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161 responses to “Sprint Confirms Froyo Upgrade for Samsung Intercept, Android 2.2 Update”

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  2. jenny

    As a new buyer, I am between Intercept and Moment and keep reading mixed reviews.. Do you pros out there think that the fact that the Intercept will be able to have Android 2.2 should be a deal breaker and cause me to get it instead of the Moment? Will the update make the Intercept’s processor/internet load time faster or if not, what else is the update good for?

  3. jenny

    As a new buyer, I am between Intercept and Moment and keep reading mixed reviews.. Do you pros out there think that the fact that the Intercept will be able to have Android 2.2 should be a deal breaker and cause me to get it instead of the Moment? Will the update make the Intercept’s processor/internet load time faster or if not, what else is the update good for?

  4. Ambo

    I need 2.2 in order to dl flash 10.1 to use HULU ect. I’m stoked to hear Intercept will b getting the upgrade to 2.2. I’m also a brand new customer & would be banging my head if 2.2 was a “no go” on my brand new phone & CONTRACT!!!

  5. jenny

    Hmm ahh decisions, decisions. anyone out there that think the Moment is still a better choice even with 2.1?

  6. Ambo

    Hi, Jenn.
    Rumor has it that Intercept is replacing the Moment & that moment will not be upgraded to 2.2…
    *smilez n have a nice day*

  7. jenny

    Thanks Ambo..! I do know that the Moment will not be upgraded to 2.2.. but despite of that, do you guys think it’s still better to get the Moment for the faster processor and better screen resolution and less cheapy feel? (I hear the Intercept is more of an intro budget Android phone, more for teenagers- not exactly a replacement for the Moment)

  8. Christopher Price

    Ambo, what you wrote is not a rumor, we reported that in the article… Sprint has said multiple times that the Moment and Hero will not be upgraded to Android 2.2.

    As to Moment vs Intercept… there’s no clear answer to that question. If you don’t want the benefits of Android 2.2, Moment is the better bet. If you want what Android 2.2 delivers, as well as the potential for Flash 10.1, then Intercept is the only choice.

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  10. Jay

    If you’re considering a Moment, look into the Airplane mode / CDMA lockup bug.
    My wife got a Moment last week after complaining for hours to Sprint about her Pre’s hardware issues (3 replacements). This bug is requiring a reset of the Moment three times a day, and causes many missed calls and texts(delivered after the reset). She spent two hours on the phone last night and got Sprint to replace the Moment with an Intercept. She’s damn good at complaining [ poor me 🙁 LOL ] !


  11. Larry

    IMHO, the Moment is a better choice only if you recognize that you will eventually have to load nonstandard firmware into it. The Moment has a vibrant user community (for now, anyway), but every solution to the Moment’s problems starts out with “First, ‘root’ your phone.”

    On the other hand, I would not assume that Flash will ever run on the Intercept. Adobe’s specs appear to say that (full) Flash requires a Cortex processor and at least VGA (480×640) screen resolution. The Intercept’s unusually low 240×400 screen, and its obvious lack of Cortex, seem to consign it to the pre-Flash world for all eternity.

  12. Ethan

    As a recent Intercept buyer, I’m telling you all that it’s worth it. With an improved launcher, TasKiller, and smart management, it runs like a DREAM, even with its last-gen processor. EVDO-Rev.0 really isn’t an obstacle, especially as a college student who has wifi when I really need faster data anywhere I’m at. I use all its features, and have had no app issues whatsoever, despite its inexplicably low resolution. Even without Flash, SD app storage alone makes 2.2 a HUGE upgrade for power users. I get full days out of the battery and love the keyboard design. It’s much more pocket-friendly than the Moment. Having handled tons of phones, including Apple and RIM devices, I’m thinking my Intercept is built to last. It neither feels nor looks cheap, and does have a nice, smooth aesthetic. I worried a lot before I bought it, but realized that affording the Epic was just too much a long shot, I decided to give Intercept a chance. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just about everything on the Intercept. Definitely a keeper; I’m realizing a lot of the criticism of the Intercept is only in comparison to giants like Droid and Evo. It can’t stack up to those, but on its own it certainly performs enough to be worth the purchase.

  13. Randy

    Does anyone know if this 2.2 update will fix some of the bugs on Intercept like non-responsive Home and Back touches? Or improve basic functions like the dialer and texting? I’ve only had mine a couple of weeks and have had all sorts of quirky things occur. Don’t know how much is a hardware issue and how much is software related.

    In fact, just today I had an alarm set. When it went off, no button or screen touch would shut off alarm. Had to power down phone and restart to stop it.

  14. Guppie

    Given that the Moment and Intercept share the same exact processor, why wouldn’t the Moment be able accept Froyo? Since Android is an “open” platform, its stands to reason that Foyo will be available to install on it. Would it even be possible to install Froyo on the Moment? Granted, you will have to “root” it, but wont it essentially be an upgraded Intercept?

  15. Larry

    Randy: As far as I can tell, a non-responsive Home button is a reason to exchange your Intercept with another (brand new one) before the 30-day exchange period expires. Don’t let the store stick you with a restocking fee either. The user guide makes clear that one tap of the Home button should take you back to the Home screen. If you have to tap twice, or–much worse!–can’t do so at all, your unit has either defective hardware or defective firmware.

    When my family bought their 3 Intercepts, I told the salesman point-blank that we would not accept an Intercept with a dysfunctional Home button. He agreeably checked the Home button on each one. All 3 worked fine.

  16. GinoRP

    I recently picked up the Samsung Intercept for my g/f and she had nothing but problems since day one. She needs the physical keyboard and I had to distract her from the Palm Pre. I think I figured out a way around most of the issues:

    1. Do not use a task killer on any Android 2.1+ (and up) smart phones because the OS now suspends non active applications more efficiently now. Killing frequently used applications only requires them to be reloaded all over again when you go to use them, thus making you wait longer. Read about “Task Killers” on the Sprint forum.

    2. Use Launcher Pro as your default home screen and application browser. I don’t know why this is much smoother and faster than the original home screen, but it is. It has cool effects like 3D application browser too.

    3. Uninstall the default browser by a long press on the desktop icon and install Opera Light. This was the single most effective thing I’ve done.

    4. Learn the difference between incidental and deliberate screen and button touches and don’t use your fingernail on a capacitive screen.

    5. Have the patience to wait for the selected action to fully execute. Pressing the button unfortunately gives no indication that its action is currently being executed. Sometimes you will press another button or the same button defeating the action. This just causes even more delays and frustration by queuing up subsequent presses and their actions.

    Post your suggestions, experiences, and responses here for all of us to benifit.

    Good Luck.

  17. Larry

    GinoRP, I assume you are referring to Opera Mini 5.1. As far as I can tell, Opera Mobile is not available to end-users on Android.

  18. keith

    i just got my intercept on thursday the 19th as a birthday gift.(august 18th) i love my intercept its the best phone ive had compared to sidekicks, blackberrys..etc etc.. i havnt had any problems so far. i only did a factory reset because i couldnt get it to mount to my computer but thats no big deal…i heard there was gonna be a fix for it in Android Froyo (2.2). hopefully there is.

  19. Brian

    Does anyone know when the Froyo update will be available for the Intercept?

  20. keith

    brian, i heard it would be out between this month and january

  21. christian

    Is it getting the full upgrade with adobe?? A lot of people say it can’t handle adobe. And will 2.2 make the phone run faster and smoother??

  22. Christen

    if you want more homescreens on the intercept i recommend downloading adw launcher for the intercept it is now on the android market for free and from my understanding the intercept is getting froyo at the end of sept. and christian no we will not get adobe flash player but if you download skyfire browser you can by pass this.

  23. christian

    Thank u for answering my question,I did download skyfire but u can only view certain things. I couldn’t watch shows on but its very good for all the videos u need flash for.

  24. John Finnam

    Hello peeps,

    I bought this phone for my lady friend just a day after it hit the stores. However, we’ve not been able to ever connect the phone to any computer successfully for data/video/photo transmittal or to upgrade or add to the software. I’ve tried on both XP 32’s and Windows 7 64 machines to no avail. XP dings but doesn’t detect the hardware. Windows 7 said nothing nor did nothing.

    Also, she just got an error today of “Phone storage low” and hasn’t received any new texts since. She has/should have plenty of space as she deleted old photos and texts but the error persists. I’ve perused all the available manuals online from both Sprint and Samsung and they do not even include any error messages and or how to deal with those.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems and if so have you managed to solve them?

    Thank you

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  26. Eddie Wiggins

    Just FYI for the people that don’t know this. A lot of people are complaining about USB issues with the intercept and I thought I was one of many with the issue. When I plugged in the phone the computer did absolutely nothing unlike my previous phones I’ve had. I even called sprint tech support for help and I’m the type that NEVER calls customer service. I use the internet for everything. Well long story short I found out how to get your USB connected and xfer files between your computer and phone without having to download drivers or anything of the sort. Simply connect your USB to the phone and computer. You’ll notice on the top it will have a USB symbol on the phone. Drag down from the top to view notifications and one of them will say “USB connected. Select to copy files to/from your computer.” Tap this once and you’ll get a pop-up on the phone that says “You have connected your phone to your computer via USB. Select “Mount” if you want to copy files between your computer and your phone’s SD card.” The options “Mount” and “Don’t mount” will be under this. Tap mount and your computer will respond, giving you the option to open your phone’s folders and place pics, apps, ringtones, etc there.

    Hope this helps someone 😀


  27. AKS

    I have the Moment and like it (I did the upgrade to Android 2.1 and it is nicer now). But basically, it seems the Intercept is not as good of a phone as the Moment, hardware-wise (slower internet, non-amoled screen, weird resolution, no camera flash). But in a lot of ways they are the same (same processor). I wonder why you couldn’t just use the Intercept’s Froyo update on the Moment; assuming it is some download that you have to do and install from a PC (like how they did the upgrade of the Moment from Android 1.5 to Android 2.1), why couldn’t you just use it to upgrade the Moment? I wonder if, in fact, Sprint will ultimately allow you to do this, but they aren’t saying it now (e.g. to spur sales of the Intercept and other phones)? Just a thought.

    And even if it won’t be possible to do the 2.2 upgrade on the moment, what are you really missing compared to 2.1? Flash support seems unlikely, so what significant benefit will 2.2 really give you (besides flash) over 2.1?

  28. Joe

    I am planning to buy Intercept. I would like to know whether we can get 2.2 upgrade as Sprint confirmed a month ago ?

  29. Rob

    It will be released by the end of the year it looks like Joe.

  30. Jennifer

    With the “Phone Storage Low” error, deleting old messages is not enough, the phone needs to keep about 18 MB free to keep the error from appearing. Remove any apps you hardly use and reinstall once updated to 2.2 so you can save to SD. As far as the computer connections go, Eddie is right on how to do it, but the manual tells you the same thing.

  31. cj

    To those with pc connection problems. If you disable usb debugging mode it should connect fine. To further good things on the intercept I’m on it now.

  32. Aric

    As an Intercept owner that has used, and contemplated purchasing the Moment at one point, I a can this: The overall size and newer features offered in the Intercept were the selling points for me. The fact that 2.2 will be offered only on the Intercept is also a huge factor, but was not known to me at the time of purchase (I bought in late July, shortly after the Intercept became available.) Basically, the Intercept is the size (roughly) of the HTC Hero, and therefore much smaller than the Moment. The Moment was just too bulky for me, as I usually have my phone in my jeans pocket. Also, the processor, though faster in the moment (negligibly), is of an older make, and when you factor in the overall greater battery usage by the faster/older processor, the Intercept wins there hands down. I can make it a full 8 hrs with moderate talking, app and browser usage, as opposed to my buddy who is charging his Moment after about 5 or 6 hrs. Screen resolution on the moment is better, but again it is negligibly so, and I really have never had a complaint about how thing look on my Intercept. Add the fact that 2.2 is coming to the Intercept, and with it the ability to store the apps on the SD card, and the Intercept becomes the perfect phone for those wanting all the features minus the extra frills like HDMI out ports and HD screens that just mean more battery usage in the long run.

  33. frodo

    sorry ambo but the intercept runs a pre cortex processor and only cortex enable hardware ( htc evo etc.) will be able to run 2.2 and have flash installed- planned obsolesence for the intercept 🙁

  34. Aric

    The HTC Hero was the first device to run Flash and was pre cortex. It ran Flash terribly, however. The Intercept will have the same issue, playback will be very choppy. It is a very good thing that the Intercept is getting Froyo, but enjoy it for all the features other than Flash. (UI upgrades, additional speed and Apps installed to the SD card.) If you really must have Flash, look at the EVO.

  35. m

    frodo, my buddy has a rooted g1 running 2.2 and he runs flash on it as well. samsung, google, and sprint have all confirmed that the intercept is getting 2.2. whether or not it plays flash is unimportant to me. my app memory has been full since the first week I got the phone (thanks to and i’d love to move my apps to my 32gb sd, thats the main reason i’m stoked on the upgrade. plus the performance improvements of course.

  36. JJ

    I talked to a sprint salesperson and asked if the Samsung Moment will get 2.2 and he said they can put Android 2.2 but you have to visit the sprint store for they can add the 2.2 software. And The Samsung Intercept will be getting Android 2.2 automatically over the air sometime in 2011.

  37. ryan

    When are we expecting the 2.2 updrade for intercept?

  38. brian

    ok so my friends at sprint have told me we will be getting 2.2 this month!!! (intercept)

  39. mike

    Nice hope we get it soon and virgin mobile better get it too

  40. kike

    What is the exact date the foyo update is going to be relesed for the intercept?

  41. brian

    he couldnt tell me exact but said near the end

  42. anthony

    The moment was by far the worst phone I have ever purchased. I returned it 3 times until they offered me the intercept. My moment had such bad the guy at sprint timed by lag at 1.5 minutes, that’s how long it took me to make a phone call. We’ll see how the intercept works… it feels like it should store bubblegum not apps.

  43. vern

    Well I just got done checking sprints download site for any updates only to find that they have taken the Intercept completely off of there site.

  44. Matthew

    I have the Intercept from Virgin Mobile will i be able to get the update and if i can when and how do i get it?

  45. Ami Rob

    it will be an automatic update by the end of the month…

  46. veeRob

    Clock is ticking… still before the end of the month?

  47. Edward Coast

    I just bought my Samsung Intercept on Nov. 21st, 2010. It has 2.1. I have noticed a problem, I continue to get this message I am puzzled about how to fix:
    “Sorry! The application Email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. [ FORCE CLOSE]”.

    The other problem is intermittent, where I will touch to start an application and it won’t come up, even if I had been previously using it.

    The other odd problem is I have two icons for applications that appear that both display “Music”. I don’t know what that’s about or if this normal. If I touch to bring up either they appear to be doing the same exact thing.

    I’d like the erase everything on the cell phone like a factory re-started and reload all the applications but I don’t know how to do this. I am using a Mac Pro, is there a way to do a backup of the entire contents of the cell phone? Thanks!

  48. keith

    Hey Edward.

    if you want to factory reset your phone,
    on your phone go to
    then factory reset data. it will tell you what its going to erase (Everything)
    but suggest you download MyBackup from the android market. you can choose what you want to back up like contacts apps settings ..etc..

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