Live Coverage: ASUS CES Keynote 2011

Welcome to coverage of the ASUS press conference in the Aria resort & casino in Las Vegas running up to CES. Hit the read more link for up to the minute coverage.

2:15: Running down their achievements in green computing and ecofriendliness
2:16: ASUS is number three in portable PC sales and number one in motherboard sales.
2:17: Overview of products such as  Thermal Armor technology, gaming brands like Republic of Gamer
2:21: Overview of  ASUSPro laptops with 80% charge in 30 minutes charging, Now onto “Innovation in the cloud”
2:22: Eee Pad MeMO announced: 7 inch tablet with stylus, pen optimized experience with resistive display and Android along with Snapdragon processor, 1080p output and IPS display with MeMIC media streaming.
2:26: Eee Slate ep121 12 inch 1280×800 ips multitouch with wacom digitizer pen, demo using Photoshop for photo editing with Wacom pen
2:28: Slate is also running 1080p output in the background simultaneously during photo editing demo, continues with with tablet pc handwriting used to email the retouched photo, video playing without error.
2:31: dock known as Eee Pad Transformer, effectively turning Eee Pad into laptop with keyboard and battery dock and adds USB ports/memory card reader
2:34: Eee pad transformer is actually a separate model, with. 10 inch android tablet. Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor. “Twice the power of the Apple A4 processor” Uses custom Asus interface called MyWave
2:36: MyGallery and MyWave provide access to media and DLNA support, respectively
2:38: Eee Pad Transformer allows full shutting, can close and locks like a laptop when docked
2:39: Similar to HTC shift in design, runs Android
2:40: Tegra 2 dual core with Android Honeycomb. Weighs 1.98 lbs. Same 10.2 IPS display as on transformer 802.11n with HDMI. Same hardware and software (as transformer) with different design.”
2:42: Slate $999 to $1099. Transformer $399-699, slider $499-799 and memo $499-699 MSRP.
2:44: Waveface is their branding for the experience on these products, another hokey means-nothing moniker from ASUS to explain how these devices will make your life more portable.
2:45: Conference over, photos going up soon.
2:50: Asus pulled a One More Thing.  D.I.Y. 2.0.  home education training so people can learn how to interconnect all the Eee solutions and demos of concept hardware. Smooth move Asus.
3:08: Now its over.

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