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5 responses to “ Selling KIN One and KIN Two Off in Fire Sale”

  1. Sandy M

    There’s no point using these as Zunes.

    They have phone operating systems and phone electronics which will drain the battery. Although the capabilities of Kin were not like a smartphone, the Kin had smartphone electronics (eg Tegra processor). This drains the battery fast.

    The Kin is just not worth it as a music player. I guess if it gets cheap enough you could buy 2 and use them as book-ends.

  2. Christopher Price

    Zune HD also uses Tegra for its CPU. That wasn’t an oversight on Microsoft’s part, it’s part of why Zune HD firmware was so easily ported and incorporated into KIN.

    The main use would be for someone who wants a Zune that can double as a prepaid cell phone, on Page Plus. Granted, that’s a small optimal market, but it’s certainly likely to outpace the 500 or so people that bought KIN on postpay, before it was killed.

    Also, once it’s activated on Page Plus, you can also use it as a Wi-Fi device… trading Zune HD’s HD output for email and social networking.

    If Microsoft was smart, they’d backport KIN’s email functionality to Zune HD. Though, I suspect Zune HD’s days are numbered as Windows Phone 7 rises.

  3. J

    Can someone confirm all the features work with pageplus?

  4. Christopher Price

    Page Plus phones operate as VZW data devices. That’s not really the issue. The issue is that their largest data plan is 50 MB, after that you’re paying per kilobyte. So, in terms of data consumption, KIN’s Loop and email will probably consume more than that.

    You’re best off disabling KIN services while on Page Plus, and using them only on Wi-Fi, and leaving the 50 MB per month (on the 1200 talk & text plan) to do web browsing with the KIN’s IE/Zune-based web browser.

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