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8 responses to “Tracfone To Launch Prepaid Verizon Home Phone Connect Service Later This Month”

  1. octavio

    Looks like the old concept of prepaid home phone has made a comeback. This venture could work out for both vzw and Carlitos Slim. I am glad to see that someone in vzw is using their brains, because that unlimited everything with data share wont sit well with customers specially when you have to cough up the price for service plus $40 per device.

  2. Casey

    If having this as a prepaid line gets rid of all the crazy fees I’ll have a home phone again.

  3. Straight Talk launching home phone service - Prepaid Reviews Blog | Prepaid Reviews

    [...] [...]

  4. Brian

    It appears Straight Talk is a exclusive Verizon business, but on the tv commercials they say the nations best carriers, meaning multiple carriers. Does straight talk also use Sprint and Cellular One signals?

  5. Jim

    It sounds like it will be cheap enough, but the only thing I don’t like is having to buy it from
    these ******’s at -mart….Wonder if there will be any taxes added on to this…..

  6. Randy

    I have Verizon home phone and DSL bundle service for about $65.00 a month. Will I be able to ditch Verizon’s phone line and keep DSL? I have 2 wires for telephone and 2 wires for DSL at outside box.

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