258 responses to “Nationwide T-Mobile Sidekick Data Outage”

  1. bill

    He’s not that dumb, Sprint may go bankrupt soon, but their data services are the best. I don’t think this outage would’ve been so bad if it happened on the weekdays, but the weekends is when I use aim, do banking on the go, and check facebook.

    P.S. Plus Sprint is getting a REALLY nice phone this month. HTC Hero. My contract with Tmobile also ends this month. I’ll be deciding against the HTC Hero vs. Mytouch soon…

  2. chuck

    jared you’ve lost it. Sprint is great. Service is great, data never goes out unless you don’t pay your bill of course. Verizon is expensive. Sprint is the best I’ve ever had. Which is why I still have it.

  3. Observer

    grant you are an idiot. this is not a tmobile issue. its a danger issue that distributed data service via tmobile. thats why its only sidekicks data are down and not other real smartphones. dont blame tmobile, blame danger because its their servers thats messed up

  4. Gay but still uses gay...

    Who uses a Sidekick for serious work? Oh wait, being a celebrity gossip douche isn’t serious work. @perezhilton needs a BB.

    And sprint is not a terrible company, just not the smartest. They alienated their core group of users too many times and they moved else where. Verizon is too damn expensive, at&t is right up there and t-mo needs to just get bought up or sold off…

  5. more_annoyed

    @world.. seriously, we all should just get verizon and stfu.

  6. jared

    yeah sorry I take that back.

  7. unknown

    i have t mobile..glad i dont have that *** *** sidekick lol samsung i8910 is da best

  8. Sprint Tech

    I think most people who hate Sprint are going off the reputation that Sprint has had in the past. I won’t say Sprint the best company out there, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Sprint has coverage very similar to Verizon and a better selection of phones at the moment. And you’ll save a ton of money with them. Customer service has vastly improved from a few years ago.

  9. Jim Pivonka

    I’ve used Sprint for phone service since the UST-Sprint merger when I still lived in Virginia and California, and have preferred it to other providers.

    When wireless came along I learned Sprint would be partnering with local providers in Kansas, my primary residence, so went with Sprint PCS. I’ve had good, and continually improving coverage in both rural Kansas and Northern California, as well as on the I70, I-80, and I-40 routes I use on my frequent drives back and forth between them.

    I recently added data service, from a cottage at the very Eastern tip of Long Island, at the Greenport edge of Southold at the edge of the Sound. Service there was weak, and intermittent, requiring me to drive a few hundred yards into Greenport area to get strong signal. However when I drove back to Western Kansas I had excellent data service from Riverhead to my home in the Hays KS area, and it has been solid since – tonight is the first time I’ve used my primary broadband provider here at home.

    My service experience was excellent; the weak signal at the point of original installation of the software and hardware caused difficulties that would not have had if I’d moved to a better location, and required special assistance to get things synced up. This stuff is all Model T level, in terms of reliability and ease of use. It will be a long time before we get 21st century Honda engineering and quality out of the computer and communications industry. But Sprint is best of breed in the current context, in my book.

  10. you jackasses

    You all are a bunch of idots because you all are arguing for stupid things.

  11. Jim Pivonka

    you, while Jackasses may bray, maggots just feed on their excrement.

  12. pinky

    Why are you guys figting over something COMPLETELY off topic . Imean if you want to argue about sexual preferance or how much one person is an idiot, echange numbers . Damn . Last I checked this was about how tomobile ****** up . Speaking of which I’m so glad I switched from a sk to a g1 . My service is pretty damn good right now .

  13. damnit

    well i’m glad I figure this **** out after I pull my battery trying to restore damn service. Now I have zero contacts and **** until it comes back up and downloads my crap again. ****.

  14. Old Fart

    F 54 love my Sidekick but frustrated with T Mobile service. Maybe an iPhone next. Any comments? Bring ’em on. Thank you.

  15. bigg tiity ho'

    why da hell are u guys suffering with ****** service.. o i kno cause the plans are the cheapest from any company…. get verizon yea i kno its more expensive… i had verizon for da past 5 years and let me see when has da network ever gone down let me count 2 times in da past 5 years.. my sister has t-mobile and her service always messes up like 3 times a month. i only had have this happen 2 times in da past 5 years!!!! im not gunna say it has never happen it has only 2 times…!!! u get for wat u pay for. u pay cheap u get crappy service.. u pay a lil more u get good service…

  16. Adrianna

    I had Tmobile for 1 year and 8 months and I totally HATE T-MOBILE!!! It’s suck service. i couldnt wait until my 2 years contract over, i will switch to other company! i couldnt wait! therefore this t-mobile should shut down!

  17. Christopher Price

    Folks, we apologize. Citing Perez Hilton wasn’t exactly the brightest journalistic move we’ve ever made.

    But flaming and harassment on any level is not tolerated. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a good two dozen comments to filter through.



  19. Michael King


  20. Janae

    I’ve had t-mobile (and various sidekicks) for years…

    They’ve always had great customer service (always in English, 24/7) and tech support as well…

    This is the first time I can recall that there’s been an outage this great with the Sidekick/Danger Servers…

    On the other hand, I stupidly pulled my battery as well, to reset…and now I have no contacts and (more importantly) no calendar!

    I am ashamed that most of this information is 100% stored on Danger’s servers.

    And I’ve yet to be able to access my information through their online User Interface, presumably because it’s getting overloaded with people trying to access their information.


  21. Anthony Huong

    i dont know why you all are complaining. things happen, just suck it up and let them do their job. not like any of you NEVER made mistakes or bad judgments before. get off their case for an emergency that happened. i have been with T-Mobile for as long as i can remember and nothing was bad for me. you guys can get credit and whatnot from them after they are done fixing something that was catastrophic so just get your free things and switch to another service later or just stick to the people you’ve been with that provided great service since back in the day. 1 weekend has been ruined for us, but millions will be ruined for them. they’re probably working as hard as they can to get us our service back and we cant do things without our internet on our phones for a couple of days? give me and them a break and suck it up. thanks for the hard work in getting back our internet, T-Mobile, Danger, and Microsoft!

  22. Janae

    Dude, do you think they actually read this site?

    I swear I have you in my Facebook…that’s weird.

  23. Christopher Price

    Janae, all national carriers, most handset manufacturers, and quite a few regional carriers read PhoneNews.com on a daily basis.

    I don’t need the intranet log traffic to prove that, I simply have to check my inbox each day with the numerous requests for us to correct/tweak/bend our coverage to make the picture more… rosy.

  24. toni

    i want a dollar off my bill for every f****n hour my service has been out.
    its been almost 48 hours. i dont pay my bill for nothing.

  25. DJ

    Alright, alright.
    Let’s get real here.
    Those of you asking for free ringtones and minutes…it’s an internet outage…it’s not affecting your calling minutes…and ringtones are somethings that are purely bought out of spoil and volition, so giving ringtones for free isn’t really going to help anyone here.
    @toni: a dollar for every hour? We’d run T-Mobile into the ground, bankrupt beyond belief! And, assuming you are on a Sidekick plan like some of us here, you probably aren’t actually paying that much, you’re probably paying something like, what…70/30/24…8 to 9 cents an hour?

    So, let’s stop with the bullshit demands here, and let’s get real.
    T-Mobile hasn’t screwed us over. Danger has. Got a problem? Other phones exist for a reason; buy one and get over yourself. Otherwise, stick around until the three parties involved work this out (all internet capabilities, etc. should be 100% with every Sidekick user within 36-48 hours at the latest, probably) and nobody gets hurt 🙂 goodnight!

  26. ann

    Those of you complaining that have very poor grammar and spelling should spend more time off their phones and learning to spell and speak correctly!

    I have had T-Mobile for years and the service has been great most of the time. I don’t care which carrier you have, they are all vulnerable to having technical issues at one time or another. ALL OF THEM! Get over it! T-Mobile is willing to give a refund of one month for the data service. That is fair compensation.

  27. Halliee

    Well By the end of this month I will be changing to sprint. because sprint will never let you loose service like that. I will also tell all my friends to change too. all of my friends have a siekick. and we decidef to change to sprint.

  28. nicky

    atleast i can stiill txt….

  29. Sidekick morons

    I work for T-Mobile, and this string of comments shows why we all hate Sidekick users, lol GIMME FREE RINGTONES lol. Idiots.

  30. Mandy

    I was freaking out, I thought it was broken haha.
    well at least I know, and thank god they’re trying to fix it 🙂

  31. Steven

    I’m not complaining because texting and browsing works besides e-mail and IMs. I’ll just ride out the outage because I love my sidekick and have had it for a pretty long time! =D

  32. billy

    hey does anyone know the updates on teh service for tmobile being down ? cuz i havent had service for almost 3 days

  33. Mandy

    Yeah I still have texting and everything too.
    Just no Web Browsing or IMing :[

  34. coolc

    Man lol sidekick is beast to have an outage like this

  35. Janae

    I definitely sympathize with the t-mobile employee. I used to work for AT&T and as a Sidekick user for years, I’m well-aware of the company I keep with the majority of SK users.

    While there are many Sidekick users who are… well, let’s just say they enjoy using a different form of the english language… there are also many sidekick users who are deaf and use perfect english and then a few of us who just happen to enjoy the sidekick for it’s functionality and don’t get into the “personalization” of the shell bit…

    Anywho…please try not to lump us all together. We’re not all ignorant asses.

    Good to know people in the business come here. Not often do you find a forum with semi-direct connection to people who can actually help or offer insight.

  36. Myk

    To all whom were affected:

    Please go to your closest T-Mobile store and let them know you were affected. If they don’t already know what to do, Have them look in their email. They will have received an update on the issue as well as a little note to credit your account for $29.

  37. Mia Cortez

    I just have one question, are we going to have to pay for the services that we did (COULD) not use ?

  38. Maggie

    I had Sprint and didn’t get service in my own house. So I switched to TMobile, have had it for over 2 years and have never been happier. Even though my Sidekick data service went out, it has been the only problem I’ve had with TMobile thus far.

  39. Janae

    Mia, yes… I’ve read many posts from people in:


    They’re all getting credits of some sort.

    I’m waiting till the service is back on to call and get a credit for time lost.

    If only I could access the online interface and see what my coming week’s schedule had on it… I can only remember half of it.


  40. Dex

    I get the feeling Microsoft is responsible for all of this…

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  42. Christopher Price

    Dex, Danger is owned by Microsoft. They’ve admitted their server went down. It could have been a system upgrade, or it could be a system failure. Either way, yes, the buck does stop at Microsoft here.

    I think really the “big deal” here is the Sidekick’s total dependence on an external server. I can understand push functions requiring a special server, but the device should maintain a copy of contacts/calendar data that survives a power loss.

  43. Kayla Rodriguez

    what about prepaid users?
    they are still taking my $1 a day.
    im paying for no service.
    im definately going to switch because
    my service is always in and out.
    maybe its because i have prepaid?!?

    but im gonna go with merto pcs :]

  44. T0RRiyA Keller

    i just want my G to pop back up so I can have my service fully restored… I’ve had a sk since the sk;3 sk;slide sk;lx sk;08 now currently I have the sk;09 love it just as much as I loved the last four… not switching to any other network service because t`mobile is simply the best soon as they repair the techinal support they are gonna credit all the sk user’s… don’t lose faith in tmobile because they let us down for 3 days… no matter what you choose your phone company if your gonna switch go ahead… we all know you`ll be BACK!!

  45. T·Mo rep

    T-Mobile does NOT have to do with it. It is Danger, which is supported by Microsoft, the one that is not working. So, if there is somebody to blame, that should be Microsoft and not T-Mobile. In fact, T-Mobile is offering credits up to a hole month of data services for the inconvenience.

  46. Christopher Price

    Kayla, at the very least you are entitled to a credit of $1 for each day you are without Sidekick data service. I would call T-Mobile Customer Service once service is restored with a tally of the days without service.

    You may want to call now as well, and see if prepaid is getting $30 service credits, similar to what postpay is getting.

  47. Ro

    No fuck this fuked up t mobile sidekick microsoft bullshiit there a team so there all to blame.and i want my fuckin money back for every muthafukin day a service as a prepaid user.3days so i want my fuckin 3 dollars or sombody from t mobile gunna die

  48. Ro

    Im deaf serious to

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