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2 responses to “Adobe Kills Flash 10.1 for Windows Mobile 6.5, Focusing on Windows Phone 7”

  1. adobesux

    Way to screw over Win 6.5 mobile users Adobe, no wonder why Steve Jobs don’t have any faith in you. I guess they didn’t get the newsflash that said Microsoft was continuing keeping BOTH platforms around and 7 wasn’t actually replacing 6.5 but providing a different user experience. Maybe you should should buy Skyfire as they did what you seem not able to! What kills me the most about this is I just want flash video on my phone, the hell with the application side of things. I hate seeing the flash box where a video should be on EVERY website I go to for news and fun. If I want to play a flash game or application, I can move to the desktop. I guess we are just too dumb as a culture to pick things out for ourselves. We still need to be told what to do much like my 4 year old…

  2. Adobe does suck

    I agree Adobe does suck, by doing this Adobe is basically saying screw all people with phones running winmo 6.5 when phones running the winmo 6.5 OS are still being sold, some haven’t even been released yet, such as the HTC HD2. Let’s just hope that the upgrade to winmo 7 late this year for capable phones like the HD2 is in fact accurate, or there would be no point in even buying the phone. A love how Adobe treats this as Windows Mobile 7 is replacing winmo 6.5, with this new development, if other companies follow suit with Adobe and decide that it isn’t worth making apps for winmo 6.5 anymore, then we might as well consider winmo 6.5 obsolete….it wouldn’t matter if flash wasn’t on like 200% of all websites, but it is, thanks Adobe, for causing the inevitable.