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4 responses to “Apple iOS 4 PwnageTool Jailbreak Now Available”

  1. Sergio

    “as the new revisions of the 3GS feature a new bootrom that is not currently able to be jailbroken.”

    False. There is a spirit jailbreak for the 3Gs on the new bootrom. i have a new bootrom 3Gs and i have it thoroughly jailbroken. The catch is that the new jailbreak from dev-team is not compatible with phones jailbroken with spirit on the new bootrom 3Gs.

  2. Christopher Price

    Sergio, we’re referring to what Apple is shipping now. The new 8GB 3GS has an updated bootrom, and Apple is patching older bootroms upon updating to iOS 4, unless, of course you jailbreak. Same with iPod touch 3G.

    Further, 3.1.2 does update the bootrom, which Spirit didn’t patch the exploit that PwnageTool used. There will have to be a newer patch for those that used only Spirit to jailbreak their iPod touch 3G or iPhone 3GS… probably from the folks that released Spirit originally.

    Bottom line, the article is right, but there are now several situations that have developed. For those with a iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 3G you either have:

    Old bootrom, used PwnageTool to get to 3.1.2 – You’re fine and can use PwnageTool to upgrade to iOS 4.
    You used Spirit to jailbreak – Cannot upgrade to iOS 4 with jailbreak at this time, stay with 3.1.2/3.1.3 on Spirit.
    Already upgraded to iOS 4, or it came with iOS 4 – No exploits to jailbreak with currently.

  3. kelvin

    i used this, and when i was holding down the home button for 30 seconds my computer blue-screened. it has now recovered. i have a second gen 8 gig itouch (non mc). my computer is a windows XP

  4. Beeso

    thank you cristopher for your briefing…
    it was confusing for me, I jailbroke on spirit but kept the 3.1.2 without upgrading till now.

    nothing to do but waiting