Apple Announces New Features, Lower Price for iPhone

Apple Inc. has reduced the price of both the 4GB and 8GB iPhone by $200.

Both phones were launched to great fanfare on June 29 and were quickly purchased by both faithful fans of the company as well as curious consumers and early adopters, while phone enthusiasts and well-known critics continue to deride Apple for placing too many end user restrictions on the device, being locked to AT&T, low storage capacity, and functionality compared to devices in its price range.

The 8GB iPhone is now $399, and the 4GB version is $299 with no plans to continue production of the aforementioned model past the current supply available.

Apple also announced a firmware update that would allow owners of the iPhone to purchase songs from the iTunes Music Store over a Wi-Fi connection, as well as a feature to make ringtones from purchased iTunes Store songs for an additional $0.99 on top of the cost of the song with the release of the new version of iTunes, with the feature to be introduced next week.