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7 responses to “Apple iPhone HD Final Prototype Surfaces? (Updated)”

  1. orale wey

    hell yeah. cant wait for this. goodbye sprint and their un-upgradeable sero plan, if im gonna pay good money for a phone and a plan, might as well be apple’s iphone with att

  2. JR

    @oracle: Don’t know why anyone would still want to hang on to SERO plan when the anything plan on Sprint + corp discount is such a better deal than those on other carriers… although I know plenty out there who are happy with shelling out extra for stuff the never use, getting mePhone, while still sitting on credit card debits, just making min payments.

  3. JJ

    Who cares! Bring on the EVO!!!!
    Like JR said, the 69.99 everything plan is a great plan especially if you have a corporate discount. Att might be 69.99 but you don’t get unlmtd text or nav, plus you get any cell anytime.
    As long as iphone stays on att it will be crippled. Can’t wait for the EVO.
    I will be dropping my Sero for that phone. 69.99 with 20% corp discount is only:56$ a month. Not to mention I will be able to use googlevoice the way it was meant to be used. Beat that iphone on att!

  4. iphone woes

    Does anyone understand what people are talking about when they say that with Android you need to be logged into a gmail account to be able to use the majority of the services? What does that mean exactly? I have an Exchange Server that I will want to pair with. I really don’t see any need to get or use a gmail account–not that I have anything against them, I just want to use my Exchange server only. Is this really a requirement??

  5. JJ

    Good question iphone. I also use exchange but I use a gmail address. I still want to be able to get instant email to my phone.

  6. Grant

    I am not empressed. I was going to get this phone but it is so not worth it. EVO here I come.
    If this were on verizon or sprint and had a couple better features, I might have considered it. ATT is the worst wireless company out there. Sprint used to be, but not anymore. The EVO will knock this phone on it @ss. GO SPRINT!!!

  7. phone

    looks nice whith HD