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90 responses to “Pre to Require Everything Plan Lineup, On Track for First Half Release”

  1. Tom

    Hmmm, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they say that it had to be a plan which had unlimited data? I have a family plan, with unlimited data, text etc, and I was under the impression that this plan would be fine. (124/month)

  2. OuterBase

    It doesn’t need to be listed under everything plan lineup at all. The only exclusion will sero.

    Few Sprint customers change plans when renewing their contracts.

    I spoke at length with account services about this and they already marked my account for Pres in June. I have a three line family account that is not an everything, in fact data is free as “evdo casual.” They said I am fine for Pre (she was not confusing it with Pro). They apparently already have guidance. Only sero is out.

  3. SprintYoda

    If the Pre will require an “Everything” Plan, only the plans listed will work. If a customer wants to upgrade to the Instinct and they are not on an Everything Plan, they MUST change their plan. It is not possible to activate the Instinct on anything else.It would make sense for Sprint to do this with the Pre (and future model devices), as the Everything Plans are in line with Sprint business goal as far as data is concerned. Check with Account Services and ask if you can activate an Instinct on a Fair and Flexible or free incoming plan.Even with a data plan, I guarantee the answer is “NO”.

  4. JJ

    So does anyone have any proof or facts that this will not work with SERO plans? I hope that’s not the case or I will just go with verizon since then there is no point in staying with them.

  5. SprintYoda

    I would speculate that you would need to be on an Employee Plus Plan in order to have the Pre (for those of you who do not know, Employee Plus is the new SERO). While these plans are not the same price as the original SERO, they are still a great value. These plans were designed to be the equivalent of the Everything Plans, just a little less expensive. Therefore, the Pre should work as long as you get on the new Employee Plus plans (or SERO).

  6. Dave

    I love how people think “well, my account is NOTED so I will be exempt from the Everything Plan requirement!”. Then when the Pre is launched, they are forced to change and wonder why. The WebOS obviously uses the data a LOT. Sprint does not want people on voice only plans, and they only want them on plans that include data so there is no way to remove the data portion. If you are on some old plan that has a data add-on, it simply will not all. Sprint knows the interest in this phone is bigger than any phone they ever had, so they will capitalize on it and demand people on older plans switch to the new ones. It will most certainly be locked down in the system so that even if someone tried to get that old plan to stick, it wont take.

    I can see how a customer would be mad at that, but I applaud Sprint for it. It will get customers off these old plan with free this and free that and force customers to modernize their plan, which should bump up ARPU. People cried foul at the Instinct for this same tactic, but I don’t see an issue with it. Its a smart move on Sprint’s part.

  7. JJ

    The SERO plan has unlimited data. Plus how is the data on a data add-on plan different than the everything plan? It is still the same data being used and it is unlimited. I don’t know how a data add-on won’t work except for the fact they want you to pay more for the same data. Can anyone explain this to me?

  8. SprintYoda

    As Dave said, Sprint is looking to increase it’s ARPU. While it is the same data being used, there are a lot of data plans out there that don’t include the same things (i.e. Sprint TV, Navigation, Sprint Music, etc). Plus there are a lot of customers with data plans that are $10, $5, or even free. Sprint is a business like any other. They need to make money. The Everything Plans are the best value in wireless. Nobody can beat the price AND offer the same features.

  9. JJ

    Very goo point yoda. Thats very true. Do you think sprint Sero plans should be excluded? Or what if they offer it to sero but require an extra charge, would that work out?

  10. Dave

    JJ, the difference is that the Everything Data & Simply Everything plans have the data built into the plan. You cannot remove it off the plan. If someone has an old plan with a data add-on, the data plan can be taken off the plan. That’s the difference. Sprint doesnt want someone to remove the data off the plan if they own a Pre since its OS is basically on the web 24/7. Part of it is to simplify the plans and the other part is so they can make more money and get people off older plan that give data away for free or for really cheap. If Sprint had its choice, everyone would be on the new plans. The old plans are usually not as profitable for Sprint.

    The Pre is gonna be a hot phone. If the iPhone has taught us anything, its that people will pay more per month if the phone is the “cool” thing to own. Its just smart business of Sprint. Sure, a small % of people will be upset or try to buck the system and activate the phone anyway, but it wont work. Some of them wont upgrade, and some of them will, which is the point Sprint is going for.

    Yes, the old $30 SERO includes data, however only a fool would think Sprint would accept a Pre being on a $30 plan. I bet they wont let employees put it on their employee line or Advantage Club for a while too.

  11. bottomline

    Dave, u r absolutely right. The only way anyone will be able to activate their new Pre is to comply by having a Simply Everything Plan period. No if, ands, or buts about it. Their following the same strategy they had with the Instinct.

  12. latinoartielange

    “I can see how a customer would be mad at that, but I applaud Sprint for it. It will get customers off these old plan with free this and free that and force customers to modernize their plan, which should bump up ARPU. People cried foul at the Instinct for this same tactic, but I don’t see an issue with it. Its a smart move on Sprint’s part.”-Dave

    Man that bs if ive ever heard. one of the reasons i dont get the iphone is because of the rediculous monthly plan. im not spending $80 a month on a phone especially if i never go over my minutes of 200. sprint is just finally getting some good phones(ex.pre, touch pro2, diamond2) being cdma we cant import phones because the rest of the civilized world is on gsm network. sprint is fighting an uphill battle with gsm and they do something STUPID like this. im on a $29.99 w/200min $20 for internet w/300 text msg. y should i get the everything plan if i hardly text or go over my minutes. im not interested in this phone because the touch pro2 is around the corner. but i did the math im better off buying the phone off ebay than getting a new contract with features i dont want. DONT BE LIKE AT&T! give people affordable cell phone plans and phones that can compete with the iphone because t-mo is starting to look good..

  13. Boz

    My problem is that I am currently on a family plan. My line has the $15 data plan, but my wife’s line does not. She never uses data and has no interest in data. Plus, we never go over our 500 minutes. According to this, I would have to change my plan to one that gives me 1000 minutes more than I need plus data on a line that doesn’t need it for $40 dollars more each month. How is that worth it?

  14. JJ

    Hey latino, i understand sprint trying to make more money, but when a company raises their prices their customer service and coverage should get better also. I still dont see that happening with sprint. Especially since i still cant make a call when im in a building. I don’t think i should have to pay extra for a service that hasnt improved. I dont understand these people that “applaud” sprint for forcing a higher cost plan down their throats. Maybe you guys are made of money or just simply work for sprint. I would understand paying extra, but when service still doesnt match the price why pay for more if it hasnt improved? Unless everything changes with the pre. But i doubt a new phone improves a companies service. Just look at the iphone.

  15. JJ

    I agree with latino 100%.

  16. ken

    1st iPhone $20 for data. 2nd iPhone $30 for data. And both plans included no text messages. It sold millions. The higher plan worked for ATT and Apple. Hopefully it will work for Sprint and Palm.

  17. Christopher Price

    Actually, the first iPhone included 200 text messages per month at the $20/month price point. Only GoPhone prepaid plans lacked the free 200 text messages on the original iPhone.

  18. Don Louie

    JJ, no carrier is going to tell you that calls can be made in buildings and if this continually happens it may be the device. I don’t see a problem with it as long as the phone itself isn’t expensive

  19. JJ

    Actually Don louie, verizon guarantees cell phone coverage in most buildings. And it is not the phone because it happens to my wife’s phone and my brother in laws phone which both have sprint and both have different phones. I also have an inpulse phone with verizon and I can use that phone in most buildings that sprint doesn’t get a signal in. So there is definitely room for improvement there for sprint.

  20. JJ

    Ken you have a good point there. The only way the price increase will work for sprint is if people really love the pre like they love the iphone and don’t care about lack in coverage or customer support. I have been with sprint for 8 years and I hope to stay with them a lot longer. The way I look at it, if your loyal to your cell company they should be loyal back. That is all that I’m asking. Plus with the economy the way it is I’m thinking twice before I spend any extra money, unless I get service that is worth a little more money.

  21. Mustang46L

    Ya know, if it is true it is quite sad. Right now Sprint isn’t in a position to have control. Sprint needs to play catchup with AT&T and Verizon in the customer base area and the Pre would be a good way to do it. Sell a few million of these to non-existing customers and it would greatly help. By not allowing your existing customers to move to this phone and be potential sales people to all of their friends, all we are doing is spinning in circles. This is nothing more than another phone if they require an everything plan.

    Plus my g/f wants one, and she has SERO.

  22. ken

    Not sure if all SERO customers were turned away with the Instinct, but if the phone sells better than the Instinct with the everything plans I feel it will be a success for Sprint and Palm. And once again they need it.

  23. Dave

    For those people who say they don’t need/want to switch plans, then I suggest to NOT buy the Pre. Simple as that. If the plan you are on now suits you better, then stay on that plan. Sprint isn’t forcing you to buy a Pre.

  24. Mustang46L

    So, is there a link to this webcast???

  25. JJ

    Your right, if my plan didn’t have data then i would have no problem changing plans. But my plan does have data and the data i use on my htc touch is not different than the data on the pre. I understand if i was on the old vision plan and i got a device that is power vision, then i see the reason for forcing a plan change. But its not like its going to be accessing a faster network with the pre.

  26. Ro

    The Pre will most likely have the same plan restrictions that the Instinct has. The plans for the Instinct and Pre most likely is as follows: For the individual, there is the everything data 450 min ($69.99), 900 min ($89.99) and Simply Everything ($99). For the Family, there is the 1500 min Everything Data ($129.99), 3000 min Everything Data ($169.99) and Simply Everything Family ($189.99). All of these plans include the following: Unlimited night and weekends starting at 7pm, unlimited Sprint-to-Sprint, free long distance and roaming (non-excessive), unlimited text, picture and video messaging, email (includes Blackberry BIS btw), internet, TV premier, Radio premier and navigation. Simply Everything of course is unlimited minutes. Company discounts can be used on these plans except for the Simpy Everything.

  27. SaltyDawg

    Another brilliant decision by Sprint. (sarcasm).

    Palm has already confirmed they will have a GSM version shortly after the CDMA version. Just wait til the GSM version is released and pop your AT&T SIM card in. No need to play games with forced plans.

    That’s the problem with CDMA- the carriers screw it up. It’s wouldn’t be bad if carriers didn’t screw it up.

  28. Ro

    For familys that have one person that uses data and the other person doesn’t, you would either have to switch the whole plan to the new family plan with data integrated or separate the lines into individual plans. One plan can be on the Everything Data 450 for example and the other line can be on whatever. For those that have data add-ons such as the $15 Vision Pack, those will not work because being that it’s an add-on, it can be removed easily. The new plans have data integrated so it’s impossible to take data off. Also the $15 data just includes web, email, basic TV and radio. It doesn’t include TV premier, Radio Premier or navigation.

  29. Ro

    SaltyDowg, AT&T does force plans on the Iphone and on all their PDA/smartphones. Verizon too. As a matter of fact, the Iphone forced plans are ridiculously high but yet it sells. Why would you own a device like the Pre with its WebOS and not have data on your plan?

  30. F1

    “I can see how a customer would be mad at that, but I applaud Sprint for it. It will get customers off these old plan with free this and free that and force customers to modernize their plan, which should bump up ARPU. People cried foul at the Instinct for this same tactic, but I don’t see an issue with it. Its a smart move on Sprint’s part.”-Dave

    Sounds like you are on payroll, for the guy who needs more than 1.000.000 new accounts of minimum $30 just to pay for his $28.000.000 salary, hint initials D.H.!
    Over 6.000.000 customers, have moved on since the introduction of the Instinct. Great marketing, since we are doing so good, why dont we force the remaining customers to minimum $70 everything plans,this way we can sustain the salary and secure it for a few years to come, since letting go of 8.000 employees last month only goes so far, in keeping the margin! Besides fewer customers is better, hence less need for csr and big time savings and don’t forget the B&W commercials starring D.H., no need to hire anybody else!! The bonus, that means we do not need new phones either, in fact during the last four months we have released 1 brand new phone! The stunning NEW Pink Instinct, and also 6 months of hype for the PRE, pre release rumors, and constant delays on the aPREs (apres french for after), also known as the PRO.(Of course meanwhile,the competition is standing still!!)
    Sheer genius, to force the remaining loyal customers into higher cost plans,that should make them feel apreciated, since the economy is doing fantastic and people do not have any fincial concerns what so ever, except for how to spend the extra money!
    After all, they can always feel free to leave! lol
    Keep it up Sprint, if this pattern continues,sadly, logic dictates that your day’s are numbered,even though we the loyal customers, have helped you grow since 97!

  31. F1

    Sorry fincial=financial !

  32. SaltyDawg

    Ro Said:
    “SaltyDowg, AT&T does force plans on the Iphone and on all their PDA/smartphones. Verizon too. As a matter of fact, the Iphone forced plans are ridiculously high but yet it sells. Why would you own a device like the Pre with its WebOS and not have data on your plan?”

    Yes, AT&T makes y9ou get an iPhone plan if you buy an iPhone from them. But if you buy an unlocked iPhone you can just pop your SIM in and it works without any special plan. And ifyou unlock your own iPhone and change plans, putting your SIM in will work just fine.

    I am not saying I would not want data with the Pre. Obviously I would. But if I already had a plan that had data, why would I want to pay even more for the same data? if they want to require the phone to have data, fine, require it to have data. But they shouldn’t force anyone to change plans if they already have a data plan. Just build it into the system that the Pre requires a data plan, so nobody can drop the data add on. If they built it in the system that it requires an everything plan, they could have just as easily built it into the system that it requires a data plan.

    It’s just Sprint gouging customers. They better hope Palm puts forth the billions in marketing that Apple did for the iPhone. Otherwise this could be another nail in Sprint’s coffin.

    Like I said, I’ll just wait for the GSM version and pop my SIM in and not worry about changing plans. And that’s if I even get a Pre, I might just get the Touch Pro 2 and call it good.

  33. latinoartielange

    “1st iPhone $20 for data. 2nd iPhone $30 for data. And both plans included no text messages. It sold millions. The higher plan worked for ATT and Apple. Hopefully it will work for Sprint and Palm.”- ken

    it worked because the phone (at the time) is amazing. But now with the pre and the TOUCH PRO2 coming out sprint has a chance to get a bigger chunk of the market. sprint needs to remember that it is a CDMA carrier and it is at a disadvantage because the rest of the civilized world uses gsm. its like sprint brought a feather to a sword fight. i would get the daxian t32+ right now but since its a gsm phone i cant because it wont work. sprint needs to reward customers instead of canceling accounts for people that have complained in the past remember that?. SPRINT=MICKEY MOUSE CONPANY. wake up.

  34. Ro

    Ya it’s too bad Sprint is still bleeding customers but not as much as last year. Sprint does have a long road to recovery but at least they are moving in the right direction. F1, Sprint released early a ton of phones for the holidays as well as the Blackberry 8350i recently. The Palm Pro should be in stores starting today actually too. Yes it has been delayed several times but that was because of memory issues and other stuff related to Palm. The first batch of Verizon Storms released were plagued with issues and still suffers a high return rate. At least Sprint was waiting for the bugs to get fixed before finally releasing the Pro.

  35. Ro

    Ok so lets say for the sake of argument Sprint is gouging customers. How are they any different than AT&T and Verizon gouging customers? They are the third largest wireless carrier so who cares if they are or are not gouging customers. At least they are cheaper than Verizon and AT&T still. It is a smart business decision to require a new plan with the Pre. They are going to capitalize on the popularity of the phone and make some money to pull them out of the gutter. It worked with the Instinct as it was their fastest selling phone. Sure you can pop a SIM card in an unlocked Iphone and use it without data. You can take a Sprint phone, and flash it to another CDMA carrier if you wanted to as well. As far as not rewarding customers latinoartielange, keep in mind that with the new plans, you get full upgrade eligibility only after a year. Not two years like with any other carrier.

  36. SaltyDawg

    @ Ro:
    We’ve been down this road before, so I won;t get too much into it. But I will say that Sprint is NOT always cheaper than AT&T and Verizon. Both AT&T and Verizon have cheaper plans than Sprint is requiring for the Pre. Sprint is cheaper in SOME cases, but AT&T and verizon are also cheaper in SOME cases. It looks like Sprint is doing to minimize the cases where Sprint is cheaper by forcing the customers who have bargain plans into the higher payin gplans. Not smart business from a company who is already struggling to hang onto customers.

    And how is Sprint going to capitalize on the popularity of the Pre? The average joe on the streets has never even heard of the Pre. It worked with the iPhone because Apple spent BILLIONS in marketing, andthey already had a pretty good sized fanbase because of their iPods and Mac computers. Can Palm match any of that?

    It did NOT work with the Instinct. Sprint has continued to lose millions of customers since the Instinct was launched. Granted, the instinct is a pretty crappy phone, especially compared to the Pre- but does the average joe know that?

    And you are wrong on the iPhone. If you pop your SIM into an unlocked iPhone, data DOES work just fine.

    As far as flashing your Sprint phone to another carrier, good luck getting it activated. Verizon sure won’t activate it. Some of the small regional carriers will, but Verizon won’t. And even if they would, it’s not the same as going to ebay, buying an unlocked phone, popping your SIM in, and using it right then- without ever calling the carrier. No need to worry about plans, no need for BS like Sprint is pulling making you change your plan to activate a phone.

  37. F1

    @ Ro
    Sprint released early a ton of phones for the holidays as well as the Blackberry 8350i recently.

    1.Yes, Sprint was early,… all out of Amo, just as the season started and ever since,every one of the top Sprint releases has been matched, by “V” and “A”, in marketing, timing is everything!!
    2.In addition Storm and Bold, both came as bonuses,and both were rumored along with Omnia Andro,and another HTC HD,…to be on their way to Sprint! Somehow the budget keeps falling short, and they keep getting lost along with a large number of employees!! This “Check is in the mail” excuse, is getting old!
    3.8350i is a Nextel unit! (That was Mr.Shortsight’s gift, that keeps giving, I meant to say Mr.Forsee, the previous genious decision maker!)

    Ro, Sprint used to be first with new tec phones, the loyal customers know what I am talking about, they started falling behind with the Moto Rzr, the rest is history.

  38. JJ

    I agree with Sawlty. Sprint right now has great plans that include data and are a great price. Why force these customers to pay more for the same data? If they do that the prices will be almost identical to verizon and if thats the case, why stick with them, unless coverage issues get resolved? Im trying what i can to stick with sprint but their not giving us much choice. I hope someone at sprint reads these posts and use the feedback for the better.

  39. DP

    “Actually Don louie, verizon guarantees cell phone coverage in most buildings.”

    Actually, JJ, they don’t. No cell carrier GUARANTEES in building coverage to the best of my knowledge. From the Customer Agreement on the VZW website:

    How Service Works
    Wireless phones use radio transmissions, so we can’t provide service when your phone isn’t in range of a transmission site used to provide service. Even within a coverage area, there are many factors, including network capacity, your phone, terrain, proximity to BUILDINGS, foliage and weather, that may impact availability and quality of service.


    You agree we aren’t liable for problems caused by you or a third party; by BUILDINGS, hills, network congestion, tunnels, weather or other things we don’t control; or by any act of God.

    Man, Verizon’s marketing (brainwashing?) is good!

  40. Dave

    Why force plans? Because they can. I dont think Sprint is really risking much here. If you dont want to switch your plan then you dont buy the Pre. I cant see people flocking away from Sprint for the sole reason of they couldnt buy the Pre and put it on their plan. People said forcing plans on the Instinct would kill Sprint and it became their most popular phone ever. Yes, Sprint is losing customers, but it sure inst because of forcing plans. Its about customer service mostly I’d wager.

  41. Joe

    Let’s summarize:

    1. Sprint announces everything plans…basically everything plans give all features for a minimal price to make up for Sprint’s awful coverage. It’s a trade off…but at least there was the option to have this or not if you were a current Sprint owner.
    2. Samsung announces that the Instinct will be exclusive to Sprint to compete with the iPhone.
    3. Sprint is happy, Samsung is happy, current Sprint customers are happy.
    4. Sprint capitalizes on this exclusivity and forces everything plans for the Instinct.
    5. This screws over old loyal customers (ie: SERO customers, customers with freebies and perks on their plans bc they have been with the company for forever, etc. etc.)
    6. Sprint pumps heavy marketing dollar in a futile effort to thwart the iPhone.
    7. Early indications: The instinct is a success…sells well within the first month of release.
    8. Later Indications: Instinct and Sprint in fact suck balls. The floodgates open. Customers who have had Sprint for two years around this time did not renew their contacts…they just got the iPhone. Brand new customers who bought into Sprint’s marketing of the Instinct realized Sprint’s crappy service and were able to cancel within the first 30 days and sign up for the iPhone. If they stuck with it for a little, they paid the ETF and sold their Instincts on Craigslist…thus starting the cycle over.
    9. Sprint lost a CRAPLOAD of customers in Q3 and Q4 of 2008, and Q1 2009 ain’t looking much better.
    10. The end result: The Instinct on Sprint was a failure. Not a bad phone, but no iPhone. Stupid Sprint pitted it against the iPhone and screwed over poor Samsung. Samsung never released the Instinct on any other network (although they are foolishly releasing an Instinct Mini….hmmmm weird).
    11. The only customers left on Sprint are mainly old loyal customers again (who did not upgrade their old perky plans).
    12. In comes Palm to save the day (and themselves) with the Pre….the Pre seems like a much better piece of hardware than the Instinct…however, unlike Samsung, right out of the gate palm announces the Pre is coming to other carriers.
    13. Palm announces the Pre to be exclusive to Sprint until 2010. They also announce a GSM version and most likely a Verizon version is in the works.
    14. Sprint is happy, Palm is happy, current Sprint customers (read: loyal and SERO customers) are happy
    15. Sprint again tries to capitalize on the exclusivity, and requires the Pre to have an everything plan….
    16. Lather, Rinse, Repeat


  42. JJ

    Yeah dave, instinct has really helped sprint. oh, maybe not since its still one of the only companies loosing customers by the hundreds on a daily basis. Or maybe you can pay the difference for everyone who currently has a data plan that is no more different than any other data plan that sprint offers. Maybe you should just go get a job with them if you think there ok in charging extra for the pre. oh wait there also loosing employees by the hundreds too.

  43. Joe

    One thing I forgot to mention also is this very important fact:

    ***Word of mouth matters***

    If a friend tells me that something is awesome, I will definitely look into it more than if some douchebag CEO on a commercial tells me it is. Sprint does not realize this…or if they do they do not care. Look at the scenario with the SERO customers and customers with perks. Sure, people took advantage of SERO, so Sprint stopped that program. But hey, whatever, the customers who “got in” were happy, and the people that were with Sprint for years and had perks and really cheap plans were also happy! They tell their friends..”Hey, I just got this great deal from Sprint…its great blah blah blah..they really care about their customers, and if you are loyal yada yada yada”.

    Even though they can’t get in on the SERO plan, and they haven’t put their time in to get perks, they are hearing great things about Sprint. Then Sprint releases the everything plans, and customers feel that they are still getting a good deal (because they are). But then….then something goes wrong. Sprint gets a pretty cool looking phone with the Instinct, but decides, hey let’s screw over the people who would actually spread, by word of mouth, about this cool phone, and force them to upgrade their plans to the new everything plans…even though they have all the requirements to use the phone on their old plans.

    So what happens? The Sprint customers go and tell their friends…”Yo, Sprint blows…they just screwed me. Don’t get Sprint because if you have a good plan or get a perk, when the next new phone comes out they will screw you.” What do people do then? THEY DON’T GET SPRINT! They will go get that iPhone.

    True story. It happened to me.

  44. JJ

    I am trying my best to stick by sprint. I really hope that in the end, this pre thing having to be on an everything plan is just a rumor. Hope is always good in these times. Heres to HOPE and hoping I can still get the pre.

  45. Ro

    I hope you enjoy the sub par 3G network AT&T has and the ridiculously high plans to boot. TRUE FACT: The Instinct was a good thing for Sprint. It was their best selling phone and Best Buy will say the same thing. Of course it was no fancy Iphone, but it is not a bad phone. It can do several things the Iphone can’t do. Sprint does not go from bad to good in a day or even a year. It’ll take them a while to get back to good business again. I hear stories all the time of Verizon FORCING people to change to their nationwide plans just to get any phone. Sprint has TWO phones that require plan changes. The Instinct and the Pre. Big deal. If current Sprint customers don’t like it, they can get the Touch Pro. It’s got like twice the hardware specs than the Verizon version anyway or you can spend like $90/month to get an Iphone that can’t even play music wirelessly over bluetooth but my 4 year old E815 from Verizon can. Forget about unlocking your Iphone to do anything useful and forget about SERO. It’s the mass consumers that matter. You know damn well that Verizon and AT&T would require plan changes for something like the Pre and Verizon will probably cripple the phone too.

  46. SaltyDawg

    Once again, you are dead wrong about almost everything you just said. Let me spell a few things out for you…

    1: AT&T 3G is FASTER than Sprint’s EVDO rev A when you have equal coverage. When you start talking about inside buildings and other areas where Sprint’s coverage is lacking and AT&T’s is not, then AT&T’s 3G is MUCH faster than Sprint. It’s a fanboy myth that Sprint’s is faster. If Sprint’s was really faster, they would have sued AT&T a long time ago for claiming theirs was the nation’s “fastest 3G network” in every single commercial. Remember when sprint tried to claim they had the most powerful network in some commercials right after they launched EVDO? remember how AT&T (then Cingular) sued them over it and made them stop making that claim? Yeah, the fact that Sprint hasn’t returned the favor says it all. As if anyone really needed any proof- all the specs for Sprint’s EVDO versus AT&T’s HSPA are pretty clear on the matter. And anyone who has ever used both can easily confirm- in areas of equal coverage AT&T will win every time.

    2: You keep saying the Instinct was a success because it was Sprint’s best selling phone. But you are talking about the best selling phone at a time when sprint lost over 6 million customers (and counting). Should GM be claiming success because the Cadillac (or whatever) was their best selling car last quarter? Should Washington Mutual be happy that their home equity loan (or whatever) was their best selling product last year? Should Circuit City be happy that Compaq laptops (or whatever) was their best selling product last year? Give me a break, Sprint is barely able to stay in business. They are losing customers by the millions- at a time when all the other carriers are adding customers. Sprint is also laying off workers by the thousands, losing money by the billions, and their stock price continues to tank. There is no way they can claim ANY success with what they are doing until these numbers start to improve. Right now they are getting worse and worse, with no sign of improvement in the near future.

    3: It does NOT cost $90 per month for every single iPhone plan out there. Heck, you can get an iPhone on pre pay if you want. And you act like the iPhone is AT&T’s only phone. Remember, you will be able to get a Pre on AT&T too if you so choose, and you won’t have to change your plan to some ridiculous plan to do it. Sprint may be getting the Pre first, but Palm has already confirmed a GSM version will be launched after the Sprint version. And there are a ton of phones you could get right now to get by until the Pre launches. But, if you’re like me, you may not even wait for ther Pre. the Touch Pro 2 will be out soon, and it looks like it might be even better than the Pre (to me anyway).

    There is just no way to justify what sprint is doing right now. The only reason anyone chooses Sprint over Verizon and AT&T right now is because they got a better deal there. Once Sprint starts raising prices, customers will leave in droves. Well, bigger droves than they are already leaving in. And it doesn’t matter if it turns out to be their most popular phone if 10 people leave for every one that signs up.

  47. F1

    I agree with Joe, the most effective form of advertisement and the most efficent form, is infact, word of mouth, and Sprint is acting like an “indian giver”, stay with Sprint and we will give you the world, but then good old fashioned greed rears it’s ugly head!!
    I will Never recommend someone, who changes his word based on laisez affair, loyalty is priceless, but taking someone for granted is equally a mistake, I will not sell my referal recommendations, for $20, $100 or even $1000, if I can trust you, I will recommend you for FREE!
    We should be free to pick any phone with any plan, force is never a foundation of trust, try to explain that to someone who makes $28,000.000 in salary, and lets go of 8000 low wage people, whose job was to make you feel welcome at the store!!!

  48. latinoartielange

    lets see when i joined sprint i could choose what voice plan, data plan and text plan. very competitive price, but its a CDMA carrier and the phones sucked with the only exception the mogul.sprint drops customers who complain. NOW the phones are finally getting good pre, diamond2 touch pro2 but they are requiring a higher price(everything plan BS) and customers still leave for gsm carriers because sprint is still a CDMA carrier. its like mopping the floor with dirty water.Just give us great phones at competitive prices…whats so hard with that..

  49. Jose

    OMG F’n Jesus come on people, If you really think you can do better at Sprint, then go work for corporate then! Quit your bitchin and move on, if you don’t like Sprint then there’s the door, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!