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11 responses to “Activation Bypass Method for Verizon LG Vortex Available”

  1. Lucky Me

    Thank you! Worked for me! So EASY!

  2. deena

    I cannot get this to work, I am no longer with verizon and i have a lg vortex and my kids want to use it on wifi but, i factory reset it and now it takes me to the language screen and i select the language and it goes to activation screen. I have tried the four corners, the volume up then down, back and search and nothing happens. Is there any other way to bypass the activation so my kids can use it for wifi?

  3. Christopher Price


    Unfortunately this article was written when the LG Vortex had just shipped. It appears Verizon closed this bypass in a subsequent software update.

    1. David Hildbold

      I JUST USED THIS BYPASS 2/25/14 ! I t still works ! 1Press Volume Up.
      2Press Volume Down.
      3Press the Back button.
      4Press the Search button ONE AT A TIME , IN ORDER !

  4. TL

    I just used this on a Vortex. I don’t know offhand which update.

    Anyway. I also tried it several times after choosing ENGLiSH language and it did not work. I just restarted the phone, and this time did the Vol up, vol dn, Back, Search combo while still on the select language screen and it worked like a charm!!!!

  5. anonymous

    First it didn’t because pressed language or some other keys. Then It worked after powered it off and up. Must press the key sequence right after power up.

  6. Mei

    Can I now use it as a prepaid phone? Not verizon prepaid, either. Is it possible to rest the meid number or does that even matter?

  7. Christopher Price

    Mei, the LG Vortex is compatible with Page Plus Cellular. You don’t need to bypass activation, simply provide Page Plus with the serial number of the Vortex, and let the Vortex activate with Verizon/PagePlus after you have set up the service with Page Plus.

  8. jason travis


  9. jon


  10. Amanda

    I have tried the combo w up down val.w back button n serch button. N nothing work at all to bypass the activation screen