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3 responses to “Apple Steps In It, Illegally Threatens Bloggers”

  1. Brian

    The wording of this is very strange. I don’t have all of the details, but the strange wording would make me question it’s authenticity.

  2. Roel

    Apple has much higher writing standards than what you posted.

    “this is a verystrict policy that we enforce, and that the government is under watch of”. FAKE

    Do you make this up Humberto?

  3. Christopher Price

    The original blogger, if you follow the links in our article, has confirmed that Apple has contacted him since and confirmed that the email is not a fake, despite the bad grammar.

    Unfortunately Apple has a long-standing history of not responding to requests for comment from If this were just about any other company, it would only take us a few minutes to put the queries in and confirm if the email was authentic or not… sadly, Apple choses to not talk more times than not.

    Apple has not responded to any of our colleagues requests for comment about the situation, either, from what we have seen.