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5 responses to “Apple’s Slate of Updates and iCloud Debut, Increasing Incidents of Failed iOS 5 Updates”

  1. Jeff

    I had error messages twice, but closed Outlook on Windows 7 and it went through… only to find out that my apps were all deleted. I could sync them back, but the organization was gone. Ugh.

  2. Christopher Price

    My iPod touch 4G will not update to iOS 5. Not jailbroken. Still investigating.

  3. Jonathan

    A little trick… Creat a new user account on your Mac or PC, log in under the new user account, and open iTunes, and then upgrade the IOS when logged in on that account. It will set your phone up as a new phone, but when you log back in on your regular user account, click on the apps and what not that you want to sync to your phone as normal in ITunes. Worked for me. 😉

  4. Harlan

    Failed to upgrade, failed to restore twice with messages that iTunes had been interrupted
    Basically a wasted 1 and 1/2 hours so far. Will wait until the weekend to try again when I have more time and patience.

  5. Clay

    Update of Iphone went well, but will not link to ICloud. WiFi connection is good. Account is ok.