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14 responses to “AT&T Announces New Rate Plans, Adds Unlimited Voice/Data Plan for iPhone”

  1. Duker

    Sprint is Next! then T-mobile….LOL

  2. Steve

    Sprint has had a $99 unlimited plan for a long time now. I’m surprised it took ATT and Verizon so long to change theirs.

  3. Steve

    Sorry for the double, I meant unlimited everything. The ATT plan is $99 with Talk, Text, and Web for standard phones, $119 for smartphones. I haven’t looked at Verizon’s structure yet. Sprint’s is $99 flat for all that but it also includes smartphones like their Android lineup. I cant wait till my ATT gets Android phones…

  4. dez

    tmobile was first and still cheaper idiot

  5. JJ

    tmobile was first in what? Does tmobile have unlimited voice,text,web and navigation?
    I don’t think anyone has voice,text,web and navigation for $99 except sprint.
    Also why call someone an idiot? Did that make you feel better? If it did then good for you.

  6. JJ

    sorry.. I meant dez

  7. Thom

    tmobile has it for 79.99 unlimited talk text web. telenav is 9.99. That makes it 89.99 for all + pam.

  8. trisht

    Tmobile does not even compare to Verizon and AT &T as far as coverage, so they are not truly a factor in the big picture. Often times when you pay less for service, you get less in coverage.

  9. Jarrod

    I have had T-mobile for 4 years and I have never been anywhere where I could not get service and someone with another provider could.

  10. JJ

    Its true what jarrod says. Tmobile works great great in some areas, just as good as verizon,att or sprint. Its all about what works for you in the area that you live in. In my area Most major networks work except that tmobile gets spotty coverage. Tmobile is great when it works but if you do a lot of travel then verizon or sprint are your best bet. Even as big as att is their coverage when I had them and traveled would not work a lot of times. Both verizon and sprint worked wherever I went all at 3g/evdo speeds.
    Its all about what works for you.

  11. Mike

    Well, I am with Centennial Wireless, and AT&T is taking over, so now im losing my free incoming calls. I looked at Sprints website and they have for 2 lines any mobile anytime regardless of carrier, unlimited Data, GPS, tv, NFL Mobile live, unlimited messaging. text, picture and video. nights and weekends start at 7pm. 1500 anytime minutes for $129.99. Sprint does not have the best coverage, but it is great in my area now because of new towers put up last week. So goodbye at&t.

  12. Phillip

    This is an interesting article.

  13. Mariska

    I guess you havent heard. AT&T bought out T-Mobile. Sprint has the worst phone service of all carriers, with T-Mobile next, but with AT&T buying T-Mobile it may make AT&T that much more competitive to Verizon!

  14. Christopher Price

    Mariska, the article you’re commenting in is months old. The merger you’re talking about has not been approved yet.