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210 responses to “Verizon’s HTC XV6900 Update Packs Punch, We’re Offering It Early”

  1. david

    heres the link with the patch i talked about in the last post

  2. david

    correct, i just wanted to let everyone know that the rep said that because that patch is for 6.1, it must be ok to install 6.1 on the device, even though verizon has not released it

  3. Ida

    what MESSSAGING application are you guys referring to? the missed call/msg thing when phone is on sleep mode?

  4. Ida

    thanks for the clarification christopher.

  5. rokky

    Is there some way to revert to the original WM 6.0 ROM if needed (such as for returning the phone to Verizon within the 30-day grace period if I don’t like how it works)? I have done this with some tools I found for my xv6700, so I would think comparable tools/commands exist for the 6900.


  6. Howard Goldberg

    I needed to change my plan — and, discovered this evening that when you change your plan online, there is an option to purchase VZNavigator for $9.99/month. I check off the option, and moments later, it was up and running. This, even though the update is still not up officially at the verizon support site.

  7. Scott

    I did the update to 6.1, then dialed #8899 to reauth my phone and it’s working awesome. After reauthing my phone, I installed the Valhalla cab, using the MR1 instructions (location on, Com4, etc) at the bottom of the xda-developers site, then installed google maps, but GPS doesn’t work. All it does is say ‘initializing gps’, then brings up a screen that says that no gps receiver was detected. Can anyone give me a hand?

  8. david

    everyone who installed the update:

    how is the text interface?

    i have a threaded hack on my 6.0 xv6900 and the soft keyboard covers the text entry field and sometimes the letters type the numbers that should show up when you push and hold. Any of these problems in 6.1?

  9. David

    Finally switched to a Blackberry. Its much more stable and has no problems. I would recommend doing the same.

  10. Scott

    I figured the problem out. I did a hard reset, and some customizations ran. When I first did the ROM update, they didn’t run, but after they finished, I re-installed Valhalla, dialed *228, option 1, installed google maps, and everthing works. Hope this helps anyone else who had problems this late in the game!

  11. Laurie

    HELP!! I have been using the xv6900 with WM 6.0 with no problems, for about 4 months. I have been reading up on the new update (WM 6.1) and noone seems to be having any big issues, so I decided to give it a try. I downloaded it fine and have verizon auth my phone. But now my phone seems to freeze up every now and then. I have to do many more soft resets than I had to do with the 6.0 version. Any suggestions please!!

  12. Laurie

    If I decide to, can I contact VZ, or go back to 6.0??

  13. Zach

    Go to settings, then click the system tab and choose “power”. Click the advanced tab and uncheck both boxes that read “turn off device if not used for…” on battery and external power. I was running into the same situation you mentioned of missed messages and calls, but once I did this, no more issue. You just have to hit the power button to turn the screen off when you are not using the phone. I also just set the backlight to go off after a few seconds if I’m idle, while on battery power. I think this issue stems from Windows Mobile being originally designed as a PDA OS, so I have a feeling this “auto off” feature might ignore things coming over the phone radio. I highly recommend a program called “S2U2″ or Slide to Unlock 2 for this phone.
    Laurie: What other programs do you have installed? What are you doing during the freeze? Have you checked any installed programs for updates related to WM 6.1?

  14. Laurie

    I could be doing anything. Making a call, or texting. I don’t have any other programs installed except the ones that came with the phone. I did a hard reset today and it hasn’t froze yet but I think it’s going to happen again. Am I the only one??????

  15. Jay

    Flashed to 6.1 and GPS unlock. Called VZW to re-authenticate. Works like a charm! Battery life has actually seemed to increase, phone is faster… night and day difference. THANKS to all… I was really wanting an official release, I had already bricked one 6900 with a cooked ROM.

  16. Zach

    Laurie: If the freezing is consistent and even a hard reset won’t fix it, you may just have a defective phone. Check all the buttons to ensure nothing is stuck, then contact verizon to see about replacing the phone. To be honest, the only time my phone has frozen was when I was testing a Beta program on it, but thats to be expected. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  17. Mike

    Hey guys,
    The update seems like a great idea. But I was wondering if after the update you still had the HTC Cube and interface that comes witht he stock rom. Also all the simple scrolling photo interfaces etc that are included with the stock rom and touchflo.

    does it just keep everything intact while updating to wm 6.1 or does it change the whole feel of it away from the touch flo “iphone-ish” style cuz that’s what I like about the phone.

    If it does eliminate these features, is there any other place i can find them? thanks.

  18. Laurie

    No, It keeps all the features just updates W.M. and adds some cool stuff.

    BTW: after the hardreset I have not had any problems 🙂

  19. Mike

    Thanks Laurie 😀 I just got the phone today and having non threaded texts drives me up the wall.

  20. Ida

    Zach, I tried your advice on the phone for the “missed calls/msgs during sleep mode” problem. I will let you know if it works. This problem have been driving me INSANE!

  21. Mike

    Also the phone, lock, messaging, etc buttons are now below the appointments, is there anyway to change that back to how it was before?

    unless I am mistaken…

  22. Zach

    Mike: Go to Settings / Today, then select the Items tab. Here you can select what appears on the Home screen and the order they are displayed. just highlight Calendar and select “Move Down” till its where you want it.

  23. ida

    zach, i tried your advice on the turning off the sleep mode, and the problem still remains…. still missing my calls/texts, etc…. i hate this phone.

  24. Zach

    ida: I did some hunting around. I found this link on a popular forum . I use a program call Slide to Unlock 2 (google S2U2) and I think it may make this registry change on its own. I would definitely recommend S2U2, and it can’t hurt to try. I hope this helps.

  25. Brian

    It appears as though there is an official release for the xv6900. Unfortunatley I am blocked from downloading the update so I cannot comment on it at this time. Perhaps someone else can take a look and provide any details or updates.

  26. jason
  27. PCD Releases Verizon XV6900 Windows Mobile 6.1 Update |

    […] Microsoft Windows Mobile, UTStarcom, Verizon Following up our early offering of the ROM update before its official release, PCD is now offering the XV6900 Windows Mobile 6.1 […]

  28. Bryan

    What’s the difference between this and the 6.1 update that was shown on this website a month ago?

  29. ida

    thanks zach. ill give it a shot. are you having this problem too?

  30. Daniel

    Same question as Bryan’s. What is the difference in this Rom and should I upgrade.

  31. rokky

    Now it is “official”!
    I wondered how official “PCD” (Personal Communications Devices) was, so was a bit dubious. It turns out that Vzw’s own download page link points directly to the PCD page mentioned above – good enough for me 😉

    BTW, what are the connections between PCD, Vzw, and HTC?

  32. SLeepdepD


    Can you post a link to the VZW page that points to PCD’s download page? I’ve been trying to verify the “officialness” of this update before applying it.


  33. SLeepdepD


    Thanks for the response.

  34. rokky

    Here is the link to the VZW page which has the link to the d/l on PCD

    Bottom right under “Downloads”, 2nd item, “Software Update (MR1)”

  35. SLeepdepD

    I found a link on this Verizon page: at the bottom in the downloads section. I’ve applied it and really like some of the new features…now I just wish I could get GPS working

  36. Buddy

    I am getting this phone Monday because I could get it without the data plan through Verizon. What upgrades should I do before activation? Also does this device have the option to announce incoming calls. Thanks

  37. Bryan

    Does anyone know the difference between this new upgrade and the one offered on this website last month?

  38. SLeepdepD

    All I know is this one is official and the other was leaked.

  39. SLeepdepD


    I applied the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade here: . This is a firmware update–meaning it’s going to delete everything off your device–so backup first. The ZIP file you download has instructions and lists some of the benefits of the upgrade.

    Other people may recommend different hacked firmware versions, but every post I’ve seen talking about it says something like “I can do all this great stuff, but MMS doesn’t work!” or “my phone freezes every 10 minutes”–so I’ve never messed around with any of these.

    Make sure you can make and receive calls after updating; I had to place more than one call to *611 to get it working again.

    I also applied the GPS fix found here: (the second method titled “Verizon MR1 GPS Instructions”). It says its for the XV6800, but it’s working on my XV6900 just fine. You said you don’t have a data plan, but I found this really great app called GPSToday . Google Maps and Windows Live works as well.

  40. Buddy

    Thanks SLeepdepD,

    Thanks for your replay. I plan on doing the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade before I activate the phone. I also would like to do the GPS fix you mentioned. I previously owned a Dell Axim so I am familiar with active sync and loading programs on a PDA. With my Axim I needed a GPS receiver. I assume this phone has an internal GPS receiver and interacts with the loaded map; is this correct?

  41. SLeepdepD


    Yes. The XV6900 has GPS.

  42. Buddy


    Got my new phone and upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1. I then tried the GPS fix but the link ( is no longer working.

  43. SLeepdepD


    The link to isn’t working? Or the link to download the CAB file? Oh…I’m unable to download the CAB file–so I assume that’s what you’re talking about.

    There’s a link to download it here: . Just now I was able to download it from there…and the CAB is the same as the one I originally downloaded (MD5 hash).

  44. Daniel

    Buddy, there is a link earlier in this thread to a megaupload or rapidshare link for the GPS cab.

  45. Scott

    I updated to the new official ROM Friday night. I did my first soft reset today just to clean up the RAM. When the phone came back up, I had a system error that the phone wanted to report to Microsoft. It has complained about three different programs failing, but I can’t remember the first two. The third is cprog.exe. I remember that name because it is coming up every time I soft reset. Any ideas?

  46. SLeepdepD


    Try a hard reset.

  47. Buddy

    Does using the GPS fix rack up data charges on the Verizon network? Which maps are most using?