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26 responses to “Amazing Deal: Sony Ericsson Z750a Refurb for $60 Without Contract”

  1. B

    I just went to the AT&T site and found the deal you mentioned above how ever the only color they have is Purple. Just thought I would pass it along.

  2. josh

    i ordered one. i have sprint, but i know i can sell / give / trade it to family / friends who would love to have it

  3. dcbw

    Geez, how do you add unlimited MEdia NET? That option appears nowhere.

  4. Larry

    Ordered this baby and am going to trade it to my sister for her white 580i.

  5. vishal

    hi. i would like to get this phone. so i can use it when i go to india. so all i need to do when i goto india, is buy a pre-paid sim card. my question is: how do i find out what the unlock code is for this phone after i buy it. will the unlock code be given with the phone inside the box or do i have to call at&t to find out. if i have to call at&t, will they freely give my the unlock code ? thanks for your help.

  6. tedahao

    I want to buy this phone to use in other countries. Can this phone be unlocked easily? Thanks.

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    […] kicking this newsletter off with an amazing deal! AT&T is blowing out the Sony Ericsson Z750a for only $59.99, without any contract… as a prepaid phone. That makes it the cheapest 3G phone ever sold. Best of all, you can buy […]

  8. Sarah

    That sounds like a GREAT DEAL! I’ve been looking at these on ebay and drooling! lol So I have a normal phone plan, how would I go about this if I were to buy this phone? You said that I would have to activate it? Do you just call them and say that you have it and stick your sim card in?

    Also with it being refurbished, what should I expect when I get it? Will it look new and work like new?

  9. laurie

    I was excited to see this but went to the website today and could not find this model anywhere under Go phones at AT and T. Could it be sold out?

  10. laurie

    ok, I did find the phone and it required me to pay as you go plan. i’m a bit perplexed though. they assign you a new number. i just want the phone and i want to keep my exisiting service with AT&T. so it’s as simple as turining it on and then off and putting my own sim card into the phone? that’s it? will i still receive some kind of monthly statement from AT&T if i’m not using it as a Go Phone? if any of you out there are doing the same as me can you clue me in? thanks.

  11. Carlos

    thank you so much chris. it looks like att has done a massive deployment in the central valley within the last two days as they match sprint and verizon outside of the cities which has made the purchase sooo worth it. the bluetooth pan rocks on this thing as i get 1.1 down and 350 up in hsdpa coverage and about 400\400 in umts areas on my samsung q1uxp.

  12. dan

    I just ordered the phone for $39.99. A $25.00 card is included. We’ll see!

  13. dan

    Very STRANGE. I just checked the availability using Internet Explorer as my browser, and the price was $59.99 without a $25.00 card included. When I used Firefox, the price was $39.99 with a $25.00 card included.

  14. dan

    The price is now $39.99

  15. kris

    I cant checkout for this phone w/o getting a go plan and the card gets automatically added at checkout for a total over $100.00. How do i just purchase the phone for the discount price on att web site. I like others just need the phone for my regular plan. I also asked a rep about using w/ reg plan on website and sd you could not due to diff insides.