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8 responses to “Apple Bans Apps with Sexual Content from App Store, Leaves Developers in Lurch”

  1. Rich

    Uncle Stevie must have found his inner puritan and now feels the needs to protect all Apple products and users from the evils of sex and sin.

  2. i like dan hesse

    What happens if you all ready have a bikini girl app?? Apple going to give me my 99 cents back??

  3. Christopher Price

    The real reason is that provocative apps began taking over the Top 25 on the App Store. Apple didn’t like that, so they exercised their Berlin Wall style controls.

    If you already have purchased an app, you can continue to use it. Apple didn’t employ any type of killswitch on provocative apps that have already been downloaded.

  4. jim

    So the Apple Victorian prude got mad at the word burqa? Welcome to The Great Wall of American Moralizing Judgmentalism buttressed by the self-interest, power and control vested in Corporate tyranization of the Great American “Free” Market. Gotta love it.

  5. milkbone98

    Thanks Apple, for keeping me safe from what you deem “offensive” or that may even imply offensiveness. Please extend that to my phone’s Safari app so that I have no chance of seeing anything that may even imply sexual content on the phone that I paid for and own outright.

  6. Steven Goldfein

    Well, maybe its to cut down on bandwidth usage. Everybody knows, The Internet is for porn.

  7. john gardner

    I thkink sex addicts should get a therapy.

    Apple should continue this approach.
    We don’t need more trash applications. If someone needs trash, the internet is full of it.

  8. john gardner

    I forgot to mention that when I searched iStore for “Sex”. I found a good free application for sex addiction and its effects.