Apple Adding Video Calling to iPhone/iPad?

SDK screen capScreenshots from the latest build of the iPhone SDK indicate that Apple will integrate video calling into a future version of the iPhone. With this latest discovery, it’s assumed that the next forthcoming model will feature a front-facing camera to facilitate two-way video calling.

On the other hand, it’s possible that the feature may not be destined for the iPhone itself, instead being integrated into a future version of the iPad, being that both devices utilize the same SDK for development.

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  2. Dihce

    Seeing as how the iPhone is on at&t’s network that offers “Videoshare” as a way for people to share events through a 1-way video feed, I believe this SDK is going to allow the iPhone to use this powerful feature.
    Until LTE comes along I don’t see 2-way video conferencing coming along, thus not needing a forward facing camera.

    As with all things Apple, no one really knows until it’s here haha!
    But, even if it is for 2-way conferencing on the iPhone, or even just 1-way Videoshare, it’s a strong indication that the iPhone isn’t going away from at&t anytime soon, they’re the only network that supports talk and data features 🙂