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7 responses to “As Palm Begins Monthly Tethering Fees, RIM Offers Tether Sans Fees”

  1. JJ

    My friend has a jailbroken iphone and he is sending it in for repairs and is afraid they are going to send him a new one that can’t be jailbroken. I love the smoothness of the iphone and the os on it but it is not worth all the hassle that apple and att put you through. I love being able to connect my phone to my laptop anywhere I’m at and have highspeed internet access. Come on, bring on the Nexxus. I love that they preinstalled tethering. Hopefully sprint will just not support tethering but continue allowing it on their phones.

  2. I Like Dan Hesse

    I have been using TetherBerry aka Tether for over a year!! Its a great piece of software and now supports bluetooth tethering!!

    The only down side is you can sling wi-fi to an i-pod touch.

  3. jimA

    Palm’s app for hotspot tethering was all over the CES blogs. What they didn’t say is that it will be a BILLABLE service. Oh, how naieve of me to have possibly thought otherwise. This IS Verizon, after all.

  4. jimA

    As for Blackberries, what are PDANet and TetherBerry for? I thought BB’s were tetherale via the desktop manager right out of the box, no?

  5. Michael

    Jim is correct. BB Desktop Manager 5.0.1 provides modem capabilities but carriers do charge extra for the service. Tetherberry circumvents the need to pay the additonal cost.

  6. JJ

    I myself have used usbmodem and pdanet. But recently I have been using the internet sharing on the windows phone and also wifi router which works awesome since it works just like having a wifi connection. The wifi router works the best although using a usb cable may get faster speeds.
    Tethering is one of the reasons I have stayed with windows mobile plus I have a taken advantage of the different roms they offer for the touch pro and found one that works awesome (way better than the sprint stock rom).
    I hope the nexxus comes to sprint.