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2 responses to “AT&T Actively Denying SIM Unlock Codes to Samsung Focus Owners?”

  1. hype22

    it tookme 2 weeks of harrasing att and i got the unlock code,it was not easy but tech support was more help than customer care/sales departmet..beware of the layers with att youmight ask for tech support and not get them,also supervisors supervisor would help also….these carriers need more gov’t guidelines,also my phone was a non subsidized phone

  2. hi

    I had a tough time getting Verizon to unlock my Samsung Saga. I have had it for 2 years. The third Global Tech Support knew what to do.

    If I buy a “world” phone, I should be able to travel with it right away. I will buy only unlocked phones from now on. I will treat phones like cars and only buy “like new” ones that have been out for a year. I do not value these devices more than rent money. I would rather pay rent or buy an asset earning interest than pay retail phone prices.