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4 responses to “Apple Press Release on iPhone 4 Issues – Software Blamed, Fix Promised”

  1. jim *

    LOL Why not just write the algorythm so that it displays a solid 5 bars all the time everywhere? Much easier code to implement.

  2. BJ

    yeah right… working with at&t since 2006 and now they realized the algorithm is wrong?

    Only apple fanbois and idiots buy this crap.

  3. Shenanigans

    I”m sooo calling shenanigans on this report by AT&T/Apple, there was a youtube video where a guy was holding a iPhone 4 with 5 bars and was talking to another to cell phone in front of the mic of the video being made.

    He started to count and for the first 5 or so seconds everything sounded good, as soon as he grounded the antenna with his finger his voice started to cut off and it didn’t even matter the amount of bars he had at the time. Once he moved his pinky finger the call sounded crystal clear again.

    It shouldn’t matter what your signal strength is reporting, shorting the antenna caused massive degrade of signal, so BS to AT&T and Apple!

  4. Steve Goldfein

    This reminds me of back in the day when video cameras competed with terms that all the manufacturers used but really didn’t have a predefined standard method or value. The value for signal strength should be industry defined by the same SIG that develops the technology be it CDMA, GSM, iDen.