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85 responses to “Apple Consolidating AV Cables Ahead of iPhone HD Launch”

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    […] is planning HD video output for the new iPhone, including 720p and 1080i output, according to PhoneNews, which reports that Apple is asking resellers to put old AV cables on clearance ahead of new cables […]

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    […] Phonenews has some rather tasty information on Apple’s instructions to their Authorized Resellers regarding placing both the Composite and Component AV cable on clearance ahead of a probable iPhone/iPod Touch HD launch. Both current cables were not well received by the public. The cables first added encryption chips, which (upon the release of iPhone OS 2.0) made it impossible to use other, cheaper AV cables with Apple’s most advanced mobile devices. […]

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    […] parece ser que Apple está preparando cables consolidados, es decir, una versión del cable que se llamará símplemente ‘Apple AV Cable’. Este cable, que soporta todos los tipos de TV (de alta definición o de resolución estándar) y […]

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    […] Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable with a consolidated cable, simply called the Apple AV Cable, which supports both component and composite output, and costs about the same as one of the current […]

  12. gwb3

    I love my Apple TV. I think that the reason its sales are luke-warm is that they never advertised it, at least to my knowledge. I’ve seen many ads for all of Apple’s other products, but not Apple TV. I have wondered why since it is a good product and it would seem that they would want to sell as many films and rentals as they can.

    If iPhone doubles as a portable Apple TV, it would be a great compliment to my Apple TV at home. I would also have a portable one to use on the road. Brilliant!

  13. Sonia C

    Dumb question…would you be able to capture HD video too, do you think? As per Samsung Omnia (i8910) HD mobile that’s just been released?

  14. Juan

    Since they are “probably” using HD screens on the new iphone shouldn’t they take a step forward and use the new OLED technology to make a better, lighter and thinner screen for the new iphone. Also I’ve heard about a 3.2 mp camera but no one has ever mentioned if it will include flash (light) for the new camera?

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    […] PhoneNews is reporting that Apple is moving away from the Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable. The speculation is that a new single cable could preclude HD Video output from the next generation iPhone. Multiple options will be given to users to get HD video onto their TV, via iPhone and iPod. First, consumers will be able to store HD shows on their devices directly. However, considering the limits of flash storage, this is a time consuming process. Enter Bonjour. Apple will also provide the ability for users to plug their iPhone into their HDTV, and gateway onto a user’s Wi-Fi network, and access their entire iTunes library on their HDTV. […]

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    […] Posted by: Giampiero Serra In: Prodotti| Rumors| iPhone E’ ufficiale, siamo letteralmente sommersi dai rumors sul nuovo iPhone, preparate le scialuppe di salvataggio e mettetevi al riparo: questa volta si parla di supporto al video in HD, a rivelare questa nuova feature è il sito […]

  26. plajingko

    wonder how much it will cost ? with all those special HD function …if it too high i will get some thing that cheaper…

  27. nongpla

    why can they put thing together in one piece with out i have to go buy extra accressiores… ???? think that is the way for them making extra money….good for them bad for us..

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    […] screen? The current Apple Component AV and Apple Composite AV cables can output 480p, but there are rumours that the cable will be replaced by a general Apple AV Cable. Does anyone have experience using these cables? Would my video output have black horizontal bars? […]

  31. Michael

    How about making the phone better.

  32. IPhone HD Video: What Does it Mean for Apps?

    […] [via PhoneNews] […]

  33. Niki

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    […] rumeur qui sort vraiment de l’ordinaire, c’est bien celle que vient de lancer le site PhoneNews. Selon Christopher Price, un des rédacteurs, Apple aurait demandé à son réseau de revendeurs de […]