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61 responses to “New Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone 4 Being Released Soon”

  1. Frank

    Any ideas as to a release date?

  2. Peter Armenti

    sounds hot.. can’t wait..

  3. John smith

    Probably with ios 4.1 update maybe Monday

  4. Bob

    Will this be untethered?

  5. Wiskers

    sounds fake

  6. Yr0n

    finally! can’t wait for this to come out! O_O

  7. Trev

    Excellent! My 8GB ipod touch 2g (MC model) running 4.0 will be able to be jailbroken on the latest firmware! I stupidly updated my jailbroken 3.1.3 firmware to 4.0 and now I can’t downgrade or jailbreak… 🙁


    ohhh!its great nd owsam

  9. Fede

    people, any new?????


  10. Nader

    heyyyy…any happy news yet??

  11. Fede

    my situation: i have mi iphone (new iBoot) stucked in emergency call… somebody in this screen?


  12. alshaikh

    when is the new spirit is goin to be released?

  13. Ben

    Can’t wait for this new jailbreak!! Hope it’s not a fake!!
    And I don’t understand why nobody told about this shsh you have to save to downgrade in case of bug! I ‘was obligated to update my touch 32gb mc model with iTunes, yeah! 🙁

  14. rigo

    i got an ipodtouch 8gb 4.0 mc model, with itunes9.2. any dates wen the jailbreak is being realesed??

  15. Mansour

    Guys.. Is there any news when the jailbreak for ios 4 new bottom will be released?

  16. dango

    i know the people that are working on this are working as hard and as fast as they can but i wish they could work x10.

  17. Brandon

    If u know them then could u please tell me when released

  18. mhm

    can anybody tell when the new spirit will be released

  19. bunthaismee

    hope it will be released tomorrow

  20. Eddie

    Hey Trev, did you use the Spirit Jailbreak, I updated to iOS4 to by mistake, but I was able to downgrade back to 3.1 after.

  21. Nader

    Eddie… how did you downgrade?? did you have the shsh files or what??

  22. TechMan

    the spirit jailbreak will be out around this yr

  23. Fede

    WHATTTTTTTT??????????????????? This yr ? i can’t wait to 2011 to unlock mi iphone…. i think i’ll spell my iphone… 🙁

  24. Taher

    I’m guessing it will be released in a week or so, but theres not guarantee. These jailbreak never have any set release dates.

  25. Benjamin

    I wish the jailbreak 3GS os4 Mc model can release tomorrow pls. Thx!

  26. Eddie

    Nader…….To downgrade back to 3.1, download 3.1 firmware, put iphone in recovery mode…not dfu, option click/restore, choose firmware you downloaded, let process run, run spirit jailbreak again.
    this worked for me…twice.

  27. phocomelia

    will it work if my iphone wasn’t jailbroken?


    While they are working on the new jailbreak for my 2g mc model I will be on mars trying to get an iPhone 7. Umm wonder who will get done first.

  29. Mansour

    Nader.. Have u tried what Eddi provides u of steps to downgrade?

  30. Nader

    yes, did not work 🙁

  31. Eddie Johnson
  32. joseph

    when is this going to happen

  33. Nader

    this link is for 3G not 3GS 🙁

  34. lane

    so is this new jailbreak coming out soon or what because i liked my phone better when it was jailbroken if not ill just use pwnage tool or redsn0ow

  35. Jasper

    I have à 8 gb iPod touch 4.0 model MC. It was not jailbroken, then i accedently updated it to 4.0. Van i jailbreak my iPod before THE nee spirit comedy out? Ty


  36. James Pugliese


    How did you downgrade back to 3.1?

  37. James Pugliese

    To anyone,

    Once I jaibreak my iPhone, how do I set it up to use as a 2Gmodem for my laptop?

  38. Eddie

    James Pugliese, what device are you trying to Jailbreak and downgrade to?
    email me at

  39. kpasha

    Anybody know the release date yet?

    btw it would work for itouch 2g MC iOs 4.0 right?

  40. Benjamin

    Anybody know the release date yet? btw isn’t work for 3gs, os4.0, 05.13.04, mc right?

  41. Harry Jatt

    it gonna release on 5th August….

  42. Josh

    When will it be out i have a ipod touch 3g 8GB i0s 4.0 mc model and i am gonna die if it doesn’t come out soon

  43. liudinghuacn


  44. farotechy

    Spirit Jailbreak RoX!

  45. vampireola

    what time Spirit Jailbreak will release,my iphone 3gs…

  46. littlecat

    I have a ipod touch 2g with 4.0 ios and it is a mc-model. Can i jailbreak my ipod with the new spirit jailbreak..? And when comes the jailbreak out..?

  47. Christopher Price

    Littlecat, you are probably stuck. The only workaround would be if you had a SHSH EDID on file with an OS 3.0 series, for which you could then downgrade and use Spirit jailbreak.

    If you didn’t do that, however, you are stuck at 4.0 until a new jailbreak is released.

  48. charles

    I have downgrade my iphone3gs had 4.0.1 and i got 3.1.3 no it now

  49. Nader

    Charles…could you please explain how exactly you did that?
    Have you had your SHSH blobs saved before the DG?
    Do you have the new bootrom or the old one?


  50. Musclenerd

    hey every1 comex (jail breaker creator of spirit) said himself hes gonna release it as soon as its done so no1 knows yet but theres a rumor going around that hes gonna put it up on sunday