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6 responses to “Apple (Finally) Offers Up A Prepaid iPhone… on Cricket”

  1. Chris Benard

    “This is similar to how a GSM “unlocked” iPhone 4S from AT&T cannot be activated on T-Mobile. Apple only provides for “international unlocks” on iPhone 4S, meaning that the devices can be unlocked for use abroad.”

    What does this part mean? Apple unlocked my AT&T iPhone 3G, 4, and 4S (the last was purchased contract free; others were with contract) and they work fine on T-Mobile.

  2. Ricardo

    Odd that you’d consider Cricket a “Tier 1” operator, they’re clearly not. May want to correct the post that they’re a tier-2, if not really a tier-3 play.

  3. Christopher Price


    We stated that Cricket was previously a regional Tier 2 carrier. With their MVNO partnership with Sprint they are at best a national Tier 2 carrier. I don’t see where I stated that Cricket was a Tier 1 carrier, nor anywhere that we referred to Cricket as a Tier 3 carrier.

    We did state that there is a potential for a Tier 1 carrier (Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T in this case) to offer a prepaid iPhone ahead of Cricket, for example at Apple’s WWDC conference in early June.

  4. Riggs

    $400? Youre an idiot if you pay that much for a phone.

  5. CLEM

    Can I be sure that if I buy one I will be able to use it in France with all the operator? I will just not be able to use it with an other operator than cricket in USA? Thanks for the answer.