all markets at this point. There isn’t a carrier on the market that hasn’t got issues, and if you dont believe just listen to all of the complaints for each and every one listed by doing a search.

    Sprint so far has the best bang for the buck if you get the 69.99 everything plan. Hell when I have no service I roam on verizon and I am all good. So for the price of 69.99, and the fact that I can raom and have service anywhere makes them better so far to “me”. In the future this will probably change. I think if everyone rolled out LTE we all will have service everywhere, and then it will be based truely on customer service and customer retention plans like rbates and phone exclusively.

  46. SaltyDawg

    The Samsung Galaxy S DOES have a front facing camera. It also has Bluteooth 3. But the Super AMOLED screen owns all.

    Not to mention Samsung camera quality is always a lot better than HTC.

  47. SaltyDawg

    @ Average_User

    Again, if you already knew that right this second 4G costs the same as 3G, and you heard the freaking CEO say 4G will not cost anymore- again, while it already does not cost anymore, yet you still expected to pay more, then yes you are an idiot.

  48. Avergage_User

    @ Salty Dawg,

    Sorry you were foolish enough to have believed Hesse & Co. CEOs are entitled to change their minds are they not? Again who is the idiot that believes everything people tell them.

  49. SaltyDawg

    @ Avergage_User

    I don’t believe everything people tell me. But when the CEO of a company tells me the price of one of his own products, and I look on their web site, and they are charging the price that he said they would (and have been chargng that price for a while), then yes, I will assume it is correct.

    Again, only an idiot would expect otherwise.

  50. F1

    @ Average_User

    Precisely as SaltyDawg stated:
    This is simple common sense, every “Average_User”, should understand this,and have no difficulty following the above logic and rational.

    A CEO, should be held to a higher standard to begin with,
    he/she has to be accountable for what he/she, sells/says/advertises, otherwise it is deceptive, if it was printed or verbally stated in an ad, it would constitute a case of “false advertisement”.

    Remember, people listen and follow the CEO of the company they invest in, i.e. check out APPLE’s Steve Job, GOOGLE’s Schmidt….if they don’t; they should, otherwise any one could claim anything at any given time and get away with it, that would not sound too ethical now, would it ?

    Thank You.