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6 responses to “An Open Letter to HTC: Ads Aren’t Your Problem”

  1. octavio

    Amen, Brother.
    You said enough but I personally felt that you forgot one topic. The issue of removable battery. Look at Samsungs top selling phones they all have removable batteries. Quit imitating Apple and produce so real phones that everyone wants. The best phone so far was the HTC HD2 which is still alive with JB 4.1.2 and now I heard it even ported Windows Mobile RT and look how old this is now. I suggest that HTC should go to XDA Developers and ask then what a best selling phone should have in it. HTC you feel of the horse and now it’s time for you to get back up and make phones that everyone wants.

  2. Stan

    “Yeah, it hurts hearing this for free, when you probably paid some idiot $50,000 to come up with HTC One as a brand.”

    OMG, I nearly sprayed out my soda when I read that.

    It’s so funny because it’s probably so true.

  3. 1bmwdrvr1

    Thank you good Sir, for saying such good things in your article! My HTC EVO V is the best phone that this ” old timer” has ever owned and I like the Sense overlay… I would gladly pay full retail to upgrade but nothing is available on Virgin, (the GSII is a side step)… Cut lose with a DROID DNA on prepaid and I’ll snap it up. After years of subsidizing the iPhone 4 on ATT for my employee’s and myself, I’ve cut loose contracts for good. (What a sucker I had been). I realize I’m late to the VoIP party just having my 70+ sister introduce me to the “Viber” application, but gee whiz,folks should never worry about a ” minute cap” again. In retirement I’ve moved to Virgin Mobile and would like to stay with an HTC product. The EVO V was cheap enough to be a “stocking stuffer” for folks at this years Christmas party, but I did hea a few complaints about it’s age behind my back. ( No matter what you give employees, it’s NEVER really appreciated.) HTC, do I really have to hoard these last few EVO V’s that I have, because there is no better prepaid phone that supports Flash Player? Give me a Droid DNA on ICS 4.0.4 so I can use the full internet, keep your silly Jelly Bean downgrade that inhibits watching video content and make it with a removable battery ,please. If you do, I’ll cut these EVO V’s loose to the Women’s shelter. Thank You.

  4. Tom S

    Flash support has been discontinued by Adobe, not HTC. Any device that ships with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher isn’t even allowed to include Flash. Thank Adobe!

  5. Brian

    So far, the “one device” strategy is working well for HTC on the Windows Phone side. The Windows Phone 8X is the same device on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. It’s a desirable phone available in lots of different colors with a gorgeous screen, fast processor, and awesome thin profile. According to Digitimes, it’s selling very well.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the 8X is the device that Sprint ends up selling for Windows Phone 8 as well (they’ve announced that it’s coming soon).

    They should replicate this strategy with Android as well, and point to the strong sales of the 8X as evidence of the likelihood of success.

  6. matt

    Absolutely love the article! Classy that you only put a small snippet about the late 4.0 update. I, being a Droid inc 2 owner, would not have been able to control myself. I would also like to add, don’t forget an SD card slot. Every time I try to make myself look at the specs for the Droid DNA, I end up wanting to off myself for even thinking about getting another HTC phone. But I’m pretty sure I read it didn’t have a memory card slot. I like the “cloud” but I want the option of having what I want when I want it without needing my internet connected. Plus, I’ve had to get this phone replaced like 4 times. Having a mini sd card makes it easy to switch out. Again, great article!