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2 responses to “Samsung Lists Verizon Version of Galaxy S5 Developer Edition”

  1. An0nYm0u5

    Bootloader locks are no more a security issue than locks on an 8th story window. Its a control and limitations issue. I agree that if you play with it. You should pay if you mess it up. Many like to mess them up then run screaming for warranties. But you have many like myself, that have a drawer with about 3 phones that got cooked from “developing” new ideas, os, etc. As far as bootloaders go, they by no means stop it. As virtual partitioning. I.e. safestrap simply invokes no longer making the bootloader a part of the boot process. So it more or less becomes useless. Of course their is support. Well its understood you cant have support for every known rom or tinker known. But you could have support trained to spot it and cease contact. Most carrier support rarely speak english or even know what they are talking about with the non tinkered phones. So before we can point to a problrem, lets find a solution, or middle ground so to speak. As it seems such the norm these days to just point fingers when we could all just shake handd and smile. P.s. developers, as i am one. Take responsibilty for your lapse of judgement. Or should i say kids and noobs having no idea what they are doing, and when you tear it up. Use it as a learning tool. Not a way to screw the carrier out of money. You did it. You fix it…

  2. An0nYm0u5

    And on another note. Carriers, manufacturers, stop cramming all the useless, add sending, junk bloat ware apps that we will never even open. Developer or not. We dont want them. Dont use them. Instead make it part of the setup process. To understand what they are and if we want them we choose. Your letting marketings ideals of shove it in their face make you disliked. Some are good. Kudos to Verizons latest text app. Awesome job, techs!!! But lots of others… Just stop… Now you have the carrier. And manufacturer shoving them down your throat. And take for instance , samsung and Verizon. They are the same apps. Different name. How many clouds do i need?? Lol lets work as one , as we should in all aspects of life, and i bet we’d reach the top faster…

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