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329 responses to “How To: Get an iPhone 3G for $199… Without Contract! (Updated)”

  1. mardon

    Where I can buy iPhone 3g without contract? I mean give the address or website of it.

  2. Gaurav

    How can i purchase Apple Iphone 3g with out contract

  3. vicky

    hello christopher
    My brother is staying is US and i m in India an he is using AT&T service but not iphone 3G
    so how can he get iphone 3G for me without contract ?
    or recommend me best way to get iphone ?
    thanks i will wait for your reply..

  4. David

    Will this still work for the iphone 3g s?

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  6. David

    I atractted to i phone but i did live in indonesia will the packages offered works far me??
    And if it works how should i order..
    Abd how bout the after sales services?

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  8. I want to have an iphone 3g

    How can i get an iphone 3G ? I am living in Vietnam?

  9. Bill Purvis

    I am not sure this is for real but at this site they say no contract required to buy a 3gs 16g for $189.00, I am suspicious

  10. nelson

    Bill i checked out your link and it does seem like there’s something rather fishy about this website, but it says its some kind of auction site. i really dont know tough, i wish they were for real .

  11. Andre

    yeah did somebody ordered from this website…. this would be awsome… cant find anything about them on google or so… that sucks… is this real or fake? what do u guys think?

  12. David Duffrin

    It is OBVIOUSLY fake, I don’t know how you could possibly think this is real… Go ahead and get scammed if you don’t believe me.

  13. Bill Purvis

    This is on the home page, tricky use of words could be the scam.

    At Mobile Buys we only sell new products. We never sell used or referbished.
    In addition, we do not sell contracts for any of the major carriers and ——-therefore do offer / require —-you to sign a contract when purchasing one of our phones.

  14. Be Careful

    Regarding the Mobile Buys link, it seems they order the phones in bulk and then resell them. They do not unlock or do anything to them. So, you basically get a new AT&T-locked iPhone without service.

    The only thing I can think of is that the price of the phones in bulk is low enough that they can sell them at lower prices and still see a profit. Imagine now how much AT&T is gaining from their sales then. 🙂

    All major credit cards have purchase protection plans. If you get scammed and never get the product, then you can always cancel the charge and open a legal case against the vendor.

    Now, the issues I have with the site are:

    1) It is new. The domain was created on 2009-07-08. So, there is no history of people being scammed or not.

    2) The checkout is not secure/encrypted. That’s a no-no for me.

    3) The contact e-mail is, but there is no address registered. Just the city (New York, NY, 60901), and the phone number is fake 555.5551211.

    4) The dedicated server IP address is, which is hosted by Trace Security in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a Registered and Active Website.

    So, make your own conclusions. My general rule is that if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  15. Gautam M

    Hey, i am basicall from india n my grandpa is in san hose, california right now. i told him to get me an iphone, but he says that he is only getting an iphone 3gs with the at&t connection whereas at&t does not provide connection in India. Please tell me a simple way to buy an iphone 3gs so that i can then unlock it here and use it with an indian carrier.

  16. Irtiza

    hellow friends
    i wanna buy a new iphone 3gs 16gb, i can pay 300$ for it
    m from Pakistan
    if any body wants to help me i shall b very thankfull to him or her..
    please contact with me at
    i need it very much
    i hope someone will helps me,

  17. Irtiza

    hellow friends
    i wanna buy a new iphone 3gs 16gb, i can pay 300$ for it
    m from Pakistan
    if any body wants to help me i shall b very thankfull to him or her..
    please contact with me at
    i need it very much
    i hope someone will helps me,

  18. Samuel

    hey hai i want to an iphone 16gig.i can pay 400$ for it from zambia.i will some assistance with shipping it over here your help will be highly appreciated.

  19. Tina

    I really need Iphone 16GB, but I want to buy this phone to use at Cambodia, can I buy it in price 199US?please tell me! thank you!

  20. jim

    sorry guys. this doesn’t work. i used to work at the apple store, and just having the old iphone doesn’t qualify you for the new one. it has to do with your plan’s upgrade history. Also, they don’t tell you this, but if you cancel your plan without returning the iphone, they bill you for the full price of the iphone.

    good try.

  21. George


    I found this site. Can anyone tell me if its a scam?

    Apple iphone 3Gs 16GB


  22. Watcher0805

    To George;
    UK Apple iPhone 3G S for 310gbp = about $530usd before applicable taxes. Doesn’t really seem like much a a deal.

  23. Don

    My son wants an iPhone 3Gs so he can take pictures and video. He does not need a phone. Can I:

    1) buy iPhone 3Gs at AT&T store for $199
    2) return on day 30 and pay the ETF of $175.
    3) Keep the phone without service paying $199+$175+$70 first month contract?

    Will I be able to update the iPhone software if I don have a contract with AT&T?


  24. BIND END

    Is that work?

    Did Att fix that?

  25. daivik

    does we really get an iphone 3G at 99$ without any contract.if not, then what it costs.

  26. Mayank

    Going through all this crap to save 20 bucks 🙂

    Damn… You guys are cheapskates… Imagine someone swindling you out….

  27. nate levi

    this is waaaaay to complicated too much work without guarantee – ton of work for little reward & ton of risk

  28. Cameron Aziz

    Hey everyone I work for apple there is no way that you will be able to get an iphone for 199 or 299 or 399 depending of the model with out being on a contract
    They are selling them at some apple stores now because of the release of 3Gs but at a no contract price which is between 500 and 800 for all the iphones
    There are no ways of getting an iphone for the contract price without just taking the contract, or if you cancel there is a fee, and if you cancel your credit card you will have bad credit score and you will have your service provider after you.
    Any site out there that is offering a deal is a scam
    Just wait for the iPhone 4th gen we are working on it right now it will be amazing

  29. Yeah right

    @Cameron Aziz;

    Yes, let’s all smoke some crack and wait for the 4th Generation iphone to come out.

    We want our phones now you loser! We don’t wanna wait. I will become a street walker if I have to, so I can get my iphone and call my family to tell them about my new job as a hooker.

  30. Cris

    You can get Unlocked iPhones here! Brand new with warranty and everything at least check it out.

  31. joanna

    what if opening a new account charges me too much for the deposit ?

  32. Lahmar

    I want to get an Iphone without contract ,also i don’t have socialsecurety number i am internatinal student here, please let me know if there is anypossiblity to got it

  33. Muna

    Please help me guys, by answering this question.

    I have a Tmobile contract.I want to buy an iPhone 3gs and use it with tmobile. I will buy at AT&T store for $199. Then I want to terminate my contract after one month; also by that time I will unlock the phone etc. I will pay the monthly fee and the ETF ( $199+$175+$70 approx).

    Will I be able to keep the iphone? How much will it hurt my credit score?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Greg

    this is a really stupid article

    either the author is a complete moron or he if fúcking with the morons

    here is shows that you buy the “Tilt” for $100 and sell it on ebay unlocked for $380
    virtually a $280 profit

    why not do that twice and use that money ($560) to buy an iphone for $600? the unlocking software is now free

  35. Greg

    sorry, i meant:
    why not do that twice and use that money ($660) to buy an iphone for $600

  36. Greg

    crap, my math…. lol

  37. Dennis

    Hi, I just want to ask if this method still work (today is November 14 2009). Thanks

  38. Prathima


    I am a US citizen, moved to India 2 years ago, so have no personal residence address there right now. I just broke my iphone today! I got it before I left US so it would’ve been 2 yrs old Feb 2010! How do I replace it with minimum cost? I still do have a checking account and a credit/debit card that I use from US. I bought it fair and square the first time, but really didn’t know about the covers until recently, when it was rattling its bones while vibrating, from being dropped too much. Finally, it croaked today. I have no problem getting it shipped to a friend and getting it here. But can I do that from here or at some point do I have to go into a store myself?

    If so, is Ebay an option ever? Sorry, I’m writing a book..
    Please help!

  39. bob

    **** this how about i buy one with a contract a

  40. jaden

    I thing that is a smart plan because I have pay $350 for my own I am going to give it back to the at&t

  41. Bhavin

    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and i want to buy a iphone. Please let me know what could be the price of iphone 3GS 8gb and 16gb in USA, without a contract.

  42. John

    Not impressed at all. This is just so obvious that everyone probably already thought of. Of course the information changed over time because the at&t tilt is now valued at 350-380 but is ONLY selling on ebay for $160. So this information is irrelevent.

  43. Taylor

    do you have to pay for the upgraded iphone or is that just free ?????

  44. Kanzo

    Don’t buy the iPhone with the plans to terminate the contract and keep the phone. While you will be able to buy the phone for $199, and the early termination fee is $175…AT&T will NOT allow you to cancel the plan without returning the phone unless you wait 2 months. Not only this, but you’ll have to pay for 3 months of service since they charge you at the beginning of the month. Thus, $199 +$175 + $300 (approx 3 months worth of service) = $675 or more. At this point you can easily pay for the phone outright at $550 at Best Buy or $600 at the Apple Store.

  45. Joe

    Turns out I kind of took advantage of this loophole without even knowing it. I bought the first iPhone and was super stoked and happy with it. I thought the iPhone plan was very reasonable – unlimited data, and 200 txt msgs, for $20. When the 3G came out, I obviously was as excited as everyone else, and was even more excited when I learned of the upgrade claus in the original contract. So I went and waited in one of those long lines that were on the news. And it wasn’t until I was signing up for the new 3G that I found out the 3G data plan was $30 a month, and it didn’t include any texts. I decided to go with it since I had skipped class (I was taking a summer semester), and took work off to wait in line all day. So I got my new baby, and loved it. I went home, unlocked my old iPhone, sold it on eBay for around $500, and was stoked that I was in the positive. But, I was still a little miffed, because ATT changed the iPhone plan, to include 0 txts, and cost $10 more a month. As it turns out, my bill ended up being about $30 more a month. With the more expensive data plan, and then having to by texts…. I went from a $70/month bill to about $100/month bill. By just about the second month of having the new iPhone, all the excitement and giddyness had worn off, and I starting thinking that, I didn’t get a sweet hook up having an iPhone and being able to upgrade, at the promotional cost. I would be paying $400 more a year on the new contract, so over the 2 year contract, thats nearly $1000 more then I would have paid just keeping the original iPhone. They have to re-coop the actual cost of both phone somewhere… so minus the $500 that I got for my unlocked iPhone, thats still like $700 ($300 iphone + more expensive service plan) that I would be paying for the 3G. It pissed me off a little, how apple had made this revolutionary device, and ATT and the greedy assholes, are all about just making money. So, I cancelled my plan after 30 days, which back in the summer of 2008, would make it so you didn’t have to return the phone. I paid the $175 cancellation fee, and turned around and unlocked the 3G, and sold it for $700 on eBay. So with the $1200 I made, and the $535 (3G, 2 months of $30 a month more service, cancellation fee) I had to pay, made it so I came out with roughly $665, but if you consider that I paid like $400 for the original iPhone.) I really only netted $265. But, then didn’t have an iPhone. So I got a new plan with Verizon, and have been patiently waiting for apples contract with ATT to be fulfilled, so they can open up to the rest of the market. So I put the $265 I came out with into an iPod Touch, and I basically only ended of having to pay like $50 for it. And now that I realize it, I am rarely in spot where I don’t have wifi, and in the rare occasion that I end up in that situation, I just borrow one of my buddies iPhones 😉

    So if anybody actually just read that… you now know my story of taking advantage of ATT, when I realized that there whole plan all along was to take advantage of us, to make us pay more money for service. So they not only re-coop the hit they take selling the phones from $200-$300, they end up with more money than they would have ever gotten, sticking with just standard practices of letting only new customers get the discounted price. Since the 3GS came out, so soon after the original 3G, they couldn’t let the 3G customers upgrade, with the new customer price, because they counted on the contract period of time, to re-coop, then rake in the money.

    Can’t wait for the iPhone to open up to all markets!

  46. phul

    Iam looking for 3g 16 gb unlocked iphone since last week .I didn’t get any store which contain this.So,am waiting to have good place for me.

  47. The rel

    To everyone saying AT&T pys “peanuts” or the iPhone, it’s simply wrong. Maybe instead of ring a cheap bastard you should try backin up your assumptions with real information. As an AT&T employee (non-corporate) I can tell you that the iPhone costs more than $200 let unit. We lose money on New activations an Upgrades, that’s why the termination fee is $170. It recoups the cost. AT&T doesn’t begin making money off of you for nearly 6 months which is why alot of stores don’t payout comissioms on activations or features
    for 6 months. Just so you all know before shooting your mouths off.

  48. paras

    hey i am living in india n i want to know tht my friend is coming to usa n i wnt to know tht whether he can purchase an iphone for me from there n bring it back to india….and also i wnt to know tht wt will be the price for this i wnt iphone 3gs 16gb….plzzzzzzzzzzz let me know