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51 responses to “Sprint HTC Mogul Update Adds GPS & EV-DO Rev A (Updated)”

  1. Jason H
  2. parrott84

    Any word on whether or not this update got MMS, Sprint TV, or the updated video drivers? Anything else it got that wasn’t mentioned?

  3. zs450

    Thanks for the mirror! 9K DL speed from HTC was killing me!

  4. alucas

    Does anyone have instructions on how to do the upgrade, I’m a dummy when it comes to this stuff but I’m always on the internet on my Mogul and would like to enjoy the faster speed.

  5. Jesse Ryan Barrick

    This is the fourth update that Sprint has released.

    2.08 Original
    3.35 Latest

  6. Jesse Ryan Barrick

    If you are going that route, you might as well consider 2.08/2.09 a single release. All that 2.09 added was the Sprint Music Store.


  7. Orlando

    Hey Christopher, I am really interested and add Sprint TV and TouchFlo to my Mogul, can you tell me how can I do it. THANKS

  8. gonedigital


    I recently used the gps radio hack and firmware. do I have to restore to original firmware to use the new rev a update?
    furthermore, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and info

  9. gonedigital


    another question I had was that when I did the hack, I lost some features such as voice activated dialing that came standard befire the hack, will this update bring back those features?

    please let me know if there is anything I have to do to the phone before the update.


  10. Fred

    Off-topic, but now that the Mogul RevA update is out, anyone know when it will be available for the Touch?

  11. Orlando

    Chris did you know where I can find the info on how to add sprint TV and Touch Flo to my MOGUL. THANKS in advance.

  12. Gary Davis

    I just ran 4 speed tests on my mogul. Results bleow are PRE update. (rev0) I will update tonight and post the post updated (revA) speed test numbers on 03/13/2008
    Speed test url
    Chose the 1MB file test
    Test 1 = 500kbit/sec (2bars of receptioon)
    Test 2 = 571kbit/sec (3bars of reception)
    Test 3 = 708kbit/sec (4 bars of reception)
    Test 4 = 681kbit/sec (4bars of reception)

  13. Gary Davis

    Post update speed test results
    Test 1 = 283kbit/sec 3 bars of reception
    Test 2 = 341kbit/sec 4 bars of reception
    I give up. Very dissapointed
    WTF. Sprint tech support no help at all

  14. Humberto Saabedra

    Gary, you may be experiencing intermittent capacity issues. I would suggest trying again before writing off the update completely. Also, make sure all of the settings are correct as people report slow speeds only to realize they may be connected to a cellsite far away from their home area.

  15. Orlando

    Please can somebody tell me how to add SPRINT TV and TOUCHFLO to my MOGUL. I would really apreciate if somebody help me with this. THANKS in advance.

  16. John Allen

    Install this CAB file for TOUCHFLO

  17. parrott84


    Can you give us specific instructions on how to get the tv working? I had the old cab file that was going around, but I was under the impression that Sprint had put the kabosh on that and it didn’t work anymore. I haven’t tried the cab yet because I haven’t upgraded yet, but would you mind posting instructions and the correct (new?)cab in the forums or something since this seems to be something many of us are curious of?

  18. James

    I’m looking for some assistance with getting sprint TV working as well. The lateast thing i seen was from last november and it din’t work.

  19. Yvens

    hey how do i download the touchflo to my mogule

  20. Andrew

    Hey –

    US Cellular just launched the ppc 6800 and the ROM is 2.17.557.0. Will this update even work for this phone?




  22. Keith

    Anyone know how to use Sprint TV on HTC Mogul? Will appreciate any help.

  23. Joni

    I have never updated my HTC Mogul yet as it is only 2 months old.and see there is an update 3.35.651.2
    It sounds great but i was told that I will lose evetything on my phone if i do. How do I just update this and NOT lose my files, contacts, pictures, and ringers etc.. They are important ,as it is a business phone Can it be updated without losing anything?

  24. Stan

    I think updating your ROM looses about everything. I would think not the microSD card, or if so, I don’t know why it would. But they say to ‘synchronize’ your phone to your pc before updating rom. Tell it to save ‘contacts’, emails, files, whatever.

  25. Chad

    Any way of managing the gps with an utility other than Google maps and Sprint Navigator?
    I just interested in being able to turn the gps on and off without doing a soft reset.

  26. J4TA

    My husband did the update on his MOGUL. He lost voice recognition, all his files including pictures on the MOGUL!!! He lost the ability to use Sprint PCS email too! And the internet is no freekin faster! WASTE OF TIME!!!

  27. Eric

    I updated my Sprint HTC Mogul 2 nights ago, I see very good improvements. The new upper-right close menu was very much needed, the TelNav is great, however even after talking to a Rep I do not think Sprint TV is available (maybe with hacks) There is a very nice program out there called PIM Update v2.8

    This program save ALL information on phone! It worked perfectly

    I am still going to look into the Sprint TV app myself, but all I would use it for would be CNN so I got Sirius for that if I cant anyway.

    I think you need to also remember that many settings need to be changed back to lower levels, screen brightness should be way down, redo your email to access the net longer intervals to save on power, member to close all background programs before leaving your phone sit, I just wish i could turn off that Green Flash LED!

    I’ve had my Mogul since Oct of 07 and I have no complaints at all, the service is great! unless I cover the darn thing too much. I don’t have BT or WIFI issues, I also talk a good 3,000 to 4,000 minutes a month and about 1500 to 2000 email/txt this phone handles it and so should anyone else’s!

  28. sen


    Anybody know when Sprint can release their Software Update on Mogul and what is the link to get more info about that?


  29. joni

    I have not updated my Mogul yet and noticed that Stan mentioned ( on April 25) a SD memory card. I realized I have a 2gig memory card in the phone. If I replace it with the original card and then do the update, will I still lose all my info such as contacts, emails, etc. Where is everything stored anyway? Or will the info be on the card I took out? I just thought that may be an easier way of doing it. After hearing that Sprint TV may be on the next update should I just wait for that? I hate to go through all this again!!! Thank you -anyone who answers.

  30. Ebony


    You need to active sync your mogul to your computer using WM Device Center. Create a patnership with your phone to your computer. Sync anything you want to save: contacts, notes, files, calendar. Anything that is saved to your phone. The update will not remove files from your SD card. But if you want to back up this information, create a Mogul SD Card folder on your desktop and copy, drag, drop the files into this folder (while synced). Then run your update. Everyone is waiting for for the WM6.1. It should be out soon. You may want to wait for it.

  31. joni

    Thank you for that info. I think I may wait a little longer for the next update to 6.1. Good idea. I certainly don’t want to do this all over! It is not too critical now. Everything is working good. I have tried to add skype and fring on my Mogul. They downloaded and installed but I don’t hear anyone and they can’t hear me. Sounds like I’m not the only one with this problem. I love Skype on my laptop. I have been taking that everywhere I travel. It is great!! If I could get my Mogul to work that would be even better. Any suggestion, and should I also wait to do any of this til AFTER I do the update. I sure hate to have to redo that too! Thanks for all your assistance.

  32. bryan

    hey joni… i have a lot of experience trying to find ways around the skype thing.. the problem is, every phone manufacturer has a different signal path for audio to get in and out of your phone so skype can’t just write a program to intercept the audio. ive even tried a bluetooth unit, and that wont work either. the only thing that you can do is download iskoot. its free, and you just download the version relative to your device. iskoot will then log into skype for you and audio works, and you can do skype sms to a mobile device.

    i have a question for anyone who has been following these updates…
    i downloaded the rom update a few months ago VERSION 3.35.. today, i downloaded VERSION 3.56…
    what is different between the two versions, is the new one more functional or is or does it contain added red tape or dead functions or what?

  33. joni

    Bryan and Christopher
    Thanks for you feedback. I finally updated my Mogul 6800 yesterday and have 6.1 on it. The Sprint TV and Navigation work fine. Next iskoot…. I’ll let you know how that works out. I had Sprint walk me through it as I was really unsure of what to do. They were great!! Thank you Thank you.

  34. ashton

    did anyone run into issues updating the rom on vista?

  35. ashton

    did any who have issuses updating on vista?

  36. Metro

    No Issues with Vista after the update to 6.1

  37. Zackory

    Did the 6.1 update come out yet? If so, where do I get it from? And what does it come with?

  38. Press

    Is there a version of BB messenger that can run on my Sprint HTC Mogul?

  39. dolores

    i’ve had my mogul for over a year and never gotten any updates or that sprint tv can you show me how?