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65 responses to “Straight Talk To Launch LG Optimus 2X, First High-End Prepaid LTE Android Phone (Updated)”

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  2. Curtis

    Are you sure about the 2x running on AT&T?
    So far everything i have found is pointing towards T-mobile, but i would love for it to be at&t.
    If you have a source or something, i would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Rich Mann

    And you KNOW it’s on AT&T how??? Or is this speculation on your part? Please cite your source. Thanks.

  4. Rich Mann

    So no facts, just speculation. Awesome.

  5. AT&T Rep

    Of course it is AT&T.. Like was said, T-Mobile doesn’t have a LTE network deployed. And second of all, Straight Talk is a reseller for AT&T. It is a virtual network that will show up as straight talk on the alpha tag, but is actually using AT&T tower. Not convinced? Take your phone somewhere that T-Mobile has service but AT&T doesn’t. If you can find such a place, I guarantee your phone won’t work!

  6. jay

    Are you sure its gonna be on At&T Cause the other android power phones they have run on sprint network which through their towers can provide an LTE

  7. Jimmy

    Easy to understand
    1. LTE = AT&T and Verizon (for now, T-mobile and Sprint DO NOT)
    2. SIM card = AT&T and T-mobile (Sprint and Verizon are running CDMA)

    Therefore if it runs LTE with SIM card, then it is run on AT&T.

  8. Tarkio

    According to straight talk’s own release website for the phone, they say it has LTE.

  9. Chick Daney

    Wrong network. Wrong price. Looking forward to a banner retraction when this is actually announced.

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  11. Christopher Price


    We’re only as reliable as the information relayed to us by Straight Talk in these cases. But, I’ll get back to that in a minute.

    When Straight Talk says the Optimus 2X is LTE, and then ships non-LTE, HSPA+ units to Wal-mart, it’s going to create rampant chaos. It’s clearly not our fault, and we’re the first to point out what’s really going on, despite what the Straight Talk landing page might claim.

    I don’t see a “banner correction” in the cards on this one. In reality, we corrected Straight Talk. And, we’re providing more updates than anyone else on this coverage, so you don’t have to dig through the chatter out there.

    Giving fairness to Straight Talk, it is quite possible they are going to offer different Optimus 2X units in different markets. There could be an LTE version for handsets in AT&T LTE markets, with an HSPA+ unit being sold in the much-more-available T-Mobile HSPA+ markets. But, Straight Talk sure should clear the air before issuing handsets to stores.

    There is, after all, the Optimus LTE, and the LG Revolution, which itself is a budget 2X offshoot.

    Next time, Chick, don’t shoot the messenger…

  12. Chick Daney

    So, no independent corroboration or sourcing? Oh, wait, this isn’t actual journalism, just blogging. Never mind.

  13. Rich Mann

    Extensive research = visiting Howard Forums?

    Too funny!

  14. Jennifer

    Im so excited about this new phone Straight talk is coming out with. Please hurry and set the prices out Straight talk because as soon as I get my refund, Im getting that for sure. =)

  15. mark

    Straight talk must of pulled there adds for this phone!

  16. Jaymes

    Rich Mann dont you work for st? Yeah u fb inboxed me bout that imie generator lol

  17. Christopher Price


    If an original source (be it Sprint, T-Mobile or Straight Talk) gives us information directly, we report that. If they make a mistake, it’s their fault. There’s nothing to independently source… because independent sources would simply echo what the original source said.

    In other words, you’re shooting the messenger. We’ve dealt with it for years, but you’re simply the latest person to try it.

    It runs off our back, but I will defend the reporting here to anyone that has questions. I’ve reviewed the email chains and original sites (which ST has since pulled), I find nothing in our reporting that would require improvement in the future… we did a stellar job of reporting things as-they-happened here.

  18. Chick Daney

    So Straight Talk gave you the info directly? Highly doubtful. They rarely speak to the press.

    You pulled the erroneous “news” from their website (which they quickly corrected). There was no “reporting,” just web browsing, and no confirmation — from them or anyone else — of the facts.

    As for the importance of independent sourcing, please check with a high school newspaper editor or Journalism 101 student if the concept is alien to you. They can explain it more clearly, hopefully using short words for the sake of clarity.

    Oh, and you’re using the term “shooting the messenger” incorrectly, too. No one is castigating you for the actual information, just your far-from “stellar job of reporting” it.

  19. John Wong

    When is the LG Optimus 2X phone going to release, by what service provider and when will it come to Walmart?

  20. Ben


    This website mirrors what other websites are saying about this phone. Wait wait, let me take that back. This website mirrors what other CREDIBLE websites are saying about this phone. So unless all of the popular highly “hit” websites are in collaboration with each other in some conspiracy theory, then this website is just reporting what the source of information has stated.

    I will say that I know nothing about journalism or anything of the sort, but I’ve been on the web enough in my liftetime to spot a troll when I see one. So if you could take your mistaken idiotic comments to another website that’d be great.

    Oh and just incase you’re wondering I’m just a person seeking information and have no loyalties whatsoever to this website or the writer of the article. I’m just your run of the mill information seeker.


  21. Hii

    But cant it also run on hspa+ from att?

  22. Christopher Price

    John, Hill, I’ll tackle both questions at once.

    After Straight Talk acknowledged their errors, we got some clarifications.

    Our understanding is that the Optimus 2X units that are going to be sold will be re-branded T-Mobile G2x units. Because they lack pentaband 3G/HSPA+, they cannot use AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

    As such, you’ll want to check T-Mobile 3G and 4G coverage maps to see if the Optimus 2X is right for you.

    P.S. To the naysayers out there, we have Straight Talks direct media relations contacts on speed dial, as we do with almost every wireless provider in America. It’s not like we aren’t able to touch base with them. Again, the errors in this article were from information provided directly by Straight Talk, and they have acknowledged the errors as on their part… not ours.

  23. Chick Danet

    “we have Straight Talks (sic) direct media relations contacts on speed dial”


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  25. Shea

    1ST OFF let me just say to CHICK, REALLY??? Do you get paid to call people out? Because you seem very uptight & miserable ;( GET A LIFE CHICK!!!!!!!!

    Now for Chris, I recently switched my 3 Family lines from Verizon to Net10. I looked at the map 1st and it showed coverage here where we live in NJ & in Upstate NY where my Family lives. BUT when we went to my Mother’s only our son who has a basic phone had full service. My husband & I did not have any service… We have the LG Android phones… Does anyone know if why my son’s phone (which was a basic phone) would work but not ours? Do the Net10 Android & basic phones use different Networks?

  26. Christopher Price


    Your suspicion was correct. Net10 does use different networks and cellular radio types for different plans. For example, Android smartphones on Net10 up until now have been run on Sprint exclusively. The basic phones typically use a network other than Sprint’s.

    Unfortunately, Net10 and Straight Talk do not have one unified network type, because it allows them to negotiate with networks more competitively.

    In general, Net10 customer service can help alleviate these situations by moving around phone numbers and changing plans to make things work, however there are some times when it just makes more sense to pick up a new device, rather than shoehorn an existing Net10 device into swapping with a lost/stolen/damaged device.

  27. jill

    any word yet on when the release date is, how much the unlimited plan will be, and how much the phone will be?

  28. derrick

    do you know if this phone will let you stream netflix or you tube?

  29. chad

    how much is the lg 2x going to cost

  30. Lonnie

    I for one am very glad to hear this news as I was just researching my next phone plan move last night. I was disappointed to find out that there was no good 4G options. This phone on this service is the kind of thing I was looking for. At last a good prepaid option!

  31. Marty

    Does anyone know when this phone will be available in stores?

  32. Dan Sloane

    Thanks Chris for the info and Chick is not very chic, (jerk). But to the point, I live in 2 places, both very rural WA. The only coverage for the Mattawa area is US cellular and verizon. I am upgrading from regular phones to smartphones and US cellular wants $140 a month and verizon wants at least $130 a month without unltd texting and less (2gb) per month. Will the LG you are talking about work for us 2, man and wife. the ST site looks like it covers the area and my brother has ST and it works in the Mattawa area but it is simple phone and I don’t think he has tried much of a dnload, esp. from the ATT towers. I had to give up ATT after 15 years of service because they didn’t cover the area and to my knowledge still don’t. I would really like to save $50 a mos. Now is the time for me to change as both our phones are no longer chargeable. Please help before I make another committment I can’t get out of for awhile. Thanks again for your work in this area.

  33. nita

    I have been using starighttalk for 2 years now and I think their service is great at a very cheap price. i have had good experiences with many of their phones and now i cant wait till this phone comes out because im getting it lol. i have got the nokia e71, samsung, which works off verizon network and did not have anyproblems with them 2 at all and i currently just got the optimus q android from ST but the battery overheats in it alot. Although it works off sprint network i have great service on it. Im hoping that this phone is much better no matter the cost! Do anyone know when this phone is suppose to come out?

  34. nita

    oh yeah i forgot to add that i have just purchased accesories for this phone already like screen protectors, cases and etc from amazon haha im soo ready for it!

  35. iWantOne

    how much is it gonna cost? i was gonna get the Q but this one looks, interesting :3

  36. Walter

    I think the speculation is greatly unwarranted at this point for a number of reasons. We all know this could be a game changer. But several things have to be remembered.

    1) Mexican América Móvil (The company that runs the Net10, Tracfone, and Straightalk brands) is an MVNO (Multi-Vendor Network Operator) who negotiates contracts with whomever they deem advantageous to their product line. So this could be T-Mobile, AT&T, or god forbid even Verizon. There was a time when almost all of their phones were T-Mobile, then they started unveiling AT&T phones, then later on Sprint phones. So who’s network this ends up being is anyone’s guess.

    2) Being they’re a MVNO they could be negotiating with anyone. As of now on 01/28/2012 I can see no mention of HSPA+ or LTE on either sites. It seems the network reference has now been changed to generic 4G. Maybe they were hoping to make this a solid national 4G coverage and couldn’t do it.

    3) Straightalk/Net10 has a history of using proprietary locking technology between the phone and sim. So there is a good chance this phone will be locked into the Network, making this a lifetime investment in Net10/Straighttalk.

  37. Porshia

    When is the lg Optimus 2x coming out?

  38. Kamesha

    Please notify me when this phone comes available for purchase.

  39. Rich Mann

    Perhaps Berto and Chris can speed-dial their imaginary friends for answers to your questions.
    More likely, they’ll wait until the info is posted on Straight Talk’s website or Facebook page.

  40. nita

    Well, Rich Mann, i read the article and it specifically states this “””The phone will be launched by the end of the month as an online exclusive with pricing to match, as the phone will be priced between $249-299.99 and slot at the top of the current Android lineup””””” I am just wondering if this phone will actually be in walmart by the end of this month or is this information is even legit? This article was posted on jan 17 2012 so im assuming by the end of january.

  41. nita

    i called walmart in my area and they said that they got the phones but will have them out maybe next week. who knows though

  42. Crystal

    The wait is killing me!!

  43. nita

    lol me 2

  44. mmm

    This is bs.. I bought the q thinkin I would have a decent android phone on straight talk. Now 2 months later here comes the 2x. Wtf???!

  45. nita

    yeah i bought the q also so im selling it to sum1 else so dat i wont lose money on it however i heard that straighttalk was going to come out with another android phone after the 2x as well. I think its called the optimus black, but i am sure that this 2x is what i want and is sticking with for a while when it comes out.

  46. George

    Did anyone find out how much and when it’s comeing out?

  47. Scott

    Does anyone know the actual release date on this phone? Beginning to wonder if it is actually going to be released.