258 responses to “Nationwide T-Mobile Sidekick Data Outage”

  1. Katherine

    Shannon, I have the same problem…I got that text and I have no idea what to do with it. O_o I want my shit back, and I want it back now…I’m missing EVERYTHING!!! D: Does anyone know an about time of when I’m at least going to get my 500+ contacts back??? I had them saved elsewhere…until my computer crashed. I NEED those….anyone know? Please! I want it all back!

  2. jamie

    call t-mobile… they can talk you through how to use your user name and password if on the setting menu you don’t have a sign on option (like myself)… yes it is annoying and inconvenient but t-mobile is being most helpful and if you ask you will most definitely receive money off your next and/or future month’s bill (like myself) there is a good reason that i use tmobile and LOVE LOVE LOVE my sidekick… one stinking weekend without internet is certainly not enough to throw all the past years away… specially since they are being so accommodating

  3. J Boogie

    God help me if I don’t get my f*ckin contacts back!!! I need those because I don’t have them saved anywhere else…. I never thought in a million years this shit would happen! Its now oct. 7th what the hell!!??

  4. jason

    i got my contacts back just now so there is hope people

  5. josh

    Still no contacts, wtf?

  6. brothamad

    I just got my emails tryna load … hopefully contacts and pics are next… I’m glad this is not my primary phone I love the sidekick but tmobile service sucks lizard balls on da real

  7. man

    I just want my bookmarks back.

  8. Anthony

    I just got my myfavs & tmail back, I still dont have access to the download catalog. I’m on the monthly contract and I’m getting a $20 credit. My step-daughters on the other hand, because they have pre-paid sidekicks, will only be getting $5 credit added to their accounts.

  9. JoeBoy

    MyFaves just came back last night.
    I never took out the battery so I have all my contacts, notes, bookmarks.
    It vibrates now and lets me know when I have a message
    But tmail doesn’t work. How do I sign in?

  10. jc

    wow, so I just stopped receiving text messages about 1pm yesterday, after I got tmobiles email about my username and password… now I got people calling bitching saying I’m ignoring their text….thanks t-mobile, for your excellent service!!!

    This is some bullshit…looks like I should went with the i-phone and att…

  11. jc

    way to bend me over and stick it to me…

  12. SwaY

    s00o0o my shits been fucked up since friday. i never lost my pictures. but my email, im, alerts, web browsing, and contacts are gone. my im, alerts, and web browsing are back. email is kind of back, but all it does it say receiving message. will i get my contacts back? what is a hard reset?

  13. SwaY

    i did take out the battery and sim, if i dont get my contacts back im gonna be pissed. i was supposed to get laid this weekend and didnt bc of fuckin tmobile. all i want is my contacts back. i really dont care about anything else

  14. Nick

    Ive been getin free data package from tmobile for about 2 months now. For some reason When i added the package to my account. I never got charged for it. So im wondering when the data pakage is back up. Will i continue to get free web. I hope so. I got the text message yesterday with my email and password for tmail. But nothing works still. Man I hate Microsoft/Danger. They completly fucked up my free web service. I’m also wondering if me getin free data package is why its down and maybe other people where getin free web service.

    Was Anybody else get in free data package?

  15. pissed

    well good thing they are just telling us not to remove the battery cuz thats what some fuck from the store told me to do before everything was figured out. no address book


    yeah thanks for telling us NOT to take out the battery on day 5….. thats what prolly 79 % of all sidekick users did or do when there is a problem like this….. NOW EVERYTHING IS GONE

    Oh I got 3 contacts back and 3 notes BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  17. SwaY

    so i got off the phone with a tmobile rep, (who of course didnt speak english) and he said that even if the battery dies/and or is taken out, contacts should still come back. but i wouldnt trust him.

  18. tigrress

    The FAQ from T-Mobile’s forum is pretty useful.

    They’re saying that all the lost info should come back, Danger didn’t lose any data, so that’s reassuring.

    See here:

    Also, I got my emails back, but the Yahoo ones are in my main Tmail folder, so it’s pretty messy, but it’s something.

    Still waiting for contacts, notes, to-do, calendar, etc…

  19. Janae

    Still waiting for my contacts, calendar, etc in N. Cali…

    Glad this place has calmed down a bit though, must be a lot of people happy again…

  20. Nick

    Do people have there Web browser back yet?

  21. taylormade

    yeaaah i got mine back, but no contacts or catalog back?? does anyone have there catalog and pics back and there contacts????????????

  22. TheRirry

    ok so its almost been a week now, and i still dont have my contacts. Is it true that everything should come back, because danger didnt actually lose any of our data??

  23. brothamad

    I got my text alert back. This is ridiculous can t-mobile at least provide a current update. If tmobile was my primary phone I’d definately be though with them. I don’t really understand why anyone would stay at this point seems like its gonna be weeks before contacts calenders are restored. Wow I wonder what these cocksuckers are gonna do to get right with the customers a month of free service is lame compared to what everyone is going through.

  24. Ro

    T mobile. Reaaly sucks anyway now im switching to sprint.

  25. Ro

    By the way hit me up on aim if you disagree aim;royaltyboyrey

  26. Katherine

    I got my My Favs again….but still no contacts or any other information. 🙁

  27. Mellyyy


  28. Katherine

    anyone know when all the information is supposed to be back online?

  29. Dingo

    got all my contacts back!!!!!!!!you have to call tmobile send it to you and tell them your gonna sswitch the customer rep. was cool he did some secret..!!im still switching.

  30. mark

    thnx dingo i got my contacts back too!!!!!!just called and complained and said i was gonna switch.they can give it to 1 at a time if you complain but there trying to send it 2 every1 at once..will take days

  31. sammy

    contacts are all back + 3months free data after calling and complaining to switch thanx.im staying

  32. Katherine

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll do that here soon then. 🙂 I want my shit back.

  33. Charles Stepp

    :frown: I orginially voted “undecided” about changing from using a SideKick, but it would be wrong for me to stay with MicroSoft/Danger. I’ve worked in corporate IT for many years. Multi-day outages are only understandable for the very LEAST important applications. A down server is supposed to be merely a down component in a System of multiple redundant servers (and network and power and location and backups). I don’t get it. But I do get that these folks can’t be trusted as stewards of my information. “Software As A Service”. Yeah, right. The days of professionals in IT is in the past. Back to using my phone as a phone and relying on hard copy in my pocket…or we’ll see if Google (Android) can be a bit more responsible as a company with REAL IT.

  34. Larry Okarski

    Hey Folks, MicrSoft bought out Danger and the SideKick over a year ago.
    This is PURPOSELY a plug pulled by the largest software company in the WORLD to get you to switch from T-Mobile. Don’t fall for it, T-Mobile is NOT to blame!!! They have been the BEST Carrier I have ever had, by FAR. I loved my Sidekick until today, when I learned of its passing. Its dead. Bury it, but do NOT get a Windows based ANYTHING! Stay with T-Mobile, they will hook you up- Get an Android/Google phone!
    PS- I’m a “Tween”, between 50 and 60 years old, I loved my SideKick, aww.

  35. Janae

    Update 5:
    “Regrettably, based on Microsoft/Danger’s latest recovery assessment of their systems, we must now inform you that personal information stored on your device – such as contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists or photos – that is no longer on your Sidekick almost certainly has been lost as a result of a server failure at Microsoft/Danger. That said, our teams continue to work around-the-clock in hopes of discovering some way to recover this information. However, the likelihood of a successful outcome is extremely low. As such, we wanted to share this news with you and offer some tips and suggestions to help you rebuild your personal content. You can find these tips in our Sidekick Contacts FAQ. We encourage you to visit the Forums on a regular basis to access the latest updates as well as FAQs regarding this service disruption.”

  36. Katherine

    Oh fuck no!!! They did NOT lose all that fucking information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No no no no no no no no no no…NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of really important information on there!!! Along with contacts I can’t get back!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: I need that shit! That was the only contact info I had for people…it was all stored on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my notes, ALL my stuff!!! D: No! They better get it back or they’re going to have a lot of pissy people on their hands and I feel bad for T-mobile, they have to deal with this shit because Microsoft’s CEO is a pussy fag who apparently enjoys pissing off every customer they ever had! UGH! I’ve been so upset about my stuff being gone for only a few days…For it to be lost permanently…Oh someone is going to get their asses kicked!

  37. BRANDI


  38. Katherine

    I so agree with you Brandi! 😀 But I’d rather have the iPhone… :/ or the Blackberry Storm

  39. BRANDI


  40. Cookie

    Ok, so now they’re saying that whatever data we lost might not come back?!! WTF?? Again I say, WTF?? How did they manage 2 get the internet back on my phone but not my phone numbers? This is some straight up bullsh-t. I will never get another sidekick. I’m getting a crackberry & I better not have any problems with that or else all hell is gone break loose!!

  41. Debyjay

    why stay with tmobile? i am having serious buyers remorse i think its time to leave. my company gets us 12% off tmobile but 25% off att. i dont see a reason to stay with tmobile.

  42. Charles Stepp

    Lost my information. I can go down to Compusa and buy a terabyte for a very reasonable price. Let’s say there are 1,000,000 SideKick users, just for the sake of making the math simple. Lets say the each customer had a Meg of contact info, which, by the way, is almost inconceivable–the full text of the King James Bible is about 5 Meg. That’s 1,000,000 X 1,000,000 which is 1,000,000,000,000. Oh look, enough raw storage for a million customers. For, maybe, $150. Yeah, I’m using marketing bytes and I know that “Enterprise” level storage is much more expensive. But in this instance, it doesn’t look like they’re actually running their business as as a real IT Enterprise anyway. Lost all that data. Unbelievable.

    Fellow victims, if you do switch to another smart phone, DON’T go with Windows Mobile! MicroSoft is behind this disaster, whatever the backend story. It is absolutely unforgivable! I’m thinking that maybe Google/Android will give me similar capabilities for online replication of my data. But you can bet your glutius maximus I’ll never NOT have a method of making local backups again. These big companies whack the techs and keep the bean counters, so I’ll never trust one of them again. I just can’t believe they can be so incompetent. Backups, HA and DR are NOT weird new technologies anymore!! IDIOTS!!!!!!

  43. brothamad

    I’m so sick of people sayin it aint tmobiles fault don’t switch or be mad at tmobile blah blah blah … it is tmoiles fault they should have made sure something like this wud never happen … I gurandamntee my job would never lose all the companies data due to a sever failure this is totally unacceptable and on top of that I hear they’re not willing to make it right with the customers smh… everyone should leave tmobile they f*cked allotta people over in a real way and they don’t seem to realize the severity of it…. I feel for the people who use tmobile as their primary phone this suck racoon balls I used the sidekick as a secondary phone for text email aim and internet basically cause I like the keyboard and screen and I’ve been doin this for maybe three year and the service has always been below par but I put up with it cause I have another phone with at&t which I’ve been with for a little less than 10 years and never have they lost all my data as a matter of fact I’ve never heard anybody losing all of there data by fault of the carrier … most people I kno who had tmobile have left because of the mickey mouse service they provide I only lost a few memories with my picture so I’m not really trippin…. that’s just my two cents everybody needs to switch carriers that’s the only way they will learn… if anybody wants to get at me my aim screenname is thedingalingman…. Peace

  44. Laya

    OMG!!! Reading all these comments irks my nerves even more. 1st TMOBILE screwed the f up!!! See my services been down for 2 weeks! This isn’t the first time either. And for the person who works for the company callin people idiots check this out: tmobile lack of concern for this issue is bs. I’ve had so many fn problems with this company its a shame that you guys call your self #1 for customer service! Reps can barley speak a lick of english, all they do is place people on hold and come back with a siddy answear! This outage is affecting people in a number of ways. I expect to get service just as you expect to get your money . Bottom line your service is crap and you giving out A ONE TIME CREDIT for us losing service/contacts/ringtones/etc. That was on the phone is BS. Not enough compesation for your so called valued customers! Get it together. Best believe im getting my money back. You aint fins to mail me nothin either. Im getting mines up front. You aint getting out of this mess. You’ve guys have cost me a lot over this mess. So for all you people out there that are like oh its no big deal. Screw you. When services are down people can’t keep in contact with other resulting in bad things happining!!!

    Mia if I was able to gett me textts and stuff that wouldn’t have happened to you hon.

    Tmobile is officialy done after this mess.

  45. Mimi Babybee

    Yeahhh . Likeee thisss is soooooo fkn crazyyyy ! Howwww is 19.99 a deal for me havinq lostttt everything … Cal ..email..txt..NOTEs…
    Contacts …! R youuu kiddinq and all they keep sayn is Sorry?? . And the best they can doo is credit my account? How does a damn 20 credit gnna make upp for the basicly 2 week no proper service? It freakinq doesn’t ! And then the rep tells me ican get a full upp grade buy paying 149 for the my touch! That crapp should be free .! Wdh and the 149 isn’t even inculding taxes ! Its allqood thou cause im leaving . And im postive im not gnna be the only one. And the fact that there actinq all nonchant about this is annoyinq too ! Ohh where “sorry “… there gnna be sorry alritee . Whatever !

  46. T-Mobile Sidekick Data Out(r)age: Data Probably Lost For Good | Gizmodo Australia

    […] Sidekick users have been holding out hope that their data might be recovered after T-Mo issued an optimistic message of hope. But the carrier just updated users with some disheartening information: Your shit’s gone. […]

  47. ebelio perez

    i lost my contacts , more than 120, now you saying not ot hard reset by removing battery, thats the first thing people would do, especially after a couple of days of this melarchy……..1 month data doesnt bring back anything, how about free phone upgrades!!!!!!!!

  48. Alastor Chesed

    Relax guys…techonology isn’t perfect. It’s just a phone…

    Yeah, I was irritated when I found out about the data lost once I returned from Japan…but RELAX! Who cares what company is better than the other.

    It’s just a phone (:

    Now go live life and stop blogging ^^;

  49. Cookie

    To everybody telling us that we’re overreacting 2 this data loss & 2 calm down…..kiss my ass! How are we supposed 2 feel that we’ve lost all of our phone numbers, notes, calendar events, pictures, ringtones (that we’ve purchased) & so on? I’m not in the guiness book of world records for memorizing people’s phone numbers!! They’re supposed 2 be in my freakin phone assholes!!! T-mobile has sent an update saying that if certain customers have lost data for good, they MIGHT qualify for a $100.00 customer appreciation card. What do they mean MIGHT? How about giving ALL OF US $100.00 cards. I know they can afford it. I just paid my bill on saturday so they can just give me my $100.00 card out of that money! So as these technical difficulties continue…..stay tuned!! Smooches

  50. shannon

    As far as people saying to get a life…..well I have a very busy one which includes schedules, emailing, contacting people…..oh wait that’s all lost! Including the 100 addresses I have to recollect before Christmas card time! I value my time and not only have I spend the last 2 1/2 yeas putting information into that phone but now I get to start all over again! That time I spent is GONE FOREVER!!!!
    I am also irritated that the last time I spoke to tmobile a week ago I was given a $10 credit and that was like pulling teeth and the NOT ENGLISH SPEAKING bitch acted like $10 was wasy more than I deserved!