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6 responses to “Alltel Launches Pre-Order Page for Touch Diamond, Launches October 30th”

  1. Benjamin

    Alltel is doing the same thing that legacy AT&T Wireless did. They continued to release new phones all the way until the end. I hope that Verizon doesn’t try to pull the same stunts as Cingular and make it where they have no choice but to have to change phones in order to change plans.

  2. Christopher Price

    Benjamin, the merger between Alltel and Verizon has not been approved yet. If it were to fall through… Alltel would be in a damaged position. It is in Alltel’s interest to continue business as usual until the merger is approved and transacted.

    Not to mention that Verizon wouldn’t want a carrier devoid of current phones… customers would jump ship to other carriers in droves in the duration.

  3. Benjamin

    I have no argument about that and I am aware they have to get the thumbs up on the 4th before even thinking about moving forward. I was thinking more about the aftermath than the before picture. The GSM America plan with the optional $20.00 a month Canada Roaming add on was a perfect example. They honored it until your device died and then refused to allow you an upgrade unless you gave it up. If the merger does go through and this is Alltels last stand I hope Verizon has more respect for them than Cingular did for the legacy AT&T Wireless customers.

  4. Milkbone98

    ^ However, ATTWS was a GSM carrier, as long as your sim was still good, you could use any other GSM phone and keep your plan. I’m not sure with VZW’s practices, but isn’t their network open for all CDMA devices? Thereby meaning the same?

  5. Christopher Price

    Verizon does not yet open their network to “any device”. They still do have enough wiggle room to make the argument that, if you move to a Verizon plan, that you’ll need a Verizon phone.

    I doubt Verizon will take the MetroPCS step of flashing Alltel phones over to Verizon firmware.

  6. Tommy hofmann

    You might want to update your picture for the alltel diamond. Check out alltel page now and they have a screen shot of the phone.

    I currently have an alltel diamond and let me just say that is is very very nice phone. it makes me touch seem huge.