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8 responses to “America Movil to Buy Page Plus Cellular Parent Start Wireless Group”

  1. John R

    I personally hope that they do not purchase pageplus. i am a dealer for them, and im very proud because of the level of support for there dealers. after seeing w hat has happended to simple mobile after the purchase, i fear the changes that would take place if pageplus was purchased by them. i have already been considering removing simple mobile and all tracfone brands from our store due to customer complaints. pageplus is our best selling service. simple mobile use to be a good seller, now no one wants it.

  2. Greg

    I am surprised verizon would allow this. I thought verizon would buy Pageplus up & have two prepaid services. This purchase is pending regulatory approval. What government agency gives them the ok or not ok. Is this getting close to a monopoly?

  3. John R

    Both the FCC and FTC have to agree on this merger.

  4. Alex
  5. chuck

    I will go to a different company if they bought out track fhone sucks as well the other 2 you be talking to india for costmerservice that’s why I at pageplus now costumer service

  6. koadsystem

    I as well think monopoly.

  7. Robert

    You can call me for more information about the merger 866-641-6601 ext 123

  8. John

    If they move their customer service to India it will finally give me a reason to switch to Republic wireless. I have been meaning to try their $19 unlimited calling, data, and text plans. The catch with Republic is you have to purchase the one phone they offer, and when you are home it connects through wi-fi to make and recieve calls/data. Out in the real world it uses sprint and verizon cell towers when wi-fi is not available. All that for $19…unlimited. Really tempting, but I currently own my cell phone outright and have the $29 PP plan that seem to fit my needs at the moment. If Tracphone ruins this service….out out and I’m going to Republic Wireless.