Image Appears Revealing August Verizon Releases

A (really blurry) picture has surfaced with what seems to be a slide
indicating August’s new device launches for Verizon.

The first device listed is the Motorola ROKR Z6TV, which we href="">covered previously
and is now slated for a late release this month.The phone features VCAST
Mobile TV and is meant to replace the Samsung U620.

The second device is the
Motorola V9m which was first covered href="">here and is slated
for the same release timeframe as the Z6TV, with the phone featuring a 2.0
megapixel camera, external touchscreen with vibration feedback and a full
media player.


The Motorola Q9m is the third device slated for a release in the middle of
the month, and features a revised QWERTY keyboard, and according to the
slide, now features a new multimedia frontend similar to the one used on the
Ampd Q with support for VCAST music.

The Samsung i760 was href="">first covered at the
beginning of the year at CES and features a standard keypad on the front with
a sliding QWERTY keyboard and Windows Mobile 6 Professional..

The last device
pictured is the XV6800 slated for a launch in the middle of this month, and
it will launch with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, but as was the case with
Sprint, it will not launch with EVDO Rev. A out of the box, with Verizon
opting to enable it via a firmware update.

As always these release timeframes are subject to change and we will
report with more news as it becomes available.