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68 responses to “MetroPCS BlackBerry 8530 Delayed By One Week”

  1. timothy watts

    that sucks i tho i was really goin to have it today

  2. Diana Greco

    Why can’t they come up with a launch date and stick with it! Now I have to wait for ever to buy it and maybe if it will be there in one week.

  3. timothy watts

    yea it will im just gone have this old 8330 for another week then

  4. mario ferreira

    I was expecting i would have this new curve by today. So disappointing…. I love my 8330 but the idea of having wi-fi and maybe to use skype on this new curve really got me going. I hope Metropcs will be professional and release this blackberry by next week. Besides the wi-fi capability does anyone know another big advantage when compared to curve 8330? Thank you folks!

  5. timothy watts

    I hope u can watch youtube this time but yea its a lot of changes u can really go out of town with it but I will have mine by wensday this week my boy is a authorzed dealer 😀

  6. mario ferreira

    you’re getting yours by Wednesday??? I hate you LOL

  7. timothy watts

    Lol it happends

  8. funsize

    i was wondering who knows how much its gunna be?

  9. timothy watts

    279.99 but it may be 249.99 cuz they had it at 299.99

  10. boss123

    does anyone know where i can find a review video for the phone, im just wondering how its gonna look and work and a review video would help much!?

  11. timothy watts

    Well it should be fully working with metropcs the old one had limit to what it could do due to beta testin that’s y The 8330 didn’t work in all states and use the full gps this blackberry will work 100% with metro

  12. katie

    timothy, what do you mean your boys an ‘authorized dealer?’ aren’t all the metro pcs stores considered ‘authorized dealers?’

  13. timothy watts

    yes they are which mean my boy works there and the phones come in on wensday so i dont have to wait on the 26th of this month to get this phone 😀

  14. Raena

    is 8530 coming NYC?

  15. timothy watts

    yes it is

  16. Raena

    Yayay!! thanx soo much =)

  17. Ruckus

    Raena I JUST came from the Metro PCS strore and the guy told me that it would be coming out on friday

  18. boss123

    so when is the official launch date for this? I’m hereing all these dates on when but when does it officially launch?

  19. Raena

    @ Ruckus thanx alot im going friday then

  20. Raena

    how much is it going to be

  21. David

    will you be able to watch youtube? get apps and all the good stuf flike u do as if you were with tmobile?

  22. Diana Greco

    I spoke to one authorized dealer and she said you will be able to watch youtube and dowload apps but I don’t know how it will be compared to Tmo. I have been to (4) Metro PCs stores including a corporate store and they say the BB 8530 will be there MAYBE friday most say the week end others say they don’t know. I can’t wait to upgrade from the Samsung Messager sch r450 already to BB 🙂

  23. raena

    How much is the blackberry gonna cost?

  24. timothy watts

    279.99 the set price

  25. raena

    Kai not that bad

  26. AshCash

    is this metroPCS blackberry going to have BBM & all those features ?

  27. WantItAlready

    I put a $50 deposit on the metro Blackberry 8530 and was initially told it would be in on July 19, 2010. Well folks, it’s now July 21 and now I’m being told this coming Friday. But reading this post I won’t be surprised if Friday turns into next Monday. Even paying that HUGE upfront cost for the phone it will still save me piles of money over the course of a year. I currently have Blackberry Curve 8330 and to answer someone’s question, a big difference is the dumb track ball we have now that always has problems. No more trackball on the 8530.

  28. katie

    i went into the store and asked when it would be coming and the guy said the 27th or the 28th…i was already on his phone list for when they came in…he called me the next day and said he’d have them today (thursday) going to pick mine up at noon. 🙂 woop woop

  29. timothy watts

    Hey u not the only one 😀

  30. mario ferreira

    I just got out of the corporate store here in Orlando and the representative said they supposed to receive 20 of the new curve but they only got 5 instead. So the new phone is being sold only for those who open a new account with Metro.This really sucks! They said I should wait maybe until Monday but that will also be possible only if they receive a large amount of the phones. I’m disappointed with Metro since I see no planning and no organization on this matter so far.

  31. timothy watts

    I just got the phone still can’t watch youtube but gps works great and has metronav and way faster then the 8330 this is the best metro out today

  32. Diana Greco

    You got your BB already in what state do you live in? Has anybody in the dallas area gotten the BB? please let me know
    Exept for the corporate store all the other stores tell me that they will recieve the phones Saturday,Sunday or next week some day. Thanks Guys and Gals 🙂

  33. Raena

    @ timothy do you live in NYC

  34. timothy watts

    In detroit city

  35. boss123

    Timothy I’m in detroit but actually in warren, where did u go to get urs cause I’m looking to get mine asap bro, please help me out, wat mile and city and road?

  36. timothy watts

    Hi boss123 I’m in highland park mi and they only send 3 to every store in michigan but the only reason I got mine early cuz my boy works there

  37. boss123

    Timothy, I don’t mean to get in ur business but is there any way I can get ur number so we can txt maybe and I would luc for u to send me a pic of it cause I’ve been dieing to just see a pic of it lol please man!?

  38. timothy watts

    U have facebook

  39. timothy watts

    Just send me yo email and I show u there

  40. boss123

    Yes I do, what’s ur name so I can search or add u?

  41. timothy watts

    Virgil watts

  42. timothy watts

    Wats yours just in case u can’t find me

  43. boss123

    Alright and my email is

  44. boss123

    Alright and ill add u in within an hour

  45. Raena

    thanx sooo much guys im going first thing in the morning to get it thanx soo much

  46. Bombom

    Does anyone know when tthe phone is coming to South Florida??

  47. Simise

    I’m in NYC and I just got it. It’s awesome, except the fact that I can’t watch youtube

  48. timothy watts

    Youtube will work really soon there still worlin on putin up new towers for there 3G/4G network

  49. mario ferreira

    Well I’m watching an youtube video right on my new 8530 \o/ now. I’m using my wi-fi home network though.

  50. WantItAlready

    NYC area and got my on Fri., July 24th. I’m with you Mario, youtube seems to come in just fine. The phone is great and the monthly bills are even better.