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4 responses to “Palm Rolling Out webOS 1.4.1 Incremental Update (Updated)”

  1. SIMON

    Is anyone else in England feeling as if they are being conned by Palm. This morning I had 472 apps (31st March) now 1 day later I have 140. I am downloading 1.4.1 in the hope that this will rectify things, but hang on, I was under the impression that I would now be able to buy paid for apps. And apparently that means over 300 free apps have been removed from the app catalogue. What utter crap. How long does palm think it can continue to screw its uk customers. Come on you hackers out there, hack webos to run on a nexus 1 or a droid. The apps will still stink but at least the hardware will be worth having.

  2. Christopher Price


    I suspect it is due to server updates. Give it a few days… Palm has no interest in pulling free apps for European customers, or any other region for that matter.

    It may also be that App Catalog apps simply need to re-submit apps for your country. If that’s the case, it will be rectified quickly by each app vendor.

  3. Chuck

    Technically, this add the new Mobile Football Live app and removed NFL Mobile. So, there is ONE new app added. I do like that it fixes that volume control bug. I’ve gotten really annoyed with that every time I take my Pre out of my holster.

  4. Duker

    why bother with an update that has such little value?