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4 responses to “Report: AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom (Updated)”

  1. HTC Thunderbolt User

    Hmm I wonder if the FCC will make at&t divest overlapped markets like Verizon had to do when they purchased Alltel. I think they should…. What’s fair is fair.

  2. Phoneman

    Well this is bad news for consumers. Hopefully the FCC will not allow this monopoly. Of course we know they will allow it because corporations run this country, but it would be nice of they actually looked out for the best interests of the general public for once.

  3. F1

    SPRINT lost the deal because of a combination of “low balling” and “Breakup fee” (their version of ETF) lol Dan HESSE should resing or better yet get fired by the Board with his latest “EPIC” failure! Thank You

  4. F1

    Palm Pro keys in action, “resign”! Thank You