258 responses to “Nationwide T-Mobile Sidekick Data Outage”

  1. james

    I say we all march in to a T-Mobile dealer and just start smashing our sidekicks in front of them and demand that they get us all an iphone 3gs with at&t.

  2. Cora

    So service was down for the weekend. No contacts lost here. I have had very few problems with TMobile. Fairly consistant service.
    What stuns me is seeing here the many comments from individuals showing themselves uncouth and foul-mouthed. I have stopped reading.
    If you have a complaint/assessment… explain yourself clearly and remember manners. You will create a thought-provoking comment that is WORTH reading.
    Thank you

  3. JoeBoy

    My Internet works, but not email or alerts.
    They best fix this shnizz

  4. bryanhatestmobilenow!

    I am actually glad dah browser atleast wrks but I fxxkin hate dah im am in skool from 8 to 3 nd without nutin!!! I am so bored Plzzz tmobile fix dis!!! Btw i mite switch to sprint the new 4G :). Is it gud?

  5. izzy

    hey tmobile i need all my **** back i have meetings and appt. coming up and i dont even have them on my calender; sadly i dont have the PHONE NUMBERS EITHER!!! c’mon tmobile do something quick!!!

  6. jane

    People need to calm down. They are doing as much as they can and have been working around the clock. Just because your service has been out for a couple days doesn’t mean you need to threaten and all that. Its ridiculous how people act now a days about phones. Maybe you should back up your contacts, as well as, write them down. Tons of people are freaking out over not being able to check there facebooks? It’s called a computer. If you call and talk to someone, it seems like they are crediting you for the data service. So calm down.

  7. Doug

    The dumb asses at Danger should be obligated to GIVE all of US who have had to suffer this extreme inconvinence credits, plus+++.
    This is ridiculous. I have numbers I dont know by heart. had I had an emergency, I could not have reached valuable support I would have needed.
    ALL my many, many notes seem to have been LOST, and are IRREPLACEABLE.
    They say NOW on the message on tmobile’s 611, “dont take out the battery”, well before the U.S. knew about your little problem keeping your business professional, nobody knew what was wrong or what to do!!!! You stupid jerks! Tmobile OWES us relinquished contracts, because this is so flagrant and unprofessional, it reeks.
    I was late to work because your stupid servers ERASED all my alarms Tmobile/Danger. Now, you’re messing with my personal life and affecting me in a bad way. This is NOT RIGHT!!!!
    and my phone is still not working…4 days later!

  8. T-Mobile Sidekick Users Kicked Off Data Services | Mobility News

    […] The trending topic #tmobilesucks stayed high up on Twitter well into Monday as many T-Mobile users reported via the service that their data services were still down. T-Mobile has been issuing bill credits ranging from $35 to three months of free data to customers who have called customer service to complain, according to Phone News. […]

  9. Debyjay

    I sure hope i get my address book back!

  10. brothamad

    Has anybody got their contacts, pictures or emails back.

  11. Lauren

    Anyone know how to sign in? I’ve been given the option and they texted me my user and password, but it’s not working. I entered it and it’s said “Signing in.” for an hour. I walked away and made dinner, then ate it, and came back. Still “signing in.” This happening for anyone else? Am I doing something wrong?

  12. Robin

    I have a Side Kick 2008 that has given me issues from day 1; last week I was losing service and dropping calls. TMobile said they would send a new one the next day I lost all the contacts in my phone and had no email or IM service. THe new phone arrived today and because the outage the new phone will not work. I am a home care nurse and my cell phone is required. I have been a TMobile customer for years and in the pass had Side Kick 1, Side Kick 2 and Side Kick 3 all worked great. The Side Kick 2008 worse then useless.

  13. lecifbaby

    I swear I think someone trip’d over the wire connect’n service to all T-Mobile users…8)

  14. debyjay

    Has anyone gotten their contacts back please?

  15. Tmo #1

    Everyone who is complaining doesn’t see the night and day work that is going into this issue for all of you sidekick users. They are working 24/7 to ensure you guys are getting ur service as fast as possible. Do you think, that in the economic time we are all in that Tmobile or Danger/Microsoft is doing this on purpose? Do you think everyone in this company is just sitting on their butts twiddling their thumbs with not a care in the world for their customers? Tmobile treats their customers with the utmost respect and its killing themn to see their customers going through this. Who else would crdit a FULL month of service for a few days of data loss?! Not sprint or verizon! And thos that said that they wait 20-30 min every time they call cust service (prior to friday) are LIARs! They met their goal of getting a customer to a Rep for the past 9 months. (Answering 80% of calls within 40 seconds so don’t be saying that it takes forever to speak to an agent because that’s what Tmobile prides themselves on as well as their cust service.

  16. Tmo #1

    All of you that keep saying that Tmobile will lose a customer if they don’t get their services or credit are all a bunch of idiots. If you do leave tmobile, good riddance! I’m sure that’s sprint and verizon will willingly take you and treat u the way u should be treated. (Like CRAP). Why do you think Tmobile has won the JD powers award for their customer service 8 times out of the past 9 times its been announced? Because tmobile cust servi IS the best. Those that leave the company, is their loss and will soon regret it. There is such passion in the company to treat their customers right. How DARE you guys criticize a company who’s sole value in the company is to make the CUSTOMER happy! Tmobile is doing their best with danger/microsoft and all you guys can do is cry for money. It really is a wake up call in this world when people take advantage of a situation like this to take money from a company that prides themselves on offering respect for their customers. It really is a shame.

  17. Janae

    I have the G, but no contacts or calendar info… I’m really nervous now, since the automated message from calling T-mobile says “don’t pull your battery or you may lose information.”

    When you buy a new sidekick, all that info carries over. So why not now???

  18. brothamad

    Are the contacts pictures and emails lost forever if so these cocksuckers really dropped the ball and screwed alotta people over hopefully this is not the case but it looks I’ve lost a lot of memories and important data due to horrible service I’m just glad this is a secondary phone

  19. jill

    My contacts still not up. Do I only get them if they were stored on the sim card? Or what? Im super nervous. Can any1 help me out?

  20. Lauren

    Still can’t connect to the network. I finally got to enter the user and pass, but it says it’s wrong now. I entered it exactly how they sent it to me in the text, and have done that 3 times. Still says it’s wrong, and now I can’t even use my browser because it says I need to sign on .. but I CAN’T. ._. Hope this gets fixed.

    I tried to call T-Mobile about the “incorrect” user and pass, but I can’t get through to them. It just disconnects me or an automated message tells me they can’t complete my call. Oh well. *shrugs*

  21. betty

    I am having problems signing in; the password they sent me was the last 4 digits of my imsi and it said that it was invalid & i went to my-tmobile.com & got the password sent to me & tried that & that didnt work either. Is anyone else having the same problem.. or knows how to fix it?

  22. Janae

    ****quote from T-Mobile Forum Mod***

    What I do know at this point is that Danger is working as fast as they can to get things restored for everyone. Your data should come back. I haven’t heard any reports of data loss on Danger’s end.

    Community Manager, T-Mobile Forums & Twitter

    ****Found here: http://forums.t-mobile.com/tmbl/board/message?board.id=Sidekick2&message.id=6867#M6867

  23. Juicy Babii

    Personally im extremly happy because my sidekick is now working. However im very upset with the fact that even though I have my g7 back all my contacts are gone. I had 502 contacts and now im completly assed out. Everytime someone sends me a text or calls me I have to say “who’s this”. Its annoying!

  24. Lauren

    Yes, betty, I’m having the same problem. It’s frustrating wondering if I’ll have the network back once that password works …

  25. romeo

    I noticed.. when I turn my sidekick off then turn it back on, the time isn’t correct. I tried it a few times already and it still keeps messing up the time.

    Well, I was on a road trip on a friday night when I found out I didn’t have internet access. I got lost from a 8 hour drive so I had to stop at a gas station. I then tried to go mapquest.com on my phone but no luck so I went up and ask directions from an old man that works there. Unfortunately, I did not understand a word the old man was telling me and there was no else there. So now I figured to make phone calls but my contacts are gone and I can’t even remember my parent’s phone number by heart. So I called 911 just for a friggin direction.

    I was already pissed off when my internet connection wasn’t working and I needed it the most. Got more pissed off by finding out the issues and reading all this angry comments.

    I’m done with T-Mobile. I know its a “Danger” (data provider) fault but this is just too much man.

  26. crista

    I still don’t have my contacts, calendar, or Fav 5….I have heard alot of people do not have calendars and contacts, but does anyone else not have their Favs too? And does anyone know if they will be restored, or are they just gone? THanks in advance

  27. BRANDI

    even better is that when data came back online for me last night, social networks were left wide open, every log in attempt to myspace or fb that i made took me into someone elses acct! a billion log in attempts only took me into a billion other ppls pages and them into mine appearantly, cause they changed everything in my acct, including my bday making me 16 again lol!! of course tmobile did nothing for me, and myspace didnt either… im beginning to wonder about the actual security on this wonderful Danger Network…

  28. Jill R

    I finally have spotty service. I was not sent a text message with a new password for the sign in screen and when I used my “My T-Mobile” password it stated it was invalid. So I went and used the “Live Chat” option and my password was reset and that finally worked.
    I called on Friday to see what the problem was and got 300 free minutes (100 on each line) and then when I was using the “Live Chat” option I was given a credit for $24.99 for my trouble. Thankfully I have the saved transcript from the chat to verify that these will be things they do give me. We’ll see what happens now! My 3G pops up off and on since being able to sign in. I’m not a teen, tween, or gay…I just like the phone. 🙂

  29. jc

    I’ve only been a t-mobile customer for 1 month now, and fuck me, I happened to have gotten the sidekick….this is one nightmare that I regret, all because I wanted to be cheap and teach Verizon a lesson after 100 years of excellent service…now look who is paying…

    Anyway, has t-mobile breached our 2 year contract with this outage??? they surely haven’t held up their end of the contract….

    I’m such a poopy head…

  30. Yari x3

    I live in NYC and I have the sidekick 08 still no service though -_- it keeps telling me to sign in over and over again and it hasn’t signed in once. t mobile needs to get on their job deadass. I’ve been without service since Friday morning. that ruined my weekend smh
    I’ll be calling them today if i don’t get my service back by later today.
    but if anyone lives in the bronx brooklyn manhattan etc and actually has their service back let me knowwwwww =D

  31. Jason

    Yeah this entire topic has gone down hill and far away from this planet. Great that T-Mobile has provided service for a much lower cost. If your a sidekick owner enough said today will mark 6 days without data service and yeah trying to trouble shoot the problem by removing your battery makes it worse. Best thing is to call 611 aka customer care make sure your getting credited back your money to your account. I have a SK LX 09 10/01/09-10/06/09 no contacts other than my old back up from my sim card yeah good bye caller id, data still going in /out, no email, address book no details to your contacts and no GPS aka BING. Tells you anything that the merge between Microsoft and Danger is still in rough waters. If your a sidekick fan be sure to get your money back for this month and you’ll be waiting for a while until you can see full service.

  32. taylormade

    mann im stationed out here in albuquerque nm, and my sidekick slide still hasnt restored my contacts or none of my pics at that, the g will pop up and i can get online and browse and go on my tmobile from my phone too, even sign into messenger… but no email or contacts or pics, wassup???

  33. Sharpie

    Well if it makes you guys feel better, i did a major hard reset on my phone. meaning i help 1,0, @, and shift. reset the phone and held R until i got the dead sidekick icon. then it restarted again and my phone has been “waiting for activation” for 2 days not, i cant even make phone calls unless it 911 or customer care. They need to fix this ASAP im without a phone completley…

  34. TheRirry

    I live in LA and I havent had the SK service since Friday. Im patiently waiting… I need to see how many days this lasts before so i can gauge how much of a refund we deserve.

  35. J Boogie

    Hey I live in Illinois, I had no idea that if you took the battery out and did a hard reset that I may have lost my contacts! I did all that on…. friday I’m guessing when this s*it all started, is all my crap gone for good or what? Anyone in Illinois have full service back or contacts? If all my s*its gone imma flip, no lie! Can anyone gimme some insight, thanks!

  36. TheRirry

    its back!! just checked my phone. yay

  37. Sharpie

    I baught the myTouch, cant wait till i et it in the mail so i can ditch the sidekick, this is the 4th one ive had cause they all hae problems. if the problem isnt with the phone itself its with the service “this is prime example”. Lets kick the phone to the side and demand a refund.

  38. Sharpie

    TheRirry, you lier! lol

  39. ToGorNotToG

    @J Boogie. If you did a hard reset I’m afraid your contacts are lost. To anybody that has a Sidekick I would strongly advise to not do a hard reset. All will be lost. Don’t call and ask T-mobile customer service reps because Danger/T-mobile forgot to inform them to not tell customers to do this. I would say don’t look for full service to be restored until Thursday or Friday. While yes things seem like they are back to normal I’m quite sure there is still recovery behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Anything mixed with Microsoft you know the story.

  40. rid

    this fucking sucks.. I bought my 08 sidekick in january with a 2 year contract.. I seriously want to get out of it now. my sisters been with tmobile for like over 5 years and I’m on her plan. is there a way I can get off my contract without paying like amillion dollars?

  41. Jason

    @ J Boogie

    Hey man I’m from Indianapolis yeah they said removing your battery or doing so and doing a restart you may loose your contacts. If you did a contact sync with the website under your account you can ask customer service to sync it back to your SK. Only one big catch ……. NO DATA SERVICE YET lol almost one week and counting good luck. Also check your sim card go to your address book and hit the menu button then select import from sim card hopefully that gets you at least something. Make sure they get you your money man also take a look at those touch or something else because we might be with no data for a while the way this looks.

  42. james

    Fuck this shit. Its crazy how this shit is lasting so long.

  43. Lauren

    I had perfect service for 30 minutes, and thought I could reset so my Fav 5 and phonebook would return.

    My mistake, I haven’t had service since.

    Just hoping everything gets resolved … I can’t afford a different phone right now.

  44. TheRirry

    I jumped the gun… my net services work.. but i have NO contacts. I would rather lose everything else.. than lose my contacts.

    Has anyones contacts been restored yet? good god.. i might cry.

  45. R. Domus

    I USE TO WORK FOR TMOBILE AND I WAS PATIENTLY WAITING….Ok…. Ummm…. I HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH MY PHONE… then all of a sudden I recieve a text message from tmobile to insert my USERNAME n PASSWORD.

    so I turned my phone off



    this is BAD REAL BAD michael Jackson

  46. Dithh

    what does it mean “T-Mobile will automatically credit one month of data service to customers who subscribe to T-Mobile Sidekick data plans.” ?

  47. Ryan

    wow fuck i accidentaly pulled out my battery becuz it was being wack last week. and now i realize i coulda lost it. fuck!
    i got internet but still nothing else

  48. Tom

    From what I see above I know I can say BULLSHIT! to the T-Mobile “company line” at the top of this page. Pure utter BULLSHIT! It’s DAYS later and we’re “stumbling blind” (or in my literal case “Stumbling deaf”) waiting for what. WHAT patience!? Ass kissing is in order here. I offer mine up to the corporate honchos who left a BIG hole in the safety of their systems and the abiality to recover. Heads should ROLL at Danger/Microsoft and T-Mobile. This is inexcusable!

  49. shannon

    Where do you put in this username and password??? I got the text but do not know where to put it???? HELP!!! I miss my contacts and calendar!

  50. therirry

    My faves has restored but i have no contacts. im about to weep. Please, tell me they are going to come back with time.. please!