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4 responses to “Apple Launches iPhone in 16 GB”

  1. Daniel

    Chris – a while ago, you mentioned Bluetooth on the ipod when Apple had it “right”. You think that’s still the case, or are they completely skipping over that technology in hopes of “inventing” a new standard instead?

    i’d buy a touch but i’m not dropping $500 on something without it working with bluetooth headphones … my VX6700 can do that easily …

  2. VCI_Cell

    So, what exactly is a “non-storage counterpart?”

    Editing, guys.

  3. Shervin

    Keep in mind that the iPhone is capable of shooting video as well. The circuitry has always been there and there are people on Youtube who have proven it by shooting 5 to 10 second videos on it. However, Apple has not yet chosen to unlock this feature.

    Perhaps once the SDK is released later this month, they will unlock more stuff like the video, mass storage mode, A2DP and voice recording as rumored.