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7 responses to “AT&T Allowing Grandfathered DataConnect Plans to Carry Over on Upgrades”

  1. F1

    Nice job AT&T,
    although with the termination of the $175 ETF, and it’s increase, following the absurd VZW new ETF, they had to do something, to soften the blow !

    Maybe SPRINT, can reconsider,
    and allow the “Grandfathered DataConnect Plans” of it’s own, also to carry over on “Upgrades”,but that would mean that “Data is Data”, which according to SPRINT is just simply not true, dream on! lol

    Thank You

  2. Christopher Price

    I suspect that AT&T’s grandfathering will have some limitations down the road, much like Sprint has done in the past.

    For example, I doubt you’ll be able to upgrade to an LTE handset and keep the grandfathered plans, much like upgrading to an EV-DO phone with a pre-EV plan on Sprint.

    So, I doubt this is really a major shift from how Sprint handled things in the past (SERO aside).

  3. Read it

    Please read the ATt facebook post is says nothing about grandfathered plans when upgrading to a new phone with subsidized pricing. Claiming this is just misinformed and laziness by the author.

  4. bub

    Well I won’t be going to att anytime soon

  5. Christopher Price

    Read, this is how AT&T handles upgrading policies. They’ve issued no request to correct our reporting.

  6. Grandfathered in on 200 Messages for $5.00

    I have the above plan. I stated repeatedly in the store, as I have done in the past on each upgrade to the newer version of an iPhone, that my plan and all additional features are grandfathered in. ATT store in Camarillo agreed/did repeatedly. I also had an iPhone from day one, literally. On the iPhone 5, when I got my bill, my 200 Messages for $5.00 Plan was eliminated due to upgrading to the 5 iPhone. I called, spoke with online Reps, asked for Supervisor. First one stated without empathy, unfortunately, we are unable to reenter you once it has been cancelled. Second person, same answer. I asked where would I have read this change in procedure. They told me that even if you are grandfathered in on a plan/feature, if it is an upgraded phone, the “grandfather clause” goes away, this was not their procedure with past upgrades to newer version of iPhones. I want to know where it states this in their Policy. ATT is making this up as they go along, I assume. The third person online, a Supervisor named Brandon, said he would reenter me into the systems with 200 Messages for $5.00, a grandfathered feature, but no longer available. I understand the “no longer available” but where does the consumer stand with the grandfathered rights, or have they all gone away, without ATT putting this into their Policy and Procedure Manual. Can anyone get a plausible and honest answer for me. Thanks.

  7. Christopher Price

    Restoring a grandfathered plan on AT&T when it has been removed in error, is one of the hardest things to do… in all of wireless today.

    Your best bet is to file BBB, State PUC, and FCC complaints against AT&T. Especially if you are locked into a contract, AT&T will not simply be able to argue that you are free to cancel service.

    You will likely be connected with AT&T Mobility’s Office of The President, and with any luck they will have the authority to restore the plan codes to your account.