Apple Confirms iPhone Sold Out at US and UK Online Store

Apple has officially confirmed the simultaneous lack of iPhone availability at its US and UK online stores, and is redirecting those customers in the US and UK to Apple, AT&T, and O2 retail stores respectively as the belief is that those locations may still have the device in stock.

This confirmation comes on the heels of silence from Apple regarding an updated version of the device with a built-in 3G radio, and wider release with multiple carriers in various countries across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, breaking with the exclusive carrier per territory plan originally implemented with AT&T in the US, O2 in the UK, and the Orange wireless arm in France.

Analysts are also predicting that an announcement regarding the 3G iPhone will come at the WWDC developers conference in June, leading to further speculation that the new device will launch on the June 29th date that the first iPhone launched on last year.

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