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350 responses to “How To: Add GPS to HTC Mogul – XV6800 – P4000 – Titan”

  1. ChristianProgrammer

    All these questions..

    couldn’t you just point these people to OR Xda developers where this unofficial release originated ,…Geeze your lame … they both have huge posts on this subject and all of these concerns addressed even an easier install method via SD Card again phonenews = lame

  2. Tim

    My phone seems to be bricked as well. No comms via usb. Tried many different times/ways to flash from the sd card. Nope. Now I need to figure out a way to completely kill the phone so I can take it back to the store and exchange it without them knowing what i did to it.

  3. PhilR8

    Time to credit some people, since PhoneNews apparantly is just gonna rip these people off without credit:

    1) That HardSPL Unlocker 2.40? Oh, thanks Olipro and ImCoKeMaN! You
    guys rule!
    2) Hey, where did this new leaked rom come from? Oh, Kmartburrito
    supplied it for us! Thanks a lot, dude!
    3) Look at all these carrier-specific roms. Someone must have spent
    a lot of time on those. Oh yeah, DCD did! Thanks, man!
    4) Oh yeah, and if we didn’t mention you, we’ll just give a nice
    shout out to all the fine folks at PPCGeeks and xda-developers for
    all their hard work. Check out these amazing communities for even
    more cool stuff!

    and yeah, all of the issues people are experiencing have been ironed out over at PPCGeeks and XDA.

  4. sTiVE

    I Neeeeddd the Messenger (For my Contacts) Mobile Office!!!!!! anyone help please…. is there something I can do to get this 2 things back…. I Love the update but I need this 2 Programs… Anyone help please!

  5. Answerman

    Chris, again thanks for spreading the word about this great thing that is happening. I frequent both PPCGeeks and xda-developers as well and I’m sure they appreciate the mirror of the information so that the community as a whole can take advantage of it.

    A quick question regarding DCD’s ROM… has anyone else had problems with it locking up while charging? I religiously plug my 6800 in at night before I go to bed so that it has a full charge in the morning, and both mornings when I got up it was frozen and after a soft reset the battery was at about 30-40%. Is this a quirk for me only, or has anyone else noticed it?

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  7. matthew utt

    actually your wrong. our phones have a full working gps antenna and if you would actually turn off your radio you still get gps signal. and your actually recieving the signal from the gps satellites that are in geosynchronous orbit

  8. matthew utt

    and if you wanted to iron out the issues you should have talked to kmartburrito and dcd. kmart brought us the rom. dcd cleaned it. their both members on . join the scene

  9. LSME$@)

    Why be here and use a Middle man go right to the source.

  10. CannonBaller

    I just updated with the BELL firmware. Now i have no phone service.
    Everytime i dial it gets fast busy and my SMS won’t send out either.

    i think somehting has changed with the service settings.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    BTW in Toronto Canada.


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  12. vtcx

    This ROM works great, I got GPS to work on COM4 & COM5. I even turned the phone radio off (ie flight mode) and was able to locate my house on google maps. I like the interface and dial pad, but thought it was HTCs, or is it DD2s hacks? The other thing is that Im also missing mobile office & windows live, so I can’t synchronize my contacts for now.

    If you can’t make any calls after flashing, remove your battery for one minute, then reboot and dial
    ##632700#, select edit on the window that appears and fill in your MSIC & MDN, they are both your phone number with area code. This is what sprint customer service did for me and I am no able to get on the internet and make calls.

    If you find a way to get the rest of the programs back, let me know.

  13. s10onn2o

    Holy crap are you kidding me you need to point these people over to our site for this is is not for the people with the faint of heart. People really need to know that you can really f-up your ppc and if you dont belive me i am a beta tester over there and i go though the phones flash over and over agian. With that said YES it can be done easly and safe, but please read everything at our fourms before you do it. And read everyone else’s problams before you do it.
    Thanks DCD/ Kmartburrito/Olipro/ImCoKeMaN/WideAwake and every one else.

  14. s10onn2o

    Alot of the common problams is that people get stuck in the bootloader and freak out this is very common. If you install the Hard Spl 2.4 first you will beable to recover from a lot of things.

    First you need to get your info by pressing ##PST# or ##PST on your dial pad (depending on carrier)
    select view and write down the MDN,MSID, AKEY (some carriers do not show the akey)
    I know for a fact that you have to call ##8899 for verizon users to get your akey (be sure to write it down)
    To flash your ppc its best to do it in this order.
    1. Hard SPL –
    2. DCD ROM you carrier
    3. Radio
    After you have flash everything you will need to input your info that you wrote down earlier press ##PST or ##PST depending on carrier. and select edit only edit the info needed
    The com port for GPS is com4 and the speed is 4800
    Also this rom and radio have had reports of REV A evdo but has been spotty.
    I will check in and out to try to help with any questions

    SIDE NOTE: I am not here to flame this site or you Chris. I just dont want to see people get upset with YOU or US for any of the hacking or mods that can mess up a ppc quick and fast.

  15. s10onn2o

    Sorry one more thing people that need some of the programs back we can help just tell me what you need and ill see if i can add it to the rom for you.

  16. mamothstick


    There have been a few post relevant to the usage of the automatic installer and windows mobile device center (i.e., Vista). The auto tool attempts to do the update but after the phone reboots and returns the rainbow screen, there is a connection loss with WMDC and the update progress just reads 0% on the computer and the phone. Eventually, an error 262 from the update utility is splashed. The phone reboots properly, but as a newbie, I’m lost.

    Can you provide guidance?

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  18. kumar

    I tried the Automated Installer (Currently for Verizon XV6800 units only) as I have a Verizon unit. The process dies after initial connection to the pda for uploading the firmware. Looks like it ends active sync and then errors out that connection to the device is terminated, any help will be apriciated

  19. Jack

    I seem to be stuck on the HTC Logo screen after the Sprint “dcd_titan_2.1.0_sprint.exe” install. My phone won’t even charge now(at least the charge LED will not light up or blink. What should I do?

  20. Jack

    Nevermind…I got the phone into bootloader by holding the Power and Camera buttons while resetting the phone…. Phewwwww!

  21. Jack

    Sorry Chris….I was thinking the 2 soft key buttons were the “…reset buttons.” You spelled it out clear as can be. I’m just a nervous idiot.

  22. Barbara

    Will this procedure work for the HTC Mogul through Qwest?

  23. Barbara

    Thank you for your response, Christopher. I kind of thought that might be the case 🙁

    Well, I will inquire with Qwest and when I have any useful information from them, I’ll post an update to this thread.

  24. J_Money

    Hi all. I seem to have loaded everything as explained but have had no success at getting GPS to work. I have tried all of the ports, and confirmed Location setting is On. I have tested Google Maps, and Live Search. I have also let each application try loading GPS for over ten minutes, still no luck.
    Any other testing I can do? Any other things i can try?

  25. PJRech

    Since I installed the new GPS+PDA+PHONE ROM, my device restarts all the time… I was forced to return to the original ROM. Anyone can help me? Or can I help to solve this issue? Thanks

  26. PJRech

    Hi Cris,

    I’m from Brasil… Here we have only one CDMA operator, called VIVO.
    I’m deteminated to develop a ROM to VIVO with WM6.1 in Portuguese Brasil. If you know how, can you give me the directions to do that?
    Sorry to the inconvenince of posting this questions here at this forum, but I couldnt find you in another one. Thanks.

  27. IdiotforTrying

    I tried this update and got the GPS to work after a few nervous moments. I also had to call Verizon to fix the problem with them not being able to authenticat my phone for making phone calls. I have noticed tow things that are kind of annoying. The battery meter icon on the main screen does not display anymore. Also, the Microsoft direct push for my exchange server seems to not work. Any ideas on a fix? Thanks!

  28. Brian

    Hi Chris,

    I have the verizon 6800 and installed everything now i”m stuck at the Verizon start-up screen. It’s just hanging there

  29. Brian

    Hey Damian Biltres,

    I”m stuck on the Verizon logon screen can you assist me please?


  30. Brian

    Is there anyone out here that can fix my issue with Verizon XV6800 being stuck at the Verizon startup screen? This happened after I installed the Verizon update HELP PLEASE. I don’t see any response on how to solve this error.

    Or do i need to go to The verizon store for the fix.

  31. Brian

    My Battery Life is decreasing

  32. Brian

    Hey Chris,

    Boot Loader Mode is that when I press both the camera and power button at the same time i press the soft reset?

  33. Brian

    Because i do that and it resets it self to the same verzion screen.

    How long do I hold all three buttons?

  34. Brian

    Got Chris was pressing the Comm button instead of camera button.

    Thank you

  35. David Hunt

    I have Sprint Mogul and I have followed all the instructions…

    but it seems that the GPS (in Google Maps) searches for satellites and does not find anything? I’ve let the thing search for 30min-1hour and nothing.

    Associated external GPS with Com5
    Location is ON

    any suggestions? — on how to test if GPS is indeed working?

  36. Brian


    I do not see my wireless sync option how do I locate that?

  37. J_Money

    GPS not connecting for you?….
    I was able to finally connect with Chris’s setings by making sure I was in direct line of site with the GPS satellites OUTSIDE. It still took about 2 minutes for it to connect and show GPS location in Live Search. Awesome.
    Com5 AND location setting On.

    Thanks Chris!

  38. Brian

    WOW !!!

    Wireless sync is how I get my email pushed to me and I have over 400 contacts. Do you have any suggestions? SOS

    Also does this Microsoft Direct Push work? Is that used to push email?


  39. Matt

    please help…

    followed all instructions but when phone restarts it gets stuck at the “Alltel” screen.
    I can get it into the bootloader screen (3 colors right?)… but how do I get it to cut on… boot up… become a phone again?

    please please help