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210 responses to “Verizon’s HTC XV6900 Update Packs Punch, We’re Offering It Early”

  1. Tommy

    Wow. I downloaded the update. Who is brave enough to try it first?? 🙂

  2. Brent

    ….”Hackers have already bypassed Verizon’s lockdown of GPS services on the XV6800, and it appears the same workaround functions on the XV6900.”……………..

    Has anyone actually tested it after the ROM update though???

  3. tender

    Yes. I upgraded my stock XV6900 to 6.1 using the official ROM then patched with the GPS fix from the link below, and it works great!

  4. RH

    tender – you state that you got the GPS to work from the link. Did you do the custom install or the ‘already have MR1 install’. I have trid the later and failed…

  5. RH

    A follow up to my post – my phone became de-activated on Verizon, i had to call in and get it activated. Once that happened all was well – including the GPS ‘fix’ listed prior!

  6. Tommy

    Well, mine is working. 🙂

    Remote desktop mobile is in this ROM. Verizon had yanked it out under 6.0 and I had to put a hacked copy on. huh.

  7. Tommy

    Yes, I had to call in and reactivate mine as well.

  8. John

    does this upgrade fix the ‘missed calls’ problem?

  9. JJ

    What missed call problem?

  10. John

    Phone won’t wakeup to calls after it falls asleep, then when you push the button to wake it up, you get bombarded with ‘incoming call, missed call, voice message’ notifications all at once and the phone does this half ring thing with the incoming call notification. Maybe there has been a software fix for this (temporary solution is a soft or hard reset every 2-3 days), but I haven’t found it in the threads I search. Many other owners of this phone experience it as well, seems to be more common than a random bug. I have exchanged the phone several times with vzw customer service to no avail.

  11. MBW

    Same BS happends to me. WTF?? i cant believe it hasnt happend to anyone else??

  12. MBW

    Also, I DL’d the update, and when i run the installer, everything goes fine, but as soon as my device “goes to sleep” the instal stops and sends an error???

  13. Roger

    It is with tremendous appreciation of the author of this article that I gladly downloaded and installed the update. The overall function of the phone is so much faster, especially while in sync with the PC. I had to dial #8899 to reactivate the phone, as *228, option 1 seemed to do it but actually did not. I have not activated my data yet (will do so Sunday, the 1st day of my next billing cycle). My home town is still not in the instant weather list, bummer. Thanks to Tender for the link to the xda forum and the GPS hack. Without it, we’d be forced to use a GPS receiver puck to effectively use Live Search or Google maps.
    This update will truly make the 6900 worthy of its standing. Bottoms up!!

  14. brent

    I did download the update and installed it and aftewards had to call verizon to get the phone authenticated again. I also dowloaded the GPS “fix” from here and followed the instructions at the bottom of the page and it worked like a charm.

    Downloaded the Google maps and windows live and the GPS worked just fine in both.

    I would recommend that if you had previous applications installed on your storage card to completely remove them from your storage card and then install the app, my emoze application was giving me errors but once I uinstalled the app, deleted the folder on the storage card, and re-installed the app it hasn’t had any issues. I imagine other apps could possiby do the same so just be aware.

  15. Roger

    The “GPS Fix” mentioned above: I wondering what exactly it does. Without it, is the GPS on the 6900 locked in to VZ Navigator only?? Anyone tried this “before and after?” Thanks for any info……

  16. Thor

    Unfortunately it did not work for me. Got to about 10 percent and had a communication error. Followed the steps provided and did not fix it. I now have a phone displaying red green blue and white and the update utility will only tell me Error (328): Invalid Command “This update utility cannot be used for your PDA phone. Please check your update Utility. Any help?

  17. Thor

    I am running Vista. I tried the steps you suggested and no luck.

  18. Thor

    I was able to finish the install using another computer also running Vista. Like most I had to call in to authenticate but my phone is up and running again now with 6.1. Thanks for the help.

  19. brandon

    hey, i installed the mr1 update off that site, then installed the “Valhalla Legends” that is supposed to make the mr16.1pro update for the xv6900 able to use third party applications, i installed google maps and followed all the correct steps, and google maps still tells me that my phone is not compatible with the “my location” feature,

    if those of you who have gotten the gps fix to work with the 6900, any ideas why its not working for me?
    theres the site i used, the mr1 fix is at the bottom, (and the valhalla cab on that page)

  20. Brian

    Cant get aGPS to work on XV6900. Question: After updating XV6900 with new ROM do you then have to update with the MR1 update for the XV6800 before installing the aGPS fix/hack?

  21. JOE

    How do you install the update? Download to your computer, sync the phone, open the app?

  22. JOE

    How do you install the update? Download to your computer, sync the phone, open the app?
    Can’t find any instructions….

  23. emoney

    I’ve successfully installed the update as well as the GPS hack and it works a treat.

    One thing i have noticed is that the photo album viewer seems to lock up quite a bit. I did not have this issue with the initial ROM. It seems to lock up when zooming in on or rotating pictures. Anyone else running into this?

    Other than that the browsing experience is much speedier with Rev A.

  24. JOE

    Thanks Christopher . I’ll try it when I get home. am a truck driver and won’t be home till Thanksgiving .

  25. jaxx

    What should i use unlock gps to use Igo8 since I dont have VZ expensive data plan ?

  26. Brent

    ………”jaxx on November 19th, 2008, 2:23 pm
    What should i use unlock gps to use Igo8 since I dont have VZ expensive data plan ?……..”

    Why would anyone have a smartphone without the unlimited data plan? It’s only $29.99 a month anymore these days and I remember paying 59 a few years back…..

  27. jaxx

    times are though …what can i say Brent ,,,, lol …. tried different unlocks ..and still nothing …

  28. Roger


    Without the unlock, the iGo program or any GPS program, won’t get a GPS fix unless you have an external GPS puck/receiver. VZ has locked the GPS to VZ Nav. But VZ Nav though it can be downloaded, can’t be run yet as VZ rep told me “your phone is not ready for VZ Nav. But that’s OK. For the little traveling I do, Google Maps is fine.

  29. Roger

    By the way the Valhalla GPS Un-lock program is not available any longer on the web site mentioned by Brent in a post above. I was lucky I managed to get the file before it was taken off. I wonder if VZ forced the removal of the program.

  30. Cam

    I downloaded and installed the update yesterday without a hitch, and I even was able to restore all of my programs without a problem. On the stock ROM, I had a hacked copy of the Internet Sharing tool running perfectly over both Bluetooth, and USB. However, with this new ROM, the tool no longer works. I’ve tried installing a wm6.1 fix, another hacked copy, and I made sure that the M.IP settings and everything you need to tether for free on Verizon were entered correctly. If anyone has figured out how to re-enable Internet Sharing with the new ROM, please tell me as I have no other PC internet access without it.

  31. Joe

    Am I an idiot? I am trying to install this and it keeps saying that it is not a valid pocket pc application. Am I missing something? Can someone give me a step by step on how they installed?

  32. Joe

    figured it out…guess it would help to read the posts…sorry fellas

  33. Brian

    Roger, the Valhalla unlock program is definitley still available on the site posted above. I just tried it out, and it is defintley still there. Give it another try. The cab file is about half way down the page and is called “GPSServer CAB”

  34. Joe

    hey guys… I installed the Valhalla Cab and it is not working with live or google maps…then, I try to uninstall with the cab from the link above and it won’t allow me. Anyone have any ideas?

  35. Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Firmware Update for Verizon HTC XV6900 at

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  36. Dustin

    hello all,

    Thanks for all the help listed above…I got everything installed…but I don’t have the VZ Navigator on my phone? I know you all said that Verizon wouldn’t activate it yet, but I don’t even have the program installed after I did the update.
    Any ideas?


  37. Sodbuster

    Google navigator is pretty nice. Earthcomber works if you don’t have data turned on, as it stores the maps onboard.

  38. Steve

    Do you know when Verizon will offer the update?
    No offense, butI am a little nervous about going outside of the supported upgrade path.

  39. Joe

    hey guys… I installed the Valhalla Cab and it is not working with live or google maps…then, I try to uninstall with the cab from the link above and it won’t allow me. Anyone have any ideas?

  40. Brian


    I had the same problem when attempting to uninstall the Valahalla Cab. You can either manually delete the files it installs, which I could not determine exactly (check out ) OR make sure you sync your data and perform a hard reset. But before you try any of those options I must make you aware that you MUST have a data connection on your phone in order for GPS to work. If you have a data block you must remove it.

  41. Dustin

    Thanks…actually found the navigator in the mean time…but just wanted to say that my GPS works just fine with the new update…I really like the new txt message interface too, makes it actually look like a conversation.

  42. John

    anyone discover if this upgrade resolves the ‘missed calls’ issue mentioned in an earlier post?

  43. Dustin

    So far so good on mine today. I used to have that problem too. I’ve had 3 calls and a few txt’s come through while the phone was asleep.

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