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91 responses to “On Eve of CTIA, Cracks in Page Plus Cellular Reach Critical Mass (Update)”


    WOW, if pageplus continues these actions, im sure someone will start a class action lawsuit. either way, i am afraid, i have opened five stores across my state, and became a master dealer. if this type of business practice continues, then i will be forced to remove pageplus from our product line.

  2. Dennis Bournique

    Cutting off true abusers is OK but dropping them in the middle of a prepaid month and not offering a prorated refund, as appears to be happening is theft.

    If that happened to me I’d be filing an FCC complaint, contacting the Cleveland (PP’s headquaters city) BBB and the Ohio and my state’s AGs!

    Plus I’ve heard that some used have been cut off for as few as 3000 minutes/month (less than 2 hours a day) which really isn’t much on an unlimited plan. I wonder if Verizon increased what it’s charging PP and putting the MVNO between a rock and a hard place? If that’s the case, the right thing to do would be to let customers complete their current month, then either raise the unlimited plan price or turn it into a 3000 minute plan.

  3. Cell Dude

    Sorry but unlimited talk is unlimited talk. These types of actions are appauling and Page Plus derves to go out of business! If other MVNO operators like Straight Talk were smart, they would attach while the iron is hot and bash Page Plus on this. Give those potential new customers some perks to join them. Market their unlimited plans as “A True Unlimited calling & Texting”.

  4. Former customer

    I Used to be a customer of Page Plus and there so called unlimited plan, and as of of 4:50am on 3/19/09 my cell phone was turned off by them with out warning or notice, this months bill was paid on 3/9/10 when I called them this am, I was told that I had abused the unlimited talk paragraph 6 of there Terms of Service which the I did not the first line reads and I quote “Page Plus Unlimited Plan services are provided solely for live dialogue between two individuals for personal use.” and thats what I did I called mainly one number the most and talked a lot after all I am paying for an “Unlimited” right? The customer service rep told me on the phone that the corporate office made the decision and it was not reversible, I asked to speak with thir supervisor and was told I could not, then I asked for the corporate office phone number and they would not give that to me either.

    Page Plus in my opinion needs to be brought up on charges of Breech of contract and Breech of Trust, because then the did this to my phone terminated the service they did not notify me or anything and they allowed me to use my phone till the remaining $6.00 was used up.

    I have all the paper work, call logs, there TOS, and payment records printed out and I am ready bring a lawsuit against them because what they are doing is wrong. I am currently seeking legal council for my case and I hope to bring a lawsuit against them very soon.

    I encourage every one who has been stiffed like I was by this company to seek legal action because we need to make these company’s realize that if they say its unlimited then they had better be darn sure thats what it is.

    I welcome anyone from the Media to contact me by email and maybe we can get this story to go public and show them we the American people will not stand for this!

  5. SaltyDawg

    Wow that is crazy! Glad I am not using Page Plus.

  6. Benjamin A

    I on average use between 1500 to 2500 minutes a month and found my service shut off on January 22nd with no warning not even a text to tell me. To add insult they would never release my number and even the VZW Porting department got all circuits busy and could never get through. I have filed a complaint with the California Public Utility Commission and would suggest everyone that has been wronged do the same in their state. They got the $80 ballence in my account plus being out another $86 in cost to getting a new phone and activation with VZW. If they went under tomorrow I would have to go out and celebrate.

  7. Jason

    My usage was nowhere near 1500 minutes a month and I was cut off. I’m going back to my previous prepaid provider, NET10, they were much better anyway. Never had any problems with them in the four years I used them. I just fell for the allure of ‘unlimited’. 🙁 Should have known it was too good to be true…

  8. Former customer

    For any one who has had there service terminated by page plus goto the Better Business Bureau of Ohio at this link enter in the following info:

    Business/Charity Name: Page Plus
    City: Holland
    State/Province: Ohio
    Postal Code: 43528

    after that find the page plus address that they have on there web page for a conatct us which is:

    Page Plus Cellular
    1615 Timberwolf Dr.
    Holland, OH 43528

    then click file a complaint and enter what happened to you! After that you will find your case against page will be filed against them at the following business info:

    Name: Page Plus
    BBB Member: NO
    Contact: Pete Hopkins
    Address:6135 Trust Dr
    Holland, OH 43528
    Phone: 419-865-8053
    Fax: 419-865-8053

    I have filed a complaint as of 3/19/10 with the BBB and I encourage all who have been done wrong by page plus to do the same, if we can continue to get these complaints in, just maybe it will help us draw attention to what page plus is doing and maybe we can get some sort of satisfaction out of this not to mention it will help us us build a legal case against page plus the more complaints we can get in against them.

    On Monday I am gonna contact the AG’s office in Ohio and see what I have to do to file a lawsuit against them for Breech of agreement/contract. false advertising, theft of my payment since I paid $39.99 (on 3/9/10) for a month of service and only got service till 3/19/10 which was only 10 days. (Wow expensive 10 days huh). After I talk to the Ohio AG’s office I will come back here and post the info they give me for other to use!

    We can not just roll over and let page plus get away with staling our hard earned money if we don’t stand together and fight this they will continue to do it!

  9. SaltyDawg

    You guys need to be filing complaints with the FCC. One of you page plus customers should look into that and post all of the info on how to do it. You should make one informative post with info on how to file with the BBB, the FCC, and the Ohio AG. All 3 of those organizations should be hearing from every single page plus customer that was affected by this.

    And then copy that same post and post it all over the net- get the word out.

  10. Former customer

    Oh I plan on it , I’m not letting this drop, FCC is next on my list and the Ohio AG and I will be posting everything I can find so that all page plus former customers that this happened to can file complaints. If we band together we can bring page plus to there knees and show the rest of big business that “WE THE PEOPLE” have the power not them!

  11. SaltyDawg

    What you should do is make a website. Just a simple page that hass all of the info on how to file with the FCC, BBB, and Ohio AG. Then go to all the phone websites and make a post that tells all the current and former page plus customers to click that link for instructions on how to file.

    Also make a short youtube video explaining your situation, and include the address to your website in the video. Once you start passing that youtube link around it will spread all over the net.

    Bottom line is you need to consolodate the info so that every relevant piece of info is together in one simple and easy to read location with easy to follow instructions. And then you need to get that info out to the public.

  12. Former customer

    Oh I already started some of that I have called several major new media outlets, I am planing the you tube video this weekend, and I am gathering as much information I can dig up on them, as long as I present the facts and public info then they will have no resource to come at me because everything I post will be able to be backed up with written proof.

    People who do business like this need to get what they deserve if there gonna treat there customers this way!

    I just wish I had some spare cash I could use to run a huge media campaign against them but who knows maybe there rivals will do it for me.

    BTW I just filed my complaint with the FCC about them and there FALSE Advertising so maybe we can get them shut down and fined for stealing our hard earned money!

    To file a complaint with the FCC just go here:

    and you can file it on line like I did!

  13. Tired of PPC

    Page Plus has gotten away with victimizing enough people both dealers and users. Smartphone ban. Prepaid phone ban. Random phone ban. All withoug warining. Unlimited plan ban is the last straw. With that gone , there is NO reason to use them. File a report, kick them to the curb and get Straight Talk or another unlimited that gives you more then 1500 minutes a month.

  14. Hans

    I reset my timer on my phone on March 15 and have used 73o minutes so far. I probably average between 2800 to 3500 minutes a month. I have never had a problem with pageplus. All of these stories are beginning to make me feel uneasy about my service. I’m planning a backup plan if my phone suddenly quits. What a way for someone to run a business. They won’t be in business long with these kinds of moves.

  15. Former customer

    When they did to me I had been a customer for 5 months and all was fine till March 19, 2010 then bam it happened to me they removed me from the unlimited plan (with out my knowledge or permission) which caused my $6.00 credit balance to start being used on a per min basis for calls, and as soon as that was up disconnected my call in progress and sent me a text saying I had $0.00 on my account and to send them more money… I guess they thought I was stupid and would reload my phone with more money so they could “STEAL” more money from me!

    And yes Hans I would get a Different cell provider as quick as you can I would NOT tell my worst enemy to get a page plus phone.

    If I have my way Page Plus will be going out of business when I am finished with taking legal action against them, and alerting the public to what they are doing!

  16. Former customer

    Heres the Ohio Attorney General Address and phone number:

    Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray
    30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor
    Columbus, OH 43215

    Help Center
    (800) 282-0515
    Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

    I will be contacting them monday morning I also have contacted the FCC about Page Plus’s deceptive ads and there Illegal/criminal activitys.

  17. Greg Patrick

    Just a tip. Make sure your phone is not using data 24 hours a day. It will even use data with the phone turned off. Remove battery when you have your phone turned off. I am thinking that may be cause of the people getting kicked off. 24 hours of data would be considered overuse. A lot of phones have software update that you can’t turn off, so be careful of those.

    I do think Pageplus should tell you what caused the over usage and give people a second chance.

  18. Christopher Price

    Greg, phones that are powered off do not use data. I have no idea where you came up with that notion… but it is very much incorrect. Data has nothing to do with Page Plus terminations. Data is actually quite profitable to Page Plus when you use it, as data is not included in their unlimited plans.

    Page Plus monthly plans come with between 20 and 50 MB of data. If you have a webOS or Android phone on Page Plus, you are notified of software updates and can download them over Wi-Fi typically.

    Data is limited on Page Plus plans to prevent abuse, if you use more than the paltry amount they provide, you are charged per-MB out of your additional prepaid balance (if you have any, most people just reload the monthly voice package so that typically isn’t even something that can be drained). Your voice and text balances are not affected.

    Again, data has nothing to do with this issue.

  19. Greg Patrick

    Data may not have an issue with the pageplus disconnects.

    Data can still be used with the phone turned off. This comes from reliable pageplus dealers not me.

  20. Dennis Bournique


    “Reliable Page Plus Dealers” are mis-informed. A phone that is powered off has no contact with the network whatsoever, it can not use data. The FCC would never approve a phone that transmitted anything when turned of during aircraft take off and landing, for example.

  21. Greg Patrick

    From a hofo poster. In the pageplus forum.

    I’ve noticed I’ve gotten some data charges when the phone is off.

  22. SaltyDawg

    Just because some company rips you off and charges you for data while the phone is off, doesn’t mean you are actually using data while the phone is off.

    You’re wrong Greg, phones do not use data while they are turned off. Period.

    As another poster said- the FCC would absolutely never approve a phone that used data while it was turned off. Anyone who has ever flown on a commercial aircraft knows that they make everyone turn their phones off during the flight. If the phone didn’t really turn off- or used data while it was off, then there would be no point in even turning it off.

    So you can go back to howard forums and post that the people over here said it is not possible for a phone to use data while it’s turned off, and if they disagree they can come over here and debate it with us.

  23. Former customer

    According to the Ohio Attorney General’s office They have received a lot of complaints about this same issue from consumers. I encourage everyone who had had there “UNLIMITED” Text and Talk plans revoked by Page plus to contact the Ohio Attorney General’s office and file a complaint and to file with both the FCC and the BBB.

    The only way we can get satisfaction for what Page Plus has done will be to band together, make sure you make printouts of everything from page plus (IE phone records, unauthorized changes to your account, a copy of there TOS, payment reciepts, etc), document everything you say and do. This way if this ends up as a class action lawsuit you will have all the paperwork to back up what you say!

    I am working to further push this matter and to get Media exposure against Page Plus for what they have done and I will continue to do so and post what information I can find here for all to use!

    Together we have the Power to bring Page Plus Down!

  24. Former customer

    Found a Useless number and email for Page Plus Marketing, he seemed very UNCONCERNED about this issue! Almost to the Point that he didn’t care or give a rats (you know what) about the issue!

    Page Plus Cellular

    CONTACT: Denny Scher of Page Plus Cellular, +1-419-725-0380, fax+1-419-725-0376,

  25. Greg Patrick

    Please, be careful what you post and make sure it is true. You can be libel if it is not true. Don’t use threating terms you can be libel there as well. You can still be traced if you hide your real name. Phone news would have to follow court orders.

  26. Former customer

    Everything I have posted is true yes I have given my opinion of there customer service, IE not even sounding interested in mine and other people issues with them. I have copies of all my phone records, there TOS, and of there adds where they are claiming UNLIMITED. I have all the proof of what I say so libel is not an issue Other then my opinions of there customer service attitudes I am covered on all that. I thank you for your concern though.

    I am no threating them at all though, I am doing what every American citizen should do in cases like this I am getting the word out on what they did to me and I passing info on to others so that the too can file complaints against this company, The power of many is better then the power of one!

    We just cant let a business continue to steal Americans hard earned money and get away with it!

    In America we have to stand up against this kind of business practices and let the business’s know we wont stand for this type of treatment!

    Again I Thank You for your concern!

  27. Jameson

    This is nuts. PPC is not doing anything that every other company hasn’t done – advertised unlimited with certain caps. The term “unlimited” with fair usage policies has been done in every market, by tons of companies. The only thing PPC did wrong here is they did not give people a bit of warning, and I do believe they owe refunds for the time people lost on their plans, or credits, however, PPC is well within their rights to enforce clause #6 in their T’s and C’s which everyone of you agreed to.

    I think you are well within YOUR rights to go after the remaining credits/funds that you lost when disconnected from the plan, however, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I suspect, when it comes down to it, PPC and Verizon will be able to prove their case against each and every user as to which specific part of Clause 6 the person violated. If it comes to that.

  28. Former customer

    I respectfully Disagree with them proving I violated there TOS, You buy a phone (with unlimited talk and text) to do what Talk on, They DO NOT advertise the plan as UNLIMITED *BUT YOU CANT TALK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT* they Advertise it as Unlimited talk as much as you want for one low monthly price……..

    Now I would have had no issues If i was (but I was not and will use it like this example) using the phone as a telemarketer, or soliciting, or for any Illegal actions.

    this month I got a whole 10 days of server for my $39.95 payment and now I have a phone I had power down cause they keep sending me TXT messages saying I need to send them money to have service…NOT A SINGLE text message says if you pay us your phone will charged on a per min basis from now one, they are sending me messages trying to get me to add money to use it, which in my opinion is trying to take more money from me then they already have gotten because I had a $6.00 credit on my account and after they took me off the plan they used up that on a per min basis with out even telling me they removed me from the unlimited plan now that is wrong.

    At the very min this month alone they owe me the $39.95 + $6.00 credit I had on my account and last month my bill was up for renewal on 2/10 the tuned me off on 2/8 2 days before the renewal was due and I had to pay them early to get the phone back on.

    They are not treating there customers right and that the big thing, Yea maybe $39.95 don’t seem like much to them but with the way american’s are having money issues its a lot to people like me.

    Bottom line is if they get away with this then other prepaid company’s will start doing it and if we stop the practice in its tracks now and set an example that the american people wont stand for it then just maybe it will keep the other company’s from doing it too!

    I sell you something and say it’s unlimited then you expect it to be unlimited no questions asked…. I’m sure you would expect it to be unlimited because I sold to you (saying its unlimted) that way.

    Had I said Its Unlimited BUT you cant use it over this much, I am pretty sure you would not have bought it! Am I right?

    Thats the main point I am making here!

  29. Mr. E

    If it’s not unlimited why do they state “… you get unlimited domestic voice minutes” and “Talk and Text all you want…”.

    If there is a cap/limit or restrictions why are they not pointed out here, instead of misleading customers? Telling them to Talk as much as they want!!!

    “Such uses would include, but are not limited to, machine-to-machine, telemarketing, autodialing, transmission of broadcasts or recorded material, and any and all other commercial uses.”

    the M2M and telemarketing autodialing I understand, but transmission of recorded material? Heck call some 800# be put on hold there’s recorded material (hold music) accidentally have some background music while you are on a call, oops… thats just ridiculous! What is this CB radio? From the 70’s?

    “…if, for instance, you are placing an unusually high number of calls of unusually long duration. We reserve the right to respond to such abuse by placing you on a different class of service or, at our discretion, terminating your service….”

    How can you place lots of long calls, if one makes one 8 hour call per day thats not very many but it’s ‘long’?

    Why don’t they specify x minutes per month, or x calls per day max… or x minutes per call I don’t know but this is just dumb! If you don’t want people to USE their service then don’t offer “UNLIMITED”

    If you weren’t making long calls what’s the point of unlimited talk? if they are all 1-2 mins long and you keep it to only 3 or 4 a day whoopee! This is stupid!

    “…The Unlimited Talk n Text plan… For just $39.95 per month, you get unlimited domestic voice minutes, unlimited domestic text messages, and 20 Megabytes of data transfer. Once activated, this plan will renew automatically every month. …”

    “…Talk and text all you want for only $39.95 a month! …”

  30. Jameson

    Former Customer wrote: “At the very min this month alone they owe me the $39.95 + $6.00 credit I had on my account and last month my bill was up for renewal on 2/10 the tuned me off on 2/8 2 days before the renewal was due and I had to pay them early to get the phone back on.”

    Incorrect. At the very minimum they owe you the 20 days worth of service from the $39.95, which is $26.64 approximately. Did you pay for the $6.00 credit or did you get that $6.00 credit FREE when you signed up? If you got the $6.00 credit free, they don’t owe you that $6.00 credit since you didn’t even pay for it! If you DID pay for the $6.00, then perhaps they owe you that, but I suspect you did not.

    Many other companies market products as “unlimited” and have restrictions and clauses in their terms & conditions. This is standard practice. When you signed up for service, you agreed to the Terms & Conditions of service. You may not have read them, but that’s your fault, not PPC’s.

    I also suspect that we’re not getting the WHOLE story here from many of the people who were disconnected. When push comes to shove, you can bet PPC has data on your phone number to prove that you violated that clause. The transmission of recorded material thing is TRANSMISSION, not HEARING it when you call an 800 #.

    I understand your argument, I’m just saying that… well, PPC owes you a limited refund or credit, but they don’t owe you truly unlimited service. They have clause #6 in their terms & conditions which legally, thoroughly, covers them in this situation. Now, should you either get your refund or credit for time you paid for? Yes, completely agreed. But if you think you are going to strong-arm PPC into letting you have ‘true’ unlimited, think again. Verizon would never let it happen, and PPC would never let it happen.

    The most you will get is your $26.64 back, plus the $6.00, if indeed you paid for it. Beyond that, find another provider if you are not happy. PPC is within their rights.

  31. Greg Patrick

    What about Straight talk or Boost. So far no one has been kicked off or reduced to another plan.

    Verzion got in trouble with the NY AG for doing something similar.

    Yes I know Boost is Sprint prepaid but Straight Talk is a Verizon mvno. Those seem to have a higher limit.

  32. SaltyDawg

    @ Jameson-

    Just because some company puts something in their T and C doesn’t mean it is legal. Courts overturn that stuff all the time.

    And anyway, from what I understand Page Plus spells out the specific examples of what could be considered abuse. If he (or the many other customers reporting this same issue) didn’t break any of those specific examples, then Page Plus IS legally liable.

    If they are just cancelling accounts because they deemed that he was talking too much, then they will have to prove that either he is talking more than he has been averaging the past several months, or else prove that they warned him about it in the past.

    Legally, if they allowed him to talk on the phone a certain amount of time and never warned him about it, then they can’t suddelonly cancel him for doing what they have always allowed unless they notify him that there will be a change.

    They can’t legally say “we can determine what is considered abuse, at our sole discretion, without listing it anywhere” and at the same time say “We are cancelling you for abuse even though we have allowed it without warning for 6 months straight and it’s not listed as abuse in any of our policies.”

    Once they allow it for several months, at that point it is understood to be allowed unless they notify him of the new rules ahead of time.

  33. Jameson

    Boost is not even on Verizon. ST has a completely separate negotiated contract with Verizon, and locked down devices, so I’m sure there is a LOT less abuse on ST’s system than on PPC’s. I’m not saying that the way PPC handled this was right, because it wasn’t. I’m not saying they do not owe refunds or credits, because they do. I’m just saying that companies ARE ALLOWED to advertise an “Unlimited” product that is NOT truly unlimited. It happens all the time. And they can run audits anytime they wish – once a month, once every 6 months, once a year, whatever, and that’s that. Legally, I think you are SOL, but hey, I’m not an attorney and I hope you get the resolution you want — but, again, if you think you can strong-arm PPC into giving you truly unlimited, you are dead wrong. Because you can’t.

  34. SaltyDawg

    @ Jameson

    You are wrong man. If they advertise an unlimited plan, then it has to be unlimited. If they advertise an unlimited plan that has certain limitations, then they have to list those limitations.

    If they advertise an unlimited plan that has limitations that they can determine on the fly, then they are required to warn the so called abusers in a timely fashion.

    There is actually a law that covers this exact situation. If a company allows something for an extended period of time, and it is not specifically written into the contract (or T & C), then it is assumed to be acceptible. If the company later decides that is not acceptible, it is their duty to notify all affected parties in writing in advance of the upcoming change. This is the law. So if what the Page Plus customers were doing is the same thing they have been doing for several months, then Page Plus is legally liable here. It was their duty to inform customers that it would no longer be acceptable.

  35. Greg Patrick

    Explain why did verizon agreed to refund money then and pay fines then for a similar think?

  36. Bill

    There is no excuse for Page Plus cutting people off ( assuming that they were truly system abusers ) before their billing period ends the without warning them.And even worse keeping their money if the still had a balance in their account . I hope that they make things good or severely suffer the consequence of their actions ( mass defections of customer and/or legal action )

  37. Jameson

    Question is: Why isn’t PPC responding to ANYONE? You guys have left voicemails, emails, and I’m sure tons of other people have to … but they’re not talking about this, at all, except through scripted responses through their CS people? What the heck?

  38. Patrik

    I am not on the unlimited deal, but the 1200/1200 plan. I am paid up, not even close to being over on my minutes and have been without service since Saturday 3-19-10 . I emailed with a repair ticket and have not heard back. I have no other way to contact them. My phone says “service required”. Anyone else in this plan experiencing this problem?

  39. SaltyDawg

    @ Patrik
    What kind of phone do you use? If the people on the 1200/1200 plans are having trouble too, maybe it has something to do with the type of phone?

  40. Patrik

    LG Dare….

  41. Former customer

    RE: Patrik on March 23rd, 2010, 8:45 am

    I am not on the unlimited deal, but the 1200/1200 plan. I am paid up, not even close to being over on my minutes and have been without service since Saturday 3-19-10 . I emailed with a repair ticket and have not heard back. I have no other way to contact them. My phone says “service required”. Anyone else in this plan experiencing this problem?

    You know Patrik you might find this funny 3/19/2010 is the exact day that Page Plus cut off my phone service…..if you go look at your account on line I’m sure you will see something like this:

    11:06 AM EST Mar. 18, 2010 0.00 6.00 Credit/Replenishment

    11:06 AM EST Mar. 18, 2010 0.00 6.00 Life Cycle Updates

    11:05 AM EST Mar. 18, 2010 0.00 0.00 Remove Bundle Subscription Successful

    11:05 AM EST Mar. 18, 2010 0.00 0.00 COSP Changes

    11:05 AM EST Mar. 18, 2010 0.00 0.00 Stop Bundle Renewal Successful

    That is the Exact info found in my call records Showing that they did remove my phone from the Unlimited plan and when they did that my $6.00 credit was used on a per min basis for calls I made till it was used up totally.


    and here is where I paid for my service this month:

    Balance Replenish Date
    $39.95 3/6/2010

    So you not alone I strongly suggest you file a complaint with the:

    Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray
    30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Help Center
    (800) 282-0515
    Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

    They will take your complaint over the and I think they will also do it in righting, or by email.

    They told me they have had a lot of complaints about page plus the more complaints people file the better chance we have of bringing legal litigation against them!

  42. Former customer

    Just an additional note on Page Plus Customers accounts this is what it says for the UNLIMITED Talk and text plan:

    Unlimited Talk n Text (Expiring 4/9/2010)
    min txt data
    Unlimited Unlimited 20.00MB

    Now just looking at this customers page the Taking is UNLIMITED, the Texting is UNLIMITED, and the DATA usage is limited to 20MB!

    It doesn’t say Talk Min Unlimited (up to X mins) or Text Unlimited (up to X number of messages)

    So just looking at this I say it should be UNLIMITED no matter what! Am I right people! Again this is DIRECTLY FROM a CURRENT CUSTOMERS UNLIMITED ACCOUNT SCREEN!

  43. Patrik

    This is what my acct summary says.. nothing abnormal with it as far as I can see.. I make my living using this phone, so I went to just try and process a payment for $29.95 for another 1200 minutes and it refused the payment. Not sure what to do now.

    Talk n Text 1200 (Expiring 4/5/2010)
    min txt data
    869 1135 50.00MB

    Replenishment History
    Balance Replenish Date
    $29.95 3/6/2010

    $29.95 2/2/2010

    $29.95 12/30/2009

    $29.95 12/6/2009

  44. Former customer

    Patrik go look at the call records that where you see if they removed you out of the plan bundle.

  45. Patrik

    11317205456289 1 09:15 AM EST Mar. 23, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    11317205456289 1 03:17 PM EST Mar. 22, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    11317205456289 1 01:01 PM EST Mar. 22, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    11317205456289 1 02:39 PM EST Mar. 21, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    11317205456289 1 02:29 PM EST Mar. 21, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    11317205456289 1 08:30 AM EST Mar. 21, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    30392xxxxx 07:04 AM EST Mar. 20, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    30350xxxxx 1 07:01 AM EST Mar. 20, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    303xxxxxxx 2 06:13 AM EST Mar. 20, 2010 0.00 0.00 Successful O/G calls

    0 0 05:24 AM EST Mar. 20, 2010 0.00 0.00 Data (SMS, Mobile Web)

    Here’s the weird part…. I have had no service since the 19th, but the record shows outgoing calls and data that has been successful? IS this just a big joke? are they just playing games? I sent in another call tag to them to explain whats up, but doubt I hear back. The numbers with the xxxx are actual numbers that I do indeed call, but obviously did not call them according to these times… whoa

  46. Former customer

    Hummm do a 40 entry listing and look for something like this:

    Life Cycle Updates
    Remove Bundle Subscription Successful
    COSP Changes
    Stop Bundle Renewal Successful

    It may or may not be the same but look for anything weird or out of the ordinary in it, if you find it be sure you print it out or screen shot it so you will have proof that they did it…

    I do not work for any phone company or reseller I am just a customer that they removed off the UNLIMITED Talk and text plan with out notice just to let you know that!

  47. Patrik

    The only thing different and strange is the fact that these entries started showing up ALOT beginning on March 17th.. below is the first one, but then a ton after that date.. I NEVER use the phone for ANYTHING but making calls and texting… but no entries like you have referenced. I still have almost 900 minutes and 1135 texts left on my account good till 4-5-10 according to my account summary.

    0 0 04:26 PM EST Mar. 17, 2010 0.00 0.00 Data (SMS, Mobile Web)