$100 for The Best News Tip & Forum Post of the Month!

We’re rolling out a new offering at PhoneNews.com. We’ll pay you $100 if you give us the best news tip and $100 for the best forum post of the month.

It’s really simple. When you see wireless news happen, or if you’ve got that hot tip about that phone nobody’s heard of yet… just click the Submit News link (it’s at the bottom of every news page). And for the forums… just post whatever you’d like. We’ll be monitoring the forums and pick the post that stands out as the best of the month.

Of course, the decision is subjective, and PhoneNews.com reserves the right to end the offer at any time. Also, you must provide a valid email address on news submissions in order for us to contact you. We always allow (and welcome) anonymous news submissions, but they are not eligible for this offer.

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  1. britany

    OMG THE RUMOR IS A REALLY GREAT PHONE ESPICALLY FOR TEXTING. BUT Have you ever had you screen just go white befor well I have to solve the problem you just half to takr out the battery and hit the phone a couple time then tht should work hope this helps.

  2. Wogegurge

    Hello my friends 🙂

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