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88 responses to “Straight Talk Announces LG Optimus Q”

  1. c

    So what network will this run on?

  2. Humberto Saabedra

    Like the Samsung Precedent, this Optimus Q will run on Sprint’s network.

  3. Straight Talk announces LG Optimus Q | Prepaid Reviews

    […] It appears that Straight Talk is just getting started with Android handsets. They recently released the LG Galaxy Precedent, and now are readying another one. Via their Facebook page we learn about the LG Optimus Q. It’s identical to the LG Optimus Slider, which Virgin Mobile will shortly release. That means that, like the Precedent, the Optimus Q will run on the Sprint network. It’ll be a tick cheaper, though, at $179.99. You can reserve yours at Straight Talk’s website.   Via […]

  4. cristal

    Soo when can I buy this phone.. its not available on yet..

  5. steve

    sad that it’s only using sprint’s network. Not sure why they don’t have a version for At&t or Tmobile since they’ve got contracts with them & already provide other 3g phones that run on At&T and Tmo. it appears that all of straigt talk’s cdma phones that run on verizon’s network are not 3G.

  6. roche

    dude seriously \/ \/ \/

  7. Linda

    So when does this phone actually come out on the market. It says to go to the Straight Talk website to reserve one and its no where on their site.. And when can i get one for my zip code 12828?

  8. Tamz

    Straighttalk is on Verizon’s network so why does it have to be through Sprint? I don’t like VirginMobile anymore, none of their phones work as well as Straighttalk’s and I was wondering the same thing about when is it supposed to come out? I saw on’s website and when clicked, NOTHING. I have been with Straighttalk for two years now and just can’t go back to anyone else. Not for $45 unlimited. Period!

  9. rodney

    if you dont get service in as certain spot will it jump on verizons towers?

  10. David Nickerson

    I tried the Android Galaxy Precedent on the Sprint network for two days….I had nothing buy spotty coverage and a lot of my calls were being dropped. I got frustated with the phone, so I was forced to go back to a regular straight talk phone which happens to run on the AT& T network. And now I have excellent service but with a non-smart phone. Please come out with a droid phone that runs either on the AT&T or Verizon network.

  11. Alex

    It sucks that straight talk has signed with sprint for android phones. I mean look at the coverage map for androids. SMALL! They need to make a phone similar to the droid made by verizon or the tmobile G2. Also sign a deal with ATT or Verizon. Mainly ATT.

  12. cristal

    Lucky me the Sprint network is better then Verison in my area!

  13. Melody

    actually the phone has cdma & gsm technology and will automatically choose which network will give you the best signal. I live in a non sprint service area I have the other android device that they offer and it has excellent service everywhere. This was a concern for me prior to purchase so I contacted them and they ensured me that the service would be available and indeed it is 🙂

  14. Christopher Price


    We cannot find any evidence that the Straight Talk variant of the Optimus Q will be any different from the variant on Virgin Mobile. As far as we are aware, it is CDMA-only, and will only operate on Sprint’s network.

  15. bev

    sucks! they finally start getting decent phones…but u can’t use em b/c it’s sprint!! why?? messed up!!!!!

  16. Warren

    Verizon has the market share in rual Kansas. The spring thing just won’t work out here. It’s a shame too because $45 per month unlimited is a killer deal. This must be how companies like Cricket, and Why go monkey are in business. They can all scab off the sprint network on the cheap!

  17. MJR

    really sucks as i wanted the Galaxy ?precedent…..was told it wouldn’t work in my zip but it works in the zip 20 miles away where WalMart is located…go figure..just doesn’t make sense!!!

  18. Ted

    I spoke with a rep @ StraightTalk on 10/13/11 and they told me the LG Optimus Q will run on the Verizon network NOT Sprint. So what is up? For me Sprint is a no no but if it is Verizon, I’m in. Ya think?

  19. Dreamy

    To all those performing about why StraightTalk signed with Sprint and not the other networks who they already have deals with- regardless of how large Tracfone is, they don’t have much of a choice! They don’t own the towers, so are dependent on who will sign what with them. Verizon has already scaled back their agreement with ST, allowing them entry-level only phones. Keep in mind, they wouldn’t be putting themselves in a good spot by allowing ST to offer a fully unlimited plan, with an android, for less than what they charge for limited data. Not only would they loose business, but they would also be putting added data strain on their networks. It’s just one of those things-if you want prepaid and affordability, it comes at a price-choice of handset.

  20. Susan Fowler

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  21. Leroy

    I want to think everybody who gave us advise on the optimus g anndroid striaght talk phones
    tnank again. I sant stand the sprint network . drop and missed call and text messages and bad data courage. thank U thank u. I want a android sraight talk smart phone ,but not on the sprint network.

  22. Vahsh

    Just to make this clear I do work for Wal-mart and have personally spoken to the Tracfone rep of our area. So you can say this is coming straight from the horses mouth as i will be repeating what i was told.

    1) These 2 phones for ST and the 1 coming for Net10 will all be on Sprint towers. As when the general meeting was held no other company was willing to step up to the price range Tracfone demanded(yes i said demanded they do have a hell of a lot more pull then some think)

    2) Sprint was the only company willing to make it work as all other companies claimed it could not be done and still make a profit. Thus Sprint was signed to a one year deal(no your phones wont magically change to Verizon towers at anytime during or after this year)

    3) Verizon realizing how much money they have lost by snubbing Tracfone sent there CEO down to talk to Tracfone’s CEO but sadly he came too late and the contract was already signed but was asked to return next year so all the companies could again talk about who wanted Tracfone’s business.

    Now i have a question does anyone have a link to a site listing hard stats for this phone. we know is the optimus Q but when looking for the phone all you find is the Asian market version nothing on the US version. I have also tried looking for it under its proper model number LG L55C.

  23. Vahsh
  24. Dreamy

    @Vahsh wrt your question on the hard stats, you may want to check out previously till very recently). Not sure if he’s done any reviews as yet on them, but he has offered a wealth of info in the past on Tracfone, Net10 and StraightTalk phones and I would imagine he’ll be reviewing them in the near future. Hope you find some info there.

  25. kayla

    hey when will this phone be available in wal mart i live in alabama

  26. carrie

    i had this phone for a week loved loved it no probs what so ever we have sprint in our area and coverage was great then one day i had no signal anyway that i normally had it..pissed me off bad i returned the phone…so being in a sprint area didnt do anything for straight talk service their costomers come first so when they has a large usage for their phones straight talks get dropped…just how it is..

  27. Isaac

    I was looking at this phone and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, and since this phone isn’t available right now I went with the Precedent. Which runs on Sprint. I’m getting a refund. Sprint is the worst network I’ve ever used. Do NOT buy a Straight Talk phone that runs on the Sprint network.

  28. Mike

    So many people post stupid stuff about STRAIGHT TALK, the service provided by Straight Talk uses various other carriers, some of the phones use Verizon, some use AT&T (like my Nokia E71) some use Sprint (the Droids and other LG’s) they ask for your zip code because they want to be sure you get a phone that will work best with the service provider they contract with in your area. Where I live both AT&T and Verizon provide good coverage, but Sprint is spotty at best, so they do not provide the Droid’s to my zip code.
    To all the people on here that POST STRAIGHT TALK only uses VERIZON, or whatever your brain thinks, you are just WRONG, Straight Talk is constantly upgrading their carrier contracts, and adding service by providers who best fit the Straight Talk customer base, HOPEFULLY the big 3 cell providers will soon realize they are being out played by these monthly fee unlimited no contract companies and start doing the same thing.
    I had an iPhone, dropped the contract and paid the fee, I now pay $45.00 for unlimited Text Talk and Data, total monthly fees with taxes is $48.46 a month a $124.97 savings over AT&T the little Nokia E71 has a better camera and a fantastic video camera, the screen is small, but on a bright side (and this only works with the E71 sim card) I can put the E71 sim in my iPhone (unjailbroken and not unlocked) and it works just like it always did with the exception of MMS…so I have the best of both worlds….so to speak…:)

  29. Vahsh

    Just keep in mind Mike that if you get caught in a random check they will perma ban you for using the sim card that way. The e71’s unlocked SIM was a mistake that reps found out about and told walmart employees about, so we could tell you about it as an option. Sadly Tracfone was not as excited about finding this out and has been banning accounts for it. Really a shame as there phone selection is not always the greatest, but i understand their contracts did not mention the use of iphones and the like and as they have higher usages you would be draining more then expected from the host company.

  30. William

    Google straight talk go to phones, and shop it will show you the optimus q, it just appeared last night

  31. zachary

    Straight talk could have used att or Verizon the speeds are both much different on these straight talk only uses the pay as u go from att and I had the iPhone 3g on that prepaid it was worst than my LG optimus v is way better but i lose covarage a lot if u want an android go with VirginMobile or Boostmobile why stright talk is doing this I think it is cheaper for them to give us unlimited on sprint

  32. Blby

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy Precedent on October 18, 2011 in Arizona. A major problem is during a phone call the screen goes black and locks up. The Power button has to be pushed to Unlock it. It’s a big pain.. In Settings/Accesibility there is a choice of checking or unchecking a box that presumes to indicate that I can ennable or disable the screen locking function. But, it makes no difference. A one hour call to Straight Talk off-shore rep was no help.

    At Walmart today the sales rep advided me thta they are waiting for 2 LG Androids; the LG571C and LGL55C. The LG L55C is the Optimus Q. I am returning the Samsung and will wait for the LG’s. The C designation usually means that the phones sold by ST operate of the Verizon system.

  33. zachary

    Did u try to get them to send u a new one this is a hardwear problem in some androids

  34. Vahsh

    Zachary If i understand you right you are saying go with virginmobile or boostmobile cause they have better towers….You do know they all use spirit. Is there a cap placed on the speed a ST phone can go that no one has seen before?

    Blby these phones will not be on the Verizon system they will be spirit. The P G S C and other letters do have meanings tho its normally in reference to GSM or CDMA(the G and C). The other two are used to reference what half of the country they are being sent to.

  35. zachary

    No I know that I’m saying there androids are built better straight talks are not all that well this is there first android it will have problems it will have problems in 3g just to let y’all know the speeds are going to slow down sprint is having problems right know any ways go with theb3tter companies till straight talk gets a few more androids goin

  36. GRUMPY

    Look we all need to write Carlos Slim a nice letter. Let him know that to be the best he has to get the best and SPRINT & Tmobile is not it. I am a Firefighter in Mexico Beach Florida, right outside of Panama City, Fl. I dont get service at all with T-Mobile there and very spotty with Sprint. I get good service with BOOST on the old Nextel IDEN Towers, But not the Sprint side of BOOST-CDMA. I need something that I can get both.
    UNLESS HE IS GOING TO BE LIKE ….”HIS GOOD BUDDY CHRIS GRECO” …..LOL LOVE YA SLIM LOOK point is that to be the best we need to cover all networks. Untill then no matter who you are you will find bad spots.


  37. Zachary

    i agree haha

  38. Michael

    Hello all we really don’t know what carrier it is only way find out wait if box says cdma~s its sprint if it says cdma-v It’s Verizon it says gsm-a It’s ATT says. Gsm-t It’s tmobile

  39. zachary

    We know that it is on sprints network

  40. Ken

    Before you buy this phone, read the reviews on the Samsung Android from Straight Talk. The reviews haven’t been good because people who bought the Samsung Android have trouble getting service in a lot of areas. They have been very disappointed with the network that it operates on. Wal-Mart told me that the new Android phones run on the Verizon network. CDMA on the box stands for Verizon. My wifes phone runs on Verizon and she hates it. Very little coverage area.

  41. Cia

    I would LOVE to be able to have a smart phone again i had the nokia 6790 surge an ive had to get rid of them…they have lost alot of buisness to the new verizon $50 unlimited plan cause their at&t doesnt work anywhere. where i live no one can have anything but verizon cause were out in the country an anywhere i went wouldnt get service with the galaxy so i had to take it back…i wish they would stay on verizon or at least get more varieties so we can upgrade our phones before we have to switch 🙁

  42. darrell

    i chatted online with the straight talk rep and decided not to buy any android that is available thru st because they both use the sprint service only and its as simple as it can be i am in southern ohio and sprint is horrible here. it was a very easy decision for me to make. lol. oh and btw there is no way a ST phone can float from att, verizon and sprint, its either one of the three and thats as simple as it gets

  43. Christina

    Will phone cases for Verizons LG Enlighten fit this phone? If not, how can I get a phone case for it?

  44. Preston

    It sucks that I have to return my phone to Wal-Mart tomorrow because Sprint sucks !!! Love the phone…hate the lack of signal due to Sprint!

  45. arod

    My first cell phone contract service was Sprint back in the late 90’s and Sprint was practically giving phones away, each store had quotas to sell phones and contracts.
    I was with Sprint for only a year and dropped them quick because of bad customer, phone coverage service, the phone was the only nicest thing! I complained so much about the service, they knew me by name. I went to Verizon after that, really had no complaints, some drop calls occasionally, customer service was better but nothing like Sprint (CAN U SAY HORRIBLE). I wanted to start saving money and so I got tired of being ripped off from Contract Service and finally left Verizon after so many years believe me when I say this Verizon wanted to keep me so bad that they were literaly going to give me more minutes that I can handle for less money providing I sign a new contract. I tried many No Contract phones and personally and expertly (my opinion only) speaking, the services out there have gotten better because of more cell towers. I have been Straightalk for some time now and there service is pretty good (Samsung Qwert Slider 1st (Verizon), now Nokia E5 (AT&T). I bought the Samsung Galaxy Precedent returned after 1 week because it is on Sprint Network (nothing really wrong with the phone other the screen freezes alot, I blame Sprint for that). I like the LG Optimus Q but there goes Sprint popping up again….No Way!
    Overall, Straighttalk is good service despite they outsource but they made bad decisions in the new phones they are selling by dealing with Sprint (I hope they get out of the cell phone market!). Unfortunately I have to say bye bye to Straighttalk, want a 4G Touchscreen phone from TMobile (No Contract of course). I will let you know how they are b4 they merge with AT&T. Don’t cry Straighttalk maybe I will come back someday after you divorce Sprint TT4N

  46. Vahsh

    Arod just so you know AT&T has almost no 4G net work they only have 10 cities up. Don’t let them fool you into thinking the HSPA+ counts as 4G only the LTE towers are. While they do call them 4G even they will admit that it is not recognized internationally as such. HSPA+ is still a great service tho as it does offer faster speeds then standard 3G and once their real 4G network gets up and running (2-3 years down the line) AT&T will have the fastest backup speed for none LTE areas or when LTE is overcrowded.

    I personally would love to see the next winner of the Smart Phone service provider being Verizon. As they have nice nation wide coverage and they really want to make it work with ST so you know they will provide the best service they can. AT&T would be a great option if ST’s contract with them allowed for unlocked phones and sim….45$ service on an Iphone or bought outright Android? YES PLEASE!