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6 responses to “Angry iPhone 6 Shoppers Denied Full Retail Sales, Running Afoul of State Laws?”

  1. speed racer

    Stop buying Crapple Iphones…. Problem solved!

  2. Timmy

    The requirement that the phones have to be sold with a contract in-store probably does constitute a “bundling” – especially since all three carriers have said they will honor Apple’s stated full retail pricing.

    Moreover, even if it isn’t a bundling, a retailer in California does not get to selectively chose when to honor – and not honor – a stated price point. The price advertised must be honored until it is changed.

    Weights & Measures in California is per county, and that may be a problem. One county that is very business-friendly may snub the complaint, whereas another may dig deep.

    Not too sure the FCC will do much. Yes, they are looking for Verizon to screw up, but Verizon will simply sure by saying that they will start offering the phone off-contract before the FCC can take up the case.

    Bottom line, yes, the carriers (and Apple) should honor state law, and they pretty clearly violated it in California. But will anyone do anything about it? We’re in a generation that people shrug shoulders about violations of law, depending on who is running the ship. It’s just taken for granted, sadly.

  3. Nobody

    “Apple has not responded to requests for comment from PhoneNews.com for several years.”

    Glad that someone has the guts to explain how Apple PR works… or doesn’t work.

  4. Casey

    If you continually get treated like crap the onus is on you, the customer, to do something about it. Sadly speaking with your wallet isn’t always an option.

  5. Carlos

    Must be a carrier problem, which is not surprising in the least bit. These are the same people (or their sales reps) who aggressively try to “bamboozle” customers into giving up their unlimited data plans, will outright lie if it comes down to customer service practices that make them little or no commission, and in the past have shown a clear Android bias at carrier stores (presumably based on the tone or directions from the higher ups regarding the perceived profitability of lower subsidies on Android).

    Sometimes we’re stuck, like in the case of my AT&T line which being an NBO account, must be bought from AT&T. If you have the choice just go through Apple store. They usually have the best availability during iPhone launches and you’ll get likely more straightforward pricing policies being the carriers have minimal involvement.

  6. Daniel

    At some point, this “we’re big business so we decide what can happen”, is going to stop. People are going to deal with people, on a human level. The first company who successfully does this is going to change the tide of modern consumerism.